• Linux source code with OpenRISC patches

  • or1k-elf toolchain

  • or1ksim (optional)

  • or1k-linux toolchain (optional)


  • N/A


  • Stream device tree (stream.dts)

  • Stream default Linux configuration (stream_defconfig)

Setting up

Note: OpenRISC is supported in the official kernel since 2011, so in theory the official kernel should work fine for OpenRISC. There are however some extra convenience features that aren’t included in the official kernel, which is why we fetch the kernel sources from github. General instructions for running Linux on OpenRISC is found here. Below are specific instructions for the Stream board.

Get Linux source code

Set up Linux source code
git clone
cd linux

Copy <Stream OpenRISC SoC>/src/stream/data/stream.dts to arch/openrisc/boot/dts/

Copy <Stream OpenRISC SoC>/src/stream/data/stream_defconfig to .

Build kernel
export ARCH=openrisc
export CROSS_COMPILE=or1k-elf-
make stream_defconfig

The kernel image is now available as vmlinux

Further reading