I believe that everyone’s morning starts with a unique routine that prepares us best for the day. I made this page to show the essential pieces that make up my morning. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that count the most. Scroll down and get this started!


Wake Up

I start my day with 4 alarms. There is an 88% chance that I will press snooze for each alarm that rings, The first thing I think of after waking up is always brushing my teeth.



It’s a great opportunity to wake myself up during brushing. Chances are I usually can’t keep my eyes open when I brush my teeth. I’m technically still asleep during this stage.


Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

It’s time to wake my skin up from the sleep. Cleaning, toning, and moisturizing my skin brings not only my skin, but my mind energy.


Mix & Match

The turning point of my morning routine. The most important bridge between the home and work. Changing my outfit reminds and prepares me for my role for the rest of my day.



Styling my hair has two benefits. While combing my hair, I’m giving my head a nice massage. and that wakes me up further. When my hair is smooth, it feels like there are less problems in life.



Don’t fret if we still don’t look great! Even if I’m tired like a zombie, a little bit of concealer can do the magic to hide away the imperfections, giving me a confidence boost.


With a good morning routine, I will be well-prepared for any challenge I am going to have in the day. It is about beautifying oneself from inside out, setting the standard that can carry us through the rest of the day.

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