This specification defines the APIs for three domains: Vision, Parking and Electric/hybrid vehicle. Use cases of the vision and the parking interfaces are not defined currently. A use case of the electric vehicle is the implementation of applications that show information such as battery level or that manages the charging, the preconditioning, ...



Those three categories need to be more clearly defined. It will help determine data elements fall within them. Vision system and parking seems not very clear in regards with Driving safety where some functions are also related to parking and vision. It is clear that certain elements could fall within multiple categories depending on how one might want to classify them. Vision is much more than only lane departure warning. Electric vehicle category should be renamed in order to cover alternate power trains (hybrid, range extenders,etc)

Use Cases for Vision interfaces

Use Cases for Parking interfaces

Use Cases for Electric Vehicle interfaces

API Description & Properties

LaneDepartureDetection Interface

The LaneDepartureDetection interface represents the current status of the lane departure warning function.

The function is not running
The function has been paused (running, but inactive)
The function is in its operational mode
attribute LaneDepartureStatus status
current status of Lane departure warning function.

Alarm Interface

The Alarm interface represents the current status of the in vehicle Alarm system.

0 = The alarm is not armed
1 = The function is temporary not active
2 = The function is active
3 = The Alarm is screaming
attribute AlarmStatus status
current status of In vehicle Alarm System.

ParkingBrake Interface

The ParkingBrake interface represents the current status of the parking brake.

0 = Parking brake is not engaged (driving position)
1 = Parking brake is engaged (parking position)
2 = There is a problem with the parking brake system
attribute ParkingBrakeStatus status
current status of parking brake.

ParkingLights Interface

The ParkingLights interface represents the current status of the parking Lights.

0 = Parking assistance light is disabled
1 = Parking assistance light is enabled
attribute ParkingLightsStatus status
current status of parking Lights.

ParkingLightsSettings Interface

The ParkingLightsSettings interface represents the current setting of the parking light.

Disable parking lights
Enable parking lights
attribute ParkingLightsControl settings
current setting of the parking lights. It can be used to send user's request for changing setting.