Jupyter Kernel

Cling is now integrated with the Jupyter technology through the Jupyter kernel. You can take advantage of creating a Jupyter notebook on top of runtime interpretation, you have runtime visualisation!

Cling Jupyter Screenshot

See also the [example notebook in cling's github repo](https://github.com/root-project/cling/blob/master/tools/Jupyter/kernel/cling.ipynb).



To install the kernel with sources in src/tools/cling:

    export PATH=/path/to/cling/bin:$PATH
    cd src/tools/cling/tools/Jupyter/kernel/

    pip install -e .
    # or: pip3 install -e .

    # register the kernelspec:
    jupyter-kernelspec install [--user] cling
    # or: jupyter kernelspec install [--user] cling

To run it:

    # or: jupyter notebook