Help People Gain Better Self-Understanding and Empowered Self-Improvement through Data

... and a self-tracker!

I track a lot of aspects of my life.

What Do I Track...?

Podcast Listening: PodcastTracker.com

More on My Tracking and How I Visualize My Data


Personal Example of Improved Health.

Circa 2015.

Personal Example of Improved Health.

Circa 2017.

Part 1: How to measure a life?

Quantified Self / Self-Tracking

Measuring or documenting something about your self to gain meaning or make improvements.

Tools for Self-Tracking / QS / Lifelogging


Why do People Self-Track

Source: Gimpel, Henner, Marcia Nißen, and Roland Görlitz. “Quantifying the Quantified Self: A Study on the Motivations of Patients to Track Their Own Health.” (2013) www.markwk.com/why-people-self-track.html

Why Track Your Life?: Benefits of Self-Tracking

  • Improved Health.
  • Better Time Management
  • Augment your memory.
  • Save and better invest your money
  • Achieve goals. Support habits. Manage projects
  • Understand your mood, energy level and stress.
  • Curiosity? Learn stuff about yourself.
  • Personal Data is the Future.

Popular Forms of Tracking

  • Weight
  • Mood
  • Wearables, i.e. steps, HR, sleep, etc.
  • Heart Rate: one in five Americans own a heart rate sensor today
  • Time Tracking
  • Calendar, Project management and Tasks
  • Fitness and sports
  • Media Consumption: TV, music, articles, books...
  • Others: Money, Blood, DNS, Microbiome,


in the Tracking and Personal Data Space

  • Enabling and tracking new data points
    => New sensors, cheaper testing, new tracking apps, etc.
  • Deriving insight and meaning from existing data
    => More data and data accessibility, improved data science and machine learning, accessible ml/ai services, etc.

My Contributions and Work

Enabling and tracking new data points

  • PodcastTracker.com
  • PhotoStats.io
  • BioMarkerTracker.com

Deriving insight and meaning from existing data

  • Quantified Self (QS) Ledger


a web service to track your podcast listening and view your stats.


mobile app for iOS and Android that tracks and auto-tags your photo library, helping you understand and find your photos.


Open Source Database on Key Health Biomakers, and App for Aggregating and Storing Blood Test Results


Start with a Question

Track It!

for Self-Trackers

Part 2: Data Collection, Extraction, and Processing of Personal Data

Quantified Self (QS) Ledger

A Personal Data Aggregator and Dashboard for Self-Trackers and Quantified Self Enthusiasts



Automate Your Data Collection into Google Sheets with IFTTT

IFTTT is a free integration service. It connects with most tracking services. Google Sheets, while limited, provides a robust first place to store your personal data.


Engage with your Data

Whether you use Tableau, Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Python or whatever, a personal data dashboard is one of the best ways to transform tracking data into something useful and engaging.

What is Machine Learning?


Arthur Samuel (1959):
field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed

What is Machine Learning?

Tom Mitchell (1998):

"A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some task T and some performance measure P, if its performance on T, as measured by P, improves with experience E."

Simple Definition of Machine Learning:

Utilize past experience to learn from it and use its knowledge to make future decisions.

Classification with Deep Learning

EXAMPLE: Traveling

Artificial Neural Network


Tips on How to Become a Data-Driven You

What Should You Track?

Four Essential Areas Everyone Should Track

  • Health
  • Time
  • Goals, Projects and Tasks
  • Money

How to Track?

A Couple Recommendations

  • Health: Baseline: Blood Tests + Sleep (and maybe HRV)
  • Time: RescueTime
  • Money: Mint.com
  • Goals, Projects and Tasks: Todoist

QUESTION: Can personal data enable self-improvement?


But you need to engage with your data. You need to use your data, think with it, and leverage it to support your goal

Youtube History www.markwk.com/youtube-tracking.html

Youtube Time:

Question: How much time do you spend on ____?

Timezone Conversion Functions

Timezone Conversion Example: Running Workouts