Extra Help (AAA)

SC Shortname: Extra Help (AAA)

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Extra Help: Provide easily available beginner's help or human help.

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beginner's help: Help that:

Easily available (or easily available mode or setting): One or more of the following is true:

What Principle and Guideline the SC falls within.

Principle 3, Guideline 3.3: Help users avoid and correct mistakes.


It is hard to find a user interface design that is obvious to all users. Human help or beginner's help gives flexibility and support to people who are struggling with the interface.

Although providing extra help may be a burden, there are content providers who want to be as inclusive as possible. They may look to these guidelines for direction on how to include everyone. This may include educational sites or sites who truly believe that their content is important to everyone. It is therefore important to have an AAA criteria that provides this guidance.

Beginner's help is useful for people who are new to using the Internet, for people who learn slowly or have impaired short term memory and therefore do not remember terms and design.

Help related content enables a user to conveniently access information needed to understand how to use a website effectively. Users who need help related content are usually already confused.

Human help includes:


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