Making PropellerGCC Easier
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCElumElum class to allow access to single Elums
oCFullDuplexSerialThis driver, once started, implements a serial port in one cog
oCGPSParserReceives and parses NMEA0183 GPS streams into C strings
oCI2CA basic I2C driver
oCI2CBaseLow level I2C driver
oCL3GD20Provides an interface the L3GD20 gyroscope
oCLSM303DLHCProvides an interface to the LSM303DLHC accelerometer and magnetometer
oCMAX17048Interface to the MAX17048 Fuel Chip
oCMax8819Max8819.h - Max8819 class to allow access to single pins
oCMCP3208MCP3208 8 channel ADC Class
oCMS5611MS5611 Barometer interface
oCMTK3339Summary of supported sentences (note: order changed): GLL - Lat, long, time, status RMC - Lat, long, time, status, speed, true heading, date, magnetic variation GGA - Lat, long, time, status (enhanced), #sats, horizontal precision, altitude, geoidal seperation, differentialGPS age, differentialGPS referenceID VTG - true heading, magnetic heading, speed knots, speed km/hr GSA - Satelite IDs GSV - Satelite SNR in dB data
oCNumbersConvert between numbers and the various string representations
oCPCF8523Interface to the PCF8523 Real Time Clock (RTC)
oCPinPin class to allow access to single pins
oCPulseWidthReaderRecord high and low times simultaniously on any number of pins
oCPWM2Run a high speed pulse width modulation (PWM) class that can output up to two channels of duty cycled PWM at a single frequency
oCPWM32Run up to 32 channels of low speed PWM (up to ~10kHz@80MHz clock)
oCQuadratureEncoderThis object stores encoder ticks in a signed 4 byte int sized variable
oCSchedulerA pollable timer to help schedule events
oCSDFAT16/32 SD card interface
oCSDSafeSPISPI interface routines for SD & SDHC & MMC cards
oCSerialA high speed and high accuracy serial driver
oCStopwatchUtility class for timing event duration
\Cvnh2sp30Operate a VNH2SP30 brushed DC motor driver