Cling Goes Public

July 25th, 2011

Cling is a completely new development, based on the opensource projects clang and LLVM. Cling is a new generation interpreter implemented as an interactive compiler interface of clang. The developer team has carefully designed the project, taking in mind the lessons that they had learn from CINT.

Cling has been developed as prototype since quite a while. We have got more manpower and we managed to improve the prototype a lot. We have gotten to stage where the project could be useful.

Since cling heavily depends on clang and LLVM we feel responsible to offer the project to the community. On July the 25-th 2011 we have announced the stable status we have and kindly asked the community for feedback. It became clear there are many people interested in it. Some of the them even asked for the status of objC/objC++!

The overall good mark is a good motivation to keep walking in that direction. We follow our milestones and we are getting there!

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