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Reminders: The user is able to set a reminder for date and time sensitive events. Reminders must be set only at the users request and the user must be able to personalize the reminder method. Where a standard mechanism exists for the platform or technologies, it must be used.


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Date and time sensitive event:
Any event that has to be completed by a certain time. The time constraints on such an event may be defined by a calendar date and time or by the total elapsed time.

What Principle and Guideline the SC falls within.

Principle 3, Guideline 3.3 - Input Assistance


Managing events that are time bound (such as meetings, submitting a request by a certain date or completing a form within a specified time period) can present significant barriers to users with cognitive accessibility needs. The intent of this Success Criterion is to ensure that when required, a user can set reminders and the delivery method of the reminder can be personalized by the user.
For example:


The benefit to users with cognitive accessibility needs is that they can manage appointments, deadlines and scedules. The ability to set reminders can reduce the cognitive load associated when processing time bound tasks. Time dependent activities  may be monitored and tracked by the user to ensure that they are completed in a timely manner. This Success Criterion addresses two broad classes of issues associated with this type of information:

While the ability to set reminders is of benefit to all users, it is of particular benefit to a wide range of users with differing cognitive accessibility needs including users with:

Providing a mechanism to allow users to set reminders not only benefits users with diverse cognitive accessibility needs but also benefits any user who uses electronic calendars and task managers. Therefore, the benefits are not restricted to a relatively small subset of users.

These use cases are fully discussed at:

User needs Table 2: Context and distractions

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The basis of the Success Criterion is that there is a mechanism for a user to set a reminder for a date or time sensitive event. Manual assessment of the success or failure of this Success Criterion will depend on the tester having a degree of familiarity with what is considered a time sensitive event.
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