Signing WebNMS Jars

For your reference, we have got a zip at which contains the following files:

1. 4 jars in classes directory (SNMPDebugger.jar,
Mail.jar, activation.jar & comm.jar) - unsigned jars (Jars bundled with the product are signed already which will create issues when we sign them again)
2. - Unix script to backup the original jars (which are to be signed)
3. & sign_jars.bat - Scripts for signing the jars
4. & verify_signer.bat - Scripts to verify the signature of the required jars
5. conf/WebNMS.jnlp - Sample jnlp file (if you are using Webstart client)
6. bin/ - Sample startnms file

Follow the below steps to sign the jars:

1. Unzip the under $NMS_HOME
2. Execute from $NMS_HOME - It will create a zip ( which has the unsigned copy of jars which will be signed.
3. Configure JDK_HOME in 
sign_jars.bat and execute the same - This will sign all the jars
4. Execute 
verify_signer.bat as: verify_signer.bat > output.txt
5. Edit startnms.bat or to modify the CLASS_PATH variable as follows:
In CLASS_PATH variable, remove the 
$NMS_CLASSES (or %NMS_CLASSES%) from the first line and add it as the last entry (refer the in the zip as how to do the same)
6. If you are using Webstart client, refer the WebNMS.jnlp file in the attached zip so as to add the 
all-permissions tag.

Now start the server and check whether WebNMS server starts properly.
If there are any issues, please provide us following:

output.txt created in step 4.
2. Console output
3. Logs from the server.