User guide


Import all existing test results from gradle

EGradle is able to import all junit test result files (XML format) of current root project into the eclipse junit view by one single click:

Partial import possible

When your gradle build shows test results and is not complete done, you can always import the current test results without waiting for build to finish!
So you can work on failed tests without waiting for full build is done... After full build you can simply import again and have the full results shown.

Resulting output

Output is as usual:

Launch EGradle Junit Tests

You have multiple possiblities

1. Launch all tests by toolbar

The marked toolbar action will start all tests in your current root project

Results are shown inside junit view. Execution output is seen in EGradle System Console

2. Launch with launch configuration

It's the same doing as in when you do a normal Gradle call, but with a predefined command setup (clean test) + automatic loading of the junit test results.

When you enter a gradle project name only the tests for the given project are executed and shown.

Here you can see an output example:


3. ""Run as ... EGradle Junit Test"

The junit results are shown after build.

On a project

When no launch configuration is already created for the project, a new one will be created All tests inside the project are executed.

On a Junit Test File

When a single Junit Test is selected in Navigator, Package Explorer or inside a Java-Editor, only this testcase will be executed. If no configuration exists, it will be created. This is done via the "--tests" argument which your used gralde installation has to support (for more information look at Gradle documentation)

On a Junit Test Method

When you open a Junit Test with an Java Editor set cursor to the test method (or inside code of test method), open the context menue and select "Run as ... EGradle Junit Test". This will execute only the selected test method. If the configuration does not already exist for the file and the method, it will be created.


Configure gradle test execution

Your are able to change what has to be done before tests are executed: