Build Instructions

This page is shows how to download and build the project cling as a standalone C++ interpreter in few steps..

Build script

You can download and run this build script.

Building with CMake

Start by checking out llvm, clang and cling:

git clone src
cd src
git checkout cling-patches
cd tools
git clone
git clone
cd clang
git checkout cling-patches

Now follow the procedure described at the clang web page for ./configure --enable-cxx11; make- or CMake-based build instructions. Don't forget to make install. You will get a binary called cling: that's your interactive C++ interpreter!

Then use CMake to configure & build cling:

mkdir obj
cd obj
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=[Install Path] ..\src
cmake --build . --config [Release/Debug] --target cling