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akmalloc - A customizable memory allocator


akmalloc is a customizable memory allocator and its constituent parts. It can be a drop in replacement for malloc() and free() in many cases, and is composed of slabs and coalescing allocators.

The inspiration and motivation for this library comes from dlmalloc.

The goals for this library are:

  1. Easy to read and maintain.
  2. Be more memory conserving.
  3. High efficiency and good performance.
  4. Portability.

The constituent parts of malloc are:

  1. Slab allocator
  2. Coalescing allocator with a free list

For the malloc() implementation see akmalloc

Releases page


Build instructions

The recommended way to build akmalloc and use it is to download the source directly.

You may then decide to either build a library or include it directly into your source code.


A recent version of GCC, Clang or MSVC. Although akmalloc has been qualified on these compilers, if you face issues raise a ticket here.


See Customization for details on how to include and work with akmalloc.