Installing the musl toolchain

The Linux toolchain for OpenRISC is built upon the musl C library

Build instructions for the musl toolchain are available here

Building applications

The basic usage for compiling a C application is or1k-linux-musl-gcc <program.c>.

Downloading applications

The most common way to add new files to the Linux filesystem is to embed them to the built-in memory filesystem (initramfs).

This is done by copying the binary files to linux/arch/openrisc/support/initramfs/bin. If the program uses dynamically linked libraries, ensure that they are also copied to locations where the program can find them (e.g. linux/arch/openrisc/support/initramfs/lib/)

After new files are added to the initramfs, the kernel must be rebuilt. Use the following commands to rebuild the kernel.

Rebuild Linux kernel
cd linux
export ARCH=openrisc
export CROSS_COMPILE=or1k-elf-

Once the Linux system is running, files can also be copied to the running system via ethernet.