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In case you missed in the chat this month:

Pravin had some nice things to say about Firefox

SUMO days for Firefox 63 was a success! Thank you all for coming!

Did you know there are some Mozilla employees on Twitter that help too?

Thank you Mark Banner, April King, Nancy Hang (@MozillaReality) and Asa and so many more. Say hello and ask them questions, they are great resources.

September 2018

How would you describe the health of the community?

What languages?

Aside from english we support czech, dutch, french, spanish, portuguese, german, turkish, and some russian and japanese tweets.

September! How many replies In Reply?

We had more 582 replies last month! and more triaged way to go! Can you believe it! We even found a bug or two!

48% Complete (success) 412 Reply by Buffer Replies
49% Complete (success) 430 Casual Replies
1% Complete (danger) out of 884 Help Me
99% Response Rate this Month! Wait a minute ;)

How many are we?

Did you know that we grew this summer!

September 1 to September 30 you all contributed alot!

Contributors 6!

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