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I appreciate submissions and tips or feedback ( I use nothing but pure CSS and a bit of jQuery here and there. Definitely not hard to add on to anything if you want to. Here's some tips to things you can add:

  • Form elements
  • Awesome looking tables
  • Other programming-language inspired containers
  • Special elements
  • More fancy console stuff

The best way to contribute is to fork the repo, then make a new branch and submit a pull request.

$ cd work-directory

$ git clone

$ git branch my_version
$ git push origin my_version
$ git checkout my_version

Then you can start working locally, commit and push as you normally would. When you are happy with your contribution, you can submit a pull request

Screen 2

I will then personally review the request and add it (and your name) to the project

Thank you Hudson-R and kouul for contributing to proj_code.


Use or modify this in any way you want wherever you want for whatever purpose you want.