RawGit serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type headers.


Use rawgit.com during development to share temporary examples or demos with small numbers of people.

New changes pushed to GitHub will be picked up within minutes, but heavy traffic will be throttled and excessive traffic will be blacklisted.

If traffic reaches truly excessive levels, RawGit may display an error message to users on your site to try to get your attention.

Production beta

Use cdn.rawgit.com in production or for large amounts of traffic. Files are cached permanently from GitHub on first use and served via MaxCDN's super fast global network of edge servers. There are no traffic limits.

Since files are not refreshed after the first request, it's best to use a specific tag or commit URL, not a branch URL.

CDN requests aren't subject to throttling or blacklists, but be aware that this is a free service and as such there is no uptime guarantee or support.