Output for proof of concept to get related words from WordPress post title and filename

Word stems are created with the php version of the Porter Stemming Algorithm

This table is created with this gist


= related word
= related word stem
= related file word

_update_term_count_on_transition_post_status has the most (related) words. 10 words.

Title Related Words Skipped Words
logIO logio xmlrpc-php
trackback_response trackback response respons wp-trackback-php
confirm_blog_signup confirm blog signup wp-signup-php
validate_blog_signup validate blog signup valid wp-signup-php
signup_blog signup blog wp-signup-php
confirm_user_signup confirm user signup wp-signup-php
validate_user_signup validate user signup valid wp-signup-php
signup_user signup user wp-signup-php
confirm_another_blog_signup confirm another blog signup anoth wp-signup-php
validate_another_blog_signup validate another blog signup valid anoth wp-signup-php
signup_another_blog signup another blog anoth wp-signup-php
validate_user_form validate user form valid wp-signup-php
show_user_form show user form wp-signup-php
validate_blog_form validate blog form valid wp-signup-php
show_blog_form show blog form wp-signup-php
wpmu_signup_stylesheet wpmu signup stylesheet wp-signup-php
do_signup_header do signup header wp-signup-php
retrieve_password retrieve password retriev wp-login-php
wp_login_viewport_meta wp-login login viewport meta wp-login-php wp
wp_shake_js wp-shake shake js wp-login-php wp
login_footer login footer wp-login-php
login_header login header wp-login-php
load_template load template templat template-php
locate_template locate template locat templat template-php
get_comments_popup_template get comments popup template comment templat template-php
get_attachment_template get attachment template attach templat template-php
get_single_template get single template singl templat template-php
get_search_template get search template templat template-php
get_paged_template get paged template page templat template-php
get_page_template get page template templat template-php
get_front_page_template get front page template templat template-php
get_home_template get home template templat template-php
get_date_template get date template templat template-php
get_taxonomy_template get taxonomy template taxonomi templat template-php
get_tag_template get tag template templat template-php
get_category_template get category template categori templat template-php
get_author_template get author template templat template-php
get_post_type_archive_template get post type archive template archiv templat template-php
get_archive_template get archive template archiv templat template-php
get_404_template get 404 template templat template-php
get_index_template get index template templat template-php
get_query_template get query template queri templat template-php
wp_check_term_hierarchy_for_loops wp-check check term hierarchy loops hierarchi loop taxonomy-php wp for
wp_get_term_taxonomy_parent_id get wp-get term taxonomy parent id taxonomi taxonomy-php wp
get_ancestors get ancestors ancestor taxonomy-php
is_object_in_taxonomy is object taxonomy taxonomi taxonomy-php in
is_object_in_term is object term taxonomy-php in
get_post_taxonomies get post taxonomies taxonomi taxonomy-php
get_the_taxonomies get taxonomies taxonomi taxonomy-php the
the_taxonomies taxonomies taxonomi taxonomy-php the
get_term_link get term link taxonomy-php
_update_generic_term_count update generic term count updat gener taxonomy-php
_update_post_term_count update post term count updat taxonomy-php
_pad_term_counts pad term counts count taxonomy-php
_get_term_children get term children taxonomy-php
_get_term_hierarchy get term hierarchy hierarchi taxonomy-php
update_term_cache update term cache updat cach taxonomy-php
update_object_term_cache update object term cache updat cach taxonomy-php
get_object_term_cache get object term cache cach taxonomy-php
clean_term_cache clean term cache cach taxonomy-php
clean_object_term_cache clean object term cache cach taxonomy-php
wp_update_term_count_now wp-update update updat term count now taxonomy-php wp
wp_update_term_count wp-update update updat term count taxonomy-php wp
wp_defer_term_counting wp-defer defer term counting count taxonomy-php wp
wp_update_term wp-update update updat term taxonomy-php wp
wp_unique_term_slug wp-unique unique uniqu term slug taxonomy-php wp
wp_remove_object_terms wp-remove remove remov object terms term taxonomy-php wp
wp_add_object_terms wp-add add object terms term taxonomy-php wp
wp_set_object_terms wp-set set object terms term taxonomy-php wp
wp_insert_term wp-insert insert term taxonomy-php wp
wp_get_object_terms get wp-get object terms term taxonomy-php wp
wp_delete_category wp-delete delete delet category categori taxonomy-php wp
wp_delete_term wp-delete delete delet term taxonomy-php wp
wp_delete_object_term_relationships wp-delete delete delet object term relationships relationship taxonomy-php wp
wp_count_terms wp-count count terms term taxonomy-php wp
sanitize_term_field sanitize term field sanit taxonomy-php
sanitize_term sanitize term sanit taxonomy-php
term_is_ancestor_of term ancestor taxonomy-php is of
term_exists term exists exist taxonomy-php
get_terms get terms term taxonomy-php
get_term_to_edit get term edit taxonomy-php to
get_term_field get term field taxonomy-php
get_term_children get term children taxonomy-php
get_term_by get term taxonomy-php by
get_term get term taxonomy-php
get_tax_sql get tax sql taxonomy-php
get_objects_in_term get objects term object taxonomy-php in
unregister_taxonomy_for_object_type unregister taxonomy object type unregist taxonomi taxonomy-php for
register_taxonomy_for_object_type register taxonomy object type regist taxonomi taxonomy-php for
get_taxonomy_labels get taxonomy labels taxonomi label taxonomy-php
register_taxonomy register taxonomy regist taxonomi taxonomy-php
is_taxonomy_hierarchical is taxonomy hierarchical taxonomi hierarch taxonomy-php
taxonomy_exists taxonomy exists taxonomi exist taxonomy-php
get_taxonomy get taxonomy taxonomi taxonomy-php
get_object_taxonomies get object taxonomies taxonomi taxonomy-php
get_taxonomies get taxonomies taxonomi taxonomy-php
create_initial_taxonomies create initial taxonomies creat initi taxonomi taxonomy-php
strip_shortcode_tag strip shortcode tag shortcod shortcodes-php
strip_shortcodes strip shortcodes shortcod shortcodes-php
shortcode_atts shortcode atts shortcod att shortcodes-php
shortcode_parse_atts shortcode parse atts shortcod pars att shortcodes-php
do_shortcode_tag do shortcode tag shortcod shortcodes-php
get_shortcode_regex get shortcode regex shortcod shortcodes-php
do_shortcode do shortcode shortcod shortcodes-php
has_shortcode has shortcode ha shortcod shortcodes-php
shortcode_exists shortcode exists shortcod exist shortcodes-php
remove_all_shortcodes remove all shortcodes remov shortcod shortcodes-php
remove_shortcode remove shortcode remov shortcod shortcodes-php
add_shortcode add shortcode shortcod shortcodes-php
script_concat_settings script concat settings set script-loader-php
print_late_styles print late styles style script-loader-php
print_admin_styles print admin styles style script-loader-php
wp_enqueue_scripts wp-enqueue enqueue enqueu scripts script script-loader-php wp
wp_print_footer_scripts wp-print print footer scripts script script-loader-php wp
_wp_footer_scripts wp-footer footer scripts script script-loader-php wp
wp_print_head_scripts wp-print print head scripts script script-loader-php wp
print_footer_scripts print footer scripts script script-loader-php
print_head_scripts print head scripts script script-loader-php
wp_style_loader_src wp-style style loader src script-loader-php wp
wp_just_in_time_script_localization wp-just just time script localization local script-loader-php wp in
wp_prototype_before_jquery wp-prototype prototype prototyp before jquery befor jqueri script-loader-php wp
wp_default_styles wp-default default styles style script-loader-php wp
wp_default_scripts wp-default default scripts script script-loader-php wp
get_rss get rss rss-php
wp_rss wp-rss rss rss-php wp
parse_w3cdtf parse w3cdtf pars rss-php
is_server_error is server error rss-php
is_client_error is client error rss-php
is_error is error rss-php
is_redirect is redirect rss-php
is_success is success rss-php
is_info is info rss-php
init init rss-php
_response_to_rss response rss respons rss-php to
_fetch_remote_file fetch remote file remot rss-php
fetch_rss fetch rss rss-php
url_to_postid url postid rewrite-php to
_wp_filter_taxonomy_base wp-filter filter taxonomy base taxonomi rewrite-php wp
add_rewrite_endpoint add rewrite endpoint rewrit rewrite-php
flush_rewrite_rules flush rewrite rules rewrit rule rewrite-php
add_feed add feed rewrite-php
add_permastruct add permastruct rewrite-php
add_rewrite_tag add rewrite tag rewrit rewrite-php
add_rewrite_rule add rewrite rule rewrit rewrite-php
_wp_upgrade_revisions_of_post wp-upgrade upgrade upgrad revisions post revis revision-php wp of
_wp_get_post_revision_version get wp-get post revision version revis revision-php wp
_wp_preview_terms_filter wp-preview preview terms filter term revision-php wp
_show_post_preview show post preview revision-php
_set_preview set preview revision-php
wp_revisions_to_keep wp-revisions revisions revis keep revision-php wp to
wp_revisions_enabled wp-revisions revisions revis enabled enabl revision-php wp
wp_get_post_revisions get wp-get post revisions revis revision-php wp
wp_delete_post_revision wp-delete delete delet post revision revis revision-php wp
wp_restore_post_revision wp-restore restore restor post revision revis revision-php wp
wp_get_post_revision get wp-get post revision revis revision-php wp
_wp_put_post_revision wp-put put post revision revis revision-php wp
wp_is_post_autosave is wp-is post autosave autosav revision-php wp
wp_is_post_revision is wp-is post revision revis revision-php wp
wp_get_post_autosave get wp-get post autosave autosav revision-php wp
wp_save_post_revision wp-save save post revision revis revision-php wp
_wp_post_revision_fields wp-post post revision fields revis field revision-php wp
setup_postdata setup postdata query-php
wp_old_slug_redirect wp-old old slug redirect query-php wp
the_comment comment query-php the
have_comments have comments comment query-php
the_post post query-php the
rewind_posts rewind posts post query-php
in_the_loop loop query-php in the
have_posts have posts post query-php
is_main_query is main query queri query-php
is_404 is 404 query-php
is_year is year query-php
is_trackback is trackback query-php
is_time is time query-php
is_singular is singular query-php
is_single is single singl query-php
is_search is search query-php
is_robots is robots robot query-php
is_preview is preview query-php
is_paged is paged page query-php
is_page is page query-php
is_month is month query-php
is_home is home query-php
is_front_page is front page query-php
is_comment_feed is comment feed query-php
is_feed is feed query-php
is_day is day dai query-php
is_date is date query-php
is_comments_popup is comments popup comment query-php
is_tax is tax query-php
is_tag is tag query-php
is_category is category categori query-php
is_author is author query-php
is_attachment is attachment attach query-php
is_post_type_archive is post type archive archiv query-php
is_archive is archive archiv query-php
wp_reset_postdata wp-reset reset postdata query-php wp
wp_reset_query wp-reset reset query queri query-php wp
query_posts query posts queri post query-php
set_query_var set query var queri query-php
get_queried_object_id get queried object id queri query-php
get_queried_object get queried object queri query-php
get_query_var get query var queri query-php
_prime_post_caches prime post caches cach post-php
_update_term_count_on_transition_post_status update term count transition post status updat transit statu post-php on
wp_delete_auto_drafts wp-delete delete delet auto drafts draft post-php wp
delete_post_thumbnail delete post thumbnail delet post-php
set_post_thumbnail set post thumbnail post-php
wp_check_post_hierarchy_for_loops wp-check check post hierarchy loops hierarchi loop post-php wp for
wp_get_post_parent_id get wp-get post parent id post-php wp
_publish_post_hook publish post hook post-php
_future_post_hook future post hook futur post-php
_transition_post_status transition post status transit statu post-php
clean_attachment_cache clean attachment cache attach cach post-php
update_postmeta_cache update postmeta cache updat cach post-php
update_post_caches update post caches updat cach post-php
clean_post_cache clean post cache cach post-php
update_post_cache update post cache updat cach post-php
_get_last_post_time get last post time post-php
get_lastpostmodified get lastpostmodified lastpostmodifi post-php
get_lastpostdate get lastpostdate lastpostd post-php
get_posts_by_author_sql get posts author sql post post-php by
get_private_posts_cap_sql get private posts cap sql privat post post-php
wp_check_for_changed_slugs wp-check check changed slugs chang slug post-php wp for
wp_mime_type_icon wp-mime mime type icon post-php wp
wp_attachment_is_image wp-attachment attachment attach image imag post-php wp is
wp_get_attachment_thumb_url get wp-get attachment thumb url attach post-php wp
wp_get_attachment_thumb_file get wp-get attachment thumb file attach post-php wp
wp_get_attachment_url get wp-get attachment url attach post-php wp
wp_update_attachment_metadata wp-update update updat attachment metadata attach post-php wp
wp_get_attachment_metadata get wp-get attachment metadata attach post-php wp
wp_delete_attachment wp-delete delete delet attachment attach post-php wp
wp_insert_attachment wp-insert insert attachment attach post-php wp
is_local_attachment is local attachment attach post-php
get_pages get pages page post-php
get_page_uri get page uri post-php
_page_traverse_name page traverse name travers post-php
get_page_hierarchy get page hierarchy hierarchi post-php
get_page_children get page children post-php
get_page_by_title get page title titl post-php by
get_page_by_path get page path post-php by
get_page get page post-php
get_all_page_ids get all page ids id post-php
trackback_url_list trackback url list post-php
get_to_ping get ping post-php to
get_pung get pung post-php
get_enclosed get enclosed enclos post-php
add_ping add ping post-php
wp_transition_post_status wp-transition transition transit post status statu post-php wp
wp_set_post_categories wp-set set post categories categori post-php wp
wp_set_post_terms wp-set set post terms term post-php wp
wp_set_post_tags wp-set set post tags tag post-php wp
wp_add_post_tags wp-add add post tags tag post-php wp
_truncate_post_slug truncate post slug truncat post-php
wp_unique_post_slug wp-unique unique uniqu post slug post-php wp
check_and_publish_future_post check and publish future post futur post-php
wp_publish_post wp-publish publish post post-php wp
wp_update_post wp-update update updat post post-php wp
wp_insert_post wp-insert insert post post-php wp
wp_get_recent_posts get wp-get recent posts post post-php wp
wp_get_post_terms get wp-get post terms term post-php wp
wp_get_post_tags get wp-get post tags tag post-php wp
wp_get_post_categories get wp-get post categories categori post-php wp
wp_untrash_post_comments wp-untrash untrash post comments comment post-php wp
wp_trash_post_comments wp-trash trash post comments comment post-php wp
wp_untrash_post wp-untrash untrash post post-php wp
wp_trash_post wp-trash trash post post-php wp
_reset_front_page_settings_for_post reset front page settings post set post-php for
wp_delete_post wp-delete delete delet post post-php wp
wp_post_mime_type_where wp-post post mime type where post-php wp
wp_match_mime_types wp-match match mime types type post-php wp
get_post_mime_types get post mime types type post-php
wp_count_attachments wp-count count attachments attach post-php wp
wp_count_posts wp-count count posts post post-php wp
_count_posts_cache_key count posts cache key post cach kei post-php
unstick_post unstick post post-php
stick_post stick post post-php
sanitize_post_field sanitize post field sanit post-php
sanitize_post sanitize post sanit post-php
is_sticky is sticky sticki post-php
get_post_custom_values get post custom values valu post-php
get_post_custom_keys get post custom keys kei post-php
get_post_custom get post custom post-php
delete_post_meta_by_key delete post meta key delet kei post-php by
update_post_meta update post meta updat post-php
get_post_meta get post meta post-php
delete_post_meta delete post meta delet post-php
add_post_meta add post meta post-php
get_posts get posts post post-php
set_post_type set post type post-php
post_type_supports post type supports support post-php
get_all_post_type_supports get all post type supports support post-php
remove_post_type_support remove post type support remov post-php
add_post_type_support add post type support post-php
_add_post_type_submenus add post type submenus submenu post-php
_get_custom_object_labels get custom object labels label post-php
get_post_type_labels get post type labels label post-php
_post_type_meta_capabilities post type meta capabilities capabl post-php
get_post_type_capabilities get post type capabilities capabl post-php
register_post_type register post type regist post-php
get_post_types get post types type post-php
get_post_type_object get post type object post-php
get_post_type get post type post-php
post_type_exists post type exists exist post-php
is_post_type_hierarchical is post type hierarchical hierarch post-php
get_post_stati get post stati post-php
get_post_status_object get post status object statu post-php
register_post_status register post status regist statu post-php
get_page_statuses get page statuses status post-php
get_post_statuses get post statuses status post-php
get_post_status get post status statu post-php
get_post_mime_type get post mime type post-php
get_post_field get post field post-php
get_post_ancestors get post ancestors ancestor post-php
get_post get post post-php
get_extended get extended extend post-php
_wp_relative_upload_path wp-relative relative rel upload path post-php wp
update_attached_file update attached file updat attach post-php
get_attached_file get attached file attach post-php
create_initial_post_types create initial post types creat initi type post-php
get_the_post_thumbnail get post thumbnail post-thumbnail-template-php the
update_post_thumbnail_cache update post thumbnail cache updat cach post-thumbnail-template-php
the_post_thumbnail post thumbnail post-thumbnail-template-php the
get_post_thumbnail_id get post thumbnail id post-thumbnail-template-php
has_post_thumbnail has post thumbnail ha post-thumbnail-template-php
wp_list_post_revisions wp-list list post revisions revis post-template-php wp
wp_post_revision_title_expanded wp-post post revision title expanded revis titl expand post-template-php wp
wp_post_revision_title wp-post post revision title revis titl post-template-php wp
get_page_template_slug get page template slug templat post-template-php
is_page_template is page template templat post-template-php
get_the_password_form get password form post-template-php the
prepend_attachment prepend attachment attach post-template-php
wp_get_attachment_link get wp-get attachment link attach post-template-php wp
the_attachment_link attachment link attach post-template-php the
walk_page_dropdown_tree walk page dropdown tree post-template-php
walk_page_tree walk page tree post-template-php
wp_page_menu wp-page page menu post-template-php wp
wp_list_pages wp-list list pages page post-template-php wp
wp_dropdown_pages wp-dropdown dropdown pages page post-template-php wp
post_custom post custom post-template-php
_wp_link_page wp-link link page post-template-php wp
wp_link_pages wp-link link pages page post-template-php wp
post_password_required post password required requir post-template-php
get_body_class get body class bodi post-template-php
body_class body class bodi post-template-php
get_post_class get post class post-template-php
post_class post class post-template-php
has_excerpt has excerpt ha post-template-php
get_the_excerpt get excerpt post-template-php the
the_excerpt excerpt post-template-php the
_convert_urlencoded_to_entities convert urlencoded entities urlencod entiti post-template-php to
get_the_content get content post-template-php the
the_content content post-template-php the
get_the_guid get guid post-template-php the
the_guid guid post-template-php the
get_the_title get title titl post-template-php the
the_title_attribute title attribute titl attribut post-template-php the
the_title title titl post-template-php the
get_the_ID get id post-template-php the
the_ID id post-template-php the
_post_format_wp_get_object_terms post format object terms term post-formats-php wp get
_post_format_get_terms post format terms term post-formats-php get
_post_format_get_term post format term post-formats-php get
_post_format_link post format link post-formats-php
_post_format_request post format request post-formats-php
get_post_format_link get post format link post-formats-php
get_post_format_string get post format string post-formats-php
get_post_format_slugs get post format slugs slug post-formats-php
get_post_format_strings get post format strings string post-formats-php
set_post_format set post format post-formats-php
has_post_format has post format ha post-formats-php
get_post_format get post format post-formats-php
_wp_filter_build_unique_id wp-filter filter build unique id uniqu plugin-php wp
_wp_call_all_hook wp-call call all hook plugin-php wp
register_uninstall_hook register uninstall hook regist uninstal plugin-php
register_deactivation_hook register deactivation hook regist deactiv plugin-php
register_activation_hook register activation hook regist activ plugin-php
plugin_dir_url plugin dir url plugin-php
plugin_dir_path plugin dir path plugin-php
wp_register_plugin_realpath wp-register register regist plugin realpath plugin-php wp
plugin_basename plugin basename basenam plugin-php
remove_all_actions remove all actions remov action plugin-php
remove_action remove action remov plugin-php
has_action has action ha plugin-php
do_action_ref_array do action ref array arrai plugin-php
did_action did action plugin-php
do_action do action plugin-php
add_action add action plugin-php
doing_action doing action do plugin-php
doing_filter doing filter do plugin-php
current_action current action plugin-php
current_filter current filter plugin-php
remove_all_filters remove all filters remov filter plugin-php
remove_filter remove filter remov plugin-php
apply_filters_ref_array apply filters ref array appli filter arrai plugin-php
apply_filters apply filters appli filter plugin-php
has_filter has filter ha plugin-php
add_filter add filter plugin-php
wp_text_diff wp-text text diff pluggable-php wp
get_avatar get avatar pluggable-php
wp_set_password wp-set set password pluggable-php wp
wp_rand wp-rand rand pluggable-php wp
wp_generate_password wp-generate generate gener password pluggable-php wp
wp_check_password wp-check check password pluggable-php wp
wp_hash_password wp-hash hash password pluggable-php wp
wp_hash wp-hash hash pluggable-php wp
wp_salt wp-salt salt pluggable-php wp
wp_create_nonce wp-create create creat nonce nonc pluggable-php wp
wp_verify_nonce wp-verify verify verifi nonce nonc pluggable-php wp
wp_nonce_tick wp-nonce nonce nonc tick pluggable-php wp
wp_new_user_notification wp-new new user notification notif pluggable-php wp
wp_password_change_notification wp-password password change notification chang notif pluggable-php wp
wp_notify_moderator wp-notify notify notifi moderator moder pluggable-php wp
wp_notify_postauthor wp-notify notify notifi postauthor pluggable-php wp
wp_validate_redirect wp-validate validate valid redirect pluggable-php wp
wp_safe_redirect wp-safe safe redirect pluggable-php wp
wp_sanitize_redirect wp-sanitize sanitize sanit redirect pluggable-php wp
wp_redirect wp-redirect redirect pluggable-php wp
check_ajax_referer check ajax referer refer pluggable-php
check_admin_referer check admin referer refer pluggable-php
auth_redirect auth redirect pluggable-php
is_user_logged_in is user logged log pluggable-php in
wp_clear_auth_cookie wp-clear clear auth cookie cooki pluggable-php wp
wp_set_auth_cookie wp-set set auth cookie cooki pluggable-php wp
wp_parse_auth_cookie wp-parse parse pars auth cookie cooki pluggable-php wp
wp_generate_auth_cookie wp-generate generate gener auth cookie cooki pluggable-php wp
wp_validate_auth_cookie wp-validate validate valid auth cookie cooki pluggable-php wp
wp_logout wp-logout logout pluggable-php wp
wp_authenticate wp-authenticate authenticate authent pluggable-php wp
wp_mail wp-mail mail pluggable-php wp
cache_users cache users cach user pluggable-php
get_user_by get user pluggable-php by
get_userdata get userdata pluggable-php
get_currentuserinfo get currentuserinfo pluggable-php
wp_get_current_user get wp-get current user pluggable-php wp
wp_set_current_user wp-set set current user pluggable-php wp
wp_login wp-login login pluggable-deprecated-php wp
wp_get_cookie_login get wp-get cookie login cooki pluggable-deprecated-php wp
wp_clearcookie wp-clearcookie clearcookie clearcooki pluggable-deprecated-php wp
wp_setcookie wp-setcookie setcookie setcooki pluggable-deprecated-php wp
get_user_by_email get user email pluggable-deprecated-php by
get_userdatabylogin get userdatabylogin pluggable-deprecated-php
set_current_user set current user pluggable-deprecated-php
set_site_transient set site transient option-php
get_site_transient get site transient option-php
delete_site_transient delete site transient delet option-php
update_site_option update site option updat option-php
delete_site_option delete site option delet option-php
add_site_option add site option option-php
get_site_option get site option option-php
delete_all_user_settings delete all user settings delet set option-php
wp_set_all_user_settings wp-set set all user settings option-php wp
get_all_user_settings get all user settings set option-php
delete_user_setting delete user setting delet set option-php
set_user_setting set user setting option-php
get_user_setting get user setting set option-php
wp_user_settings wp-user user settings set option-php wp
set_transient set transient option-php
get_transient get transient option-php
delete_transient delete transient delet option-php
delete_option delete option delet option-php
add_option add option option-php
update_option update option updat option-php
wp_load_core_site_options wp-load load core site options option option-php wp
wp_load_alloptions wp-load load alloptions allopt option-php wp
form_option form option option-php
wp_protect_special_option wp-protect protect special option option-php wp
get_option get option option-php
_wp_auto_add_pages_to_menu wp-auto auto add pages menu page nav-menu-php wp to
_wp_delete_tax_menu_item wp-delete delete delet tax menu item nav-menu-php wp
_wp_delete_post_menu_item wp-delete delete delet post menu item nav-menu-php wp
wp_get_associated_nav_menu_items get wp-get associated nav menu items associ item nav-menu-php wp
wp_setup_nav_menu_item wp-setup setup nav menu item nav-menu-php wp
wp_get_nav_menu_items get wp-get nav menu items item nav-menu-php wp
_is_valid_nav_menu_item is valid nav menu item nav-menu-php
_sort_nav_menu_items sort nav menu items item nav-menu-php
wp_get_nav_menus get wp-get nav menus menu nav-menu-php wp
wp_update_nav_menu_item wp-update update updat nav menu item nav-menu-php wp
wp_update_nav_menu_object wp-update update updat nav menu object nav-menu-php wp
wp_delete_nav_menu wp-delete delete delet nav menu nav-menu-php wp
wp_create_nav_menu wp-create create creat nav menu nav-menu-php wp
is_nav_menu_item is nav menu item nav-menu-php
has_nav_menu has nav menu ha nav-menu-php
get_nav_menu_locations get nav menu locations locat nav-menu-php
get_registered_nav_menus get registered nav menus regist menu nav-menu-php
register_nav_menu register nav menu regist nav-menu-php
unregister_nav_menu unregister nav menu unregist nav-menu-php
register_nav_menus register nav menus regist menu nav-menu-php
is_nav_menu is nav menu nav-menu-php
wp_get_nav_menu_object get wp-get nav menu object nav-menu-php wp
_nav_menu_item_id_use_once nav menu item id use once us onc nav-menu-template-php
walk_nav_menu_tree walk nav menu tree nav-menu-template-php
_wp_menu_item_classes_by_context wp-menu menu item classes context class nav-menu-template-php wp by
wp_nav_menu wp-nav nav menu nav-menu-template-php wp
wpmu_current_site wpmu current site ms-load-php
get_current_site_name get current site name ms-load-php
ms_not_installed ms not installed instal ms-load-php
get_site_by_path get site path ms-load-php by
wp_get_network get wp-get network ms-load-php wp
get_network_by_path get network path ms-load-php by
ms_site_check ms site check ms-load-php
wp_get_active_network_plugins get wp-get active network plugins activ plugin ms-load-php wp
is_subdomain_install is subdomain install instal ms-load-php
wp_get_sites get wp-get sites site ms-functions-php wp
wp_is_large_network is wp-is large network larg ms-functions-php wp
upload_size_limit_filter upload size limit filter ms-functions-php
is_upload_space_available is upload space available avail ms-functions-php
get_upload_space_available get upload space available avail ms-functions-php
get_space_allowed get space allowed allow ms-functions-php
get_space_used get space used us ms-functions-php
wp_update_network_user_counts wp-update update updat network user counts count ms-functions-php wp
wp_update_network_site_counts wp-update update updat network site counts count ms-functions-php wp
wp_maybe_update_network_user_counts wp-maybe maybe mayb update network user counts updat count ms-functions-php wp
wp_maybe_update_network_site_counts wp-maybe maybe mayb update network site counts updat count ms-functions-php wp
wp_update_network_counts wp-update update updat network counts count ms-functions-php wp
wp_schedule_update_network_counts wp-schedule schedule schedul update network counts updat count ms-functions-php wp
filter_SSL filter ssl ms-functions-php
force_ssl_content force ssl content forc ms-functions-php
welcome_user_msg_filter welcome user msg filter welcom ms-functions-php
users_can_register_signup_filter users can register signup filter user regist ms-functions-php
is_user_option_local is user option local ms-functions-php
update_blog_public update blog public updat ms-functions-php
is_user_spammy is user spammy spammi ms-functions-php
fix_phpmailer_messageid fix phpmailer messageid ms-functions-php
add_new_user_to_blog add new user blog ms-functions-php to
add_existing_user_to_blog add existing user blog exist ms-functions-php to
maybe_add_existing_user_to_blog maybe add existing user blog mayb exist ms-functions-php to
maybe_redirect_404 maybe redirect 404 mayb ms-functions-php
signup_nonce_check signup nonce check nonc ms-functions-php
signup_nonce_fields signup nonce fields nonc field ms-functions-php
upload_is_file_too_big upload file too big ms-functions-php is
redirect_this_site redirect site ms-functions-php this
global_terms global terms term ms-functions-php
wpmu_log_new_registrations wpmu log new registrations registr ms-functions-php
update_posts_count update posts count updat post ms-functions-php
check_upload_mimes check upload mimes mime ms-functions-php
recurse_dirsize recurse dirsize recurs dirsiz ms-functions-php
get_dirsize get dirsize dirsiz ms-functions-php
get_most_recent_post_of_user get most recent post user ms-functions-php of
get_current_site get current site ms-functions-php
wpmu_welcome_user_notification wpmu welcome user notification welcom notif ms-functions-php
wpmu_welcome_notification wpmu welcome notification welcom notif ms-functions-php
install_blog_defaults install blog defaults instal default ms-functions-php
install_blog install blog instal ms-functions-php
insert_blog insert blog ms-functions-php
domain_exists domain exists exist ms-functions-php
newuser_notify_siteadmin newuser notify siteadmin newus notifi ms-functions-php
newblog_notify_siteadmin newblog notify siteadmin notifi ms-functions-php
wpmu_create_blog wpmu create blog creat ms-functions-php
wpmu_create_user wpmu create user creat ms-functions-php
wpmu_activate_signup wpmu activate signup activ ms-functions-php
wpmu_signup_user_notification wpmu signup user notification notif ms-functions-php
wpmu_signup_blog_notification wpmu signup blog notification notif ms-functions-php
wpmu_signup_user wpmu signup user ms-functions-php
wpmu_signup_blog wpmu signup blog ms-functions-php
wpmu_validate_blog_signup wpmu validate blog signup valid ms-functions-php
wpmu_validate_user_signup wpmu validate user signup valid ms-functions-php
is_email_address_unsafe is email address unsafe unsaf ms-functions-php
get_blog_id_from_url get blog id url ms-functions-php from
get_blog_permalink get blog permalink ms-functions-php
create_empty_blog create empty blog creat empti ms-functions-php
remove_user_from_blog remove user blog remov ms-functions-php from
add_user_to_blog add user blog ms-functions-php to
get_blog_post get blog post ms-functions-php
get_blog_count get blog count ms-functions-php
get_user_count get user count ms-functions-php
get_active_blog_for_user get active blog user activ ms-functions-php for
get_admin_users_for_domain get admin users domain user ms-functions-php for
get_sitestats get sitestats sitestat ms-functions-php
get_blogaddress_by_domain get blogaddress domain ms-deprecated-php by
get_user_id_from_string get user id string ms-deprecated-php from
wpmu_admin_redirect_add_updated_param wpmu admin redirect add updated param updat ms-deprecated-php
wpmu_admin_do_redirect wpmu admin do redirect ms-deprecated-php
get_most_active_blogs get most active blogs activ blog ms-deprecated-php
get_blog_list get blog list ms-deprecated-php
validate_email validate email valid ms-deprecated-php
is_main_blog is main blog ms-deprecated-php
clear_global_post_cache clear global post cache cach ms-deprecated-php
get_user_details get user details detail ms-deprecated-php
graceful_fail graceful fail grace ms-deprecated-php
is_site_admin is site admin ms-deprecated-php
generate_random_password generate random password gener ms-deprecated-php
get_dashboard_blog get dashboard blog ms-deprecated-php
ms_subdomain_constants ms subdomain constants constant ms-default-constants-php
ms_file_constants ms file constants constant ms-default-constants-php
ms_cookie_constants ms cookie constants cooki constant ms-default-constants-php
ms_upload_constants ms upload constants constant ms-default-constants-php
_update_posts_count_on_transition_post_status update posts count transition post status updat transit statu ms-blogs-php on
_update_posts_count_on_delete update posts count delete updat post delet ms-blogs-php on
_update_blog_date_on_post_delete update blog date post delete updat delet ms-blogs-php on
_update_blog_date_on_post_publish update blog date post publish updat ms-blogs-php on
get_last_updated get last updated updat ms-blogs-php
get_blog_status get blog status statu ms-blogs-php
update_blog_status update blog status updat statu ms-blogs-php
update_archived update archived updat archiv ms-blogs-php
is_archived is archived archiv ms-blogs-php
ms_is_switched ms switched switch ms-blogs-php is
restore_current_blog restore current blog restor ms-blogs-php
switch_to_blog switch blog ms-blogs-php to
update_blog_option update blog option updat ms-blogs-php
delete_blog_option delete blog option delet ms-blogs-php
add_blog_option add blog option ms-blogs-php
get_blog_option get blog option ms-blogs-php
clean_blog_cache clean blog cache cach ms-blogs-php
update_blog_details update blog details updat detail ms-blogs-php
refresh_blog_details refresh blog details detail ms-blogs-php
get_blog_details get blog details detail ms-blogs-php
get_id_from_blogname get id blogname blognam ms-blogs-php from
get_blogaddress_by_name get blogaddress name ms-blogs-php by
get_blogaddress_by_id get blogaddress id ms-blogs-php by
wpmu_update_blogs_date wpmu update blogs date updat blog ms-blogs-php
register_meta register meta regist meta-php
sanitize_meta sanitize meta sanit meta-php
is_protected_meta is protected meta protect meta-php
_get_meta_table get meta table tabl meta-php
get_meta_sql get meta sql meta-php
update_meta_cache update meta cache updat cach meta-php
delete_metadata_by_mid delete metadata mid delet meta-php by
update_metadata_by_mid update metadata mid updat meta-php by
get_metadata_by_mid get metadata mid meta-php by
metadata_exists metadata exists exist meta-php
get_metadata get metadata meta-php
delete_metadata delete metadata delet meta-php
update_metadata update metadata updat meta-php
add_metadata add metadata meta-php
wpview_media_sandbox_styles wpview media sandbox styles style media-php
attachment_url_to_postid attachment url postid attach media-php to
wp_maybe_generate_attachment_metadata wp-maybe maybe mayb generate attachment metadata gener attach media-php wp
get_post_gallery_images get post gallery images galleri imag media-php
get_post_galleries_images get post galleries images galleri imag media-php
get_post_gallery get post gallery galleri media-php
get_post_galleries get post galleries galleri media-php
get_media_embedded_in_content get media embedded content embed media-php in
get_attached_media get attached media attach media-php
wp_enqueue_media wp-enqueue enqueue enqueu media media-php wp
wp_prepare_attachment_for_js wp-prepare prepare prepar attachment js attach media-php wp for
wp_plupload_default_settings wp-plupload plupload default settings set media-php wp
_wp_image_editor_choose wp-image image imag editor choose choos media-php wp
wp_image_editor_supports wp-image image imag editor supports support media-php wp
wp_get_image_editor get wp-get image editor imag media-php wp
wp_max_upload_size wp-max max upload size media-php wp
wp_convert_hr_to_bytes wp-convert convert hr bytes byte media-php wp to
wp_embed_handler_video wp-embed embed emb handler video media-php wp
wp_embed_handler_audio wp-embed embed emb handler audio media-php wp
wp_embed_handler_youtube wp-embed embed emb handler youtube youtub media-php wp
wp_embed_handler_googlevideo wp-embed embed emb handler googlevideo media-php wp
wp_maybe_load_embeds wp-maybe maybe mayb load embeds emb media-php wp
wp_oembed_remove_provider wp-oembed oembed oemb remove provider remov provid media-php wp
wp_oembed_add_provider wp-oembed oembed oemb add provider provid media-php wp
wp_oembed_get wp-oembed oembed oemb media-php wp get
wp_expand_dimensions wp-expand expand dimensions dimens media-php wp
wp_embed_defaults wp-embed embed emb defaults default media-php wp
wp_embed_unregister_handler wp-embed embed emb unregister handler unregist media-php wp
wp_embed_register_handler wp-embed embed emb register handler regist media-php wp
wp_imagecreatetruecolor wp-imagecreatetruecolor imagecreatetruecolor media-php wp
get_taxonomies_for_attachments get taxonomies attachments taxonomi attach media-php for
get_attachment_taxonomies get attachment taxonomies attach taxonomi media-php
adjacent_image_link adjacent image link adjac imag media-php
next_image_link next image link imag media-php
previous_image_link previous image link previou imag media-php
wp_video_shortcode wp-video video shortcode shortcod media-php wp
wp_get_video_extensions get wp-get video extensions extens media-php wp
wp_audio_shortcode wp-audio audio shortcode shortcod media-php wp
wp_get_attachment_id3_keys get wp-get attachment id3 keys attach kei media-php wp
wp_get_audio_extensions get wp-get audio extensions extens media-php wp
wp_mediaelement_fallback wp-mediaelement mediaelement mediael fallback media-php wp
wp_playlist_shortcode wp-playlist playlist shortcode shortcod media-php wp
wp_playlist_scripts wp-playlist playlist scripts script media-php wp
wp_underscore_playlist_templates wp-underscore underscore underscor playlist templates templat media-php wp
gallery_shortcode gallery shortcode galleri shortcod media-php
img_caption_shortcode img caption shortcode shortcod media-php
_wp_post_thumbnail_class_filter_remove wp-post post thumbnail class filter remove remov media-php wp
_wp_post_thumbnail_class_filter_add wp-post post thumbnail class filter add media-php wp
_wp_post_thumbnail_class_filter wp-post post thumbnail class filter media-php wp
wp_get_attachment_image get wp-get attachment image attach imag media-php wp
wp_get_attachment_image_src get wp-get attachment image src attach imag media-php wp
get_intermediate_image_sizes get intermediate image sizes intermedi imag size media-php
image_get_intermediate_size image intermediate size imag intermedi media-php get
image_make_intermediate_size image make intermediate size imag intermedi media-php
image_resize_dimensions image resize dimensions imag resiz dimens media-php
wp_constrain_dimensions wp-constrain constrain dimensions dimens media-php wp
get_image_tag get image tag imag media-php
set_post_thumbnail_size set post thumbnail size media-php
remove_image_size remove image size remov imag media-php
has_image_size has image size ha imag media-php
add_image_size add image size imag media-php
image_downsize image downsize imag downsiz media-php
image_hwstring image hwstring imag media-php
image_constrain_size_for_editor image constrain size editor imag media-php for
wp_print_media_templates wp-print print media templates templat media-template-php wp
wp_underscore_video_template wp-underscore underscore underscor video template templat media-template-php wp
wp_underscore_audio_template wp-underscore underscore underscor audio template templat media-template-php wp
is_rtl is rtl locale-php
wp_load_translations_early wp-load load translations early translat earli load-php wp
get_current_blog_id get current blog id load-php
is_multisite is multisite multisit load-php
is_user_admin is user admin load-php
is_network_admin is network admin load-php
is_blog_admin is blog admin load-php
is_admin is admin load-php
wp_clone wp-clone clone load-php wp
shutdown_action_hook shutdown action hook load-php
wp_magic_quotes wp-magic magic quotes quot load-php wp
wp_set_internal_encoding wp-set set internal encoding intern encod load-php wp
wp_get_active_and_valid_plugins get wp-get active and valid plugins activ plugin load-php wp
wp_get_mu_plugins get wp-get mu plugins plugin load-php wp
wp_not_installed wp-not not installed instal load-php wp
wp_start_object_cache wp-start start object cache cach load-php wp
wp_using_ext_object_cache wp-using using us ext object cache cach load-php wp
wp_set_wpdb_vars wp-set set wpdb vars var load-php wp
require_wp_db require db requir load-php wp
wp_set_lang_dir wp-set set lang dir load-php wp
wp_debug_mode wp-debug debug mode load-php wp
timer_stop timer stop load-php
timer_start timer start load-php
wp_maintenance wp-maintenance maintenance mainten load-php wp
wp_favicon_request wp-favicon favicon request load-php wp
wp_check_php_mysql_versions wp-check check php mysql versions version load-php wp
wp_fix_server_vars wp-fix fix server vars var load-php wp
wp_unregister_GLOBALS wp-unregister unregister unregist globals global load-php wp
the_shortlink shortlink link-template-php the
wp_shortlink_header wp-shortlink shortlink header link-template-php wp
wp_shortlink_wp_head wp-shortlink shortlink head link-template-php wp wp
wp_get_shortlink get wp-get shortlink link-template-php wp
rel_canonical rel canonical canon link-template-php
get_edit_profile_url get edit profile url profil link-template-php
get_dashboard_url get dashboard url link-template-php
set_url_scheme set url scheme link-template-php
self_admin_url self admin url link-template-php
user_admin_url user admin url link-template-php
network_admin_url network admin url link-template-php
network_home_url network home url link-template-php
network_site_url network site url link-template-php
plugins_url plugins url plugin link-template-php
content_url content url link-template-php
includes_url includes url includ link-template-php
get_admin_url get admin url link-template-php
admin_url admin url link-template-php
get_site_url get site url link-template-php
site_url site url link-template-php
get_home_url get home url link-template-php
home_url home url link-template-php
get_shortcut_link get shortcut link link-template-php
paginate_comments_links paginate comments links pagin comment link link-template-php
previous_comments_link previous comments link previou comment link-template-php
get_previous_comments_link get previous comments link previou comment link-template-php
next_comments_link next comments link comment link-template-php
get_next_comments_link get next comments link comment link-template-php
get_comments_pagenum_link get comments pagenum link comment link-template-php
posts_nav_link posts nav link post link-template-php
get_posts_nav_link get posts nav link post link-template-php
previous_posts_link previous posts link previou post link-template-php
get_previous_posts_link get previous posts link previou post link-template-php
previous_posts previous posts previou post link-template-php
get_previous_posts_page_link get previous posts page link previou post link-template-php
next_posts_link next posts link post link-template-php
get_next_posts_link get next posts link post link-template-php
next_posts next posts post link-template-php
get_next_posts_page_link get next posts page link post link-template-php
get_pagenum_link get pagenum link link-template-php
adjacent_post_link adjacent post link adjac link-template-php
get_adjacent_post_link get adjacent post link adjac link-template-php
next_post_link next post link link-template-php
get_next_post_link get next post link link-template-php
previous_post_link previous post link previou link-template-php
get_previous_post_link get previous post link previou link-template-php
get_boundary_post get boundary post boundari link-template-php
prev_post_rel_link prev post rel link link-template-php
next_post_rel_link next post rel link link-template-php
adjacent_posts_rel_link_wp_head adjacent posts rel link head adjac post link-template-php wp
adjacent_posts_rel_link adjacent posts rel link adjac post link-template-php
get_adjacent_post_rel_link get adjacent post rel link adjac link-template-php
get_adjacent_post get adjacent post adjac link-template-php
get_next_post get next post link-template-php
get_previous_post get previous post previou link-template-php
get_edit_user_link get edit user link link-template-php
edit_bookmark_link edit bookmark link link-template-php
get_edit_bookmark_link get edit bookmark link link-template-php
edit_comment_link edit comment link link-template-php
get_edit_comment_link get edit comment link link-template-php
get_delete_post_link get delete post link delet link-template-php
edit_post_link edit post link link-template-php
get_edit_post_link get edit post link link-template-php
get_post_type_archive_feed_link get post type archive feed link archiv link-template-php
get_post_type_archive_link get post type archive link archiv link-template-php
get_search_comments_feed_link get search comments feed link comment link-template-php
get_search_feed_link get search feed link link-template-php
get_search_link get search link link-template-php
edit_term_link edit term link link-template-php
get_edit_term_link get edit term link link-template-php
edit_tag_link edit tag link link-template-php
get_edit_tag_link get edit tag link link-template-php
get_tag_feed_link get tag feed link link-template-php
get_term_feed_link get term feed link link-template-php
get_category_feed_link get category feed link categori link-template-php
get_author_feed_link get author feed link link-template-php
post_comments_feed_link post comments feed link comment link-template-php
get_post_comments_feed_link get post comments feed link comment link-template-php
get_feed_link get feed link link-template-php
the_feed_link feed link link-template-php the
get_day_link get day link dai link-template-php
get_month_link get month link link-template-php
get_year_link get year link link-template-php
get_attachment_link get attachment link attach link-template-php
_get_page_link get page link link-template-php
get_page_link get page link link-template-php
post_permalink post permalink link-template-php
get_post_permalink get post permalink link-template-php
get_permalink get permalink link-template-php
get_the_permalink get permalink link-template-php the
permalink_anchor permalink anchor link-template-php
user_trailingslashit user trailingslashit link-template-php
the_permalink permalink link-template-php the
wp_dropdown_languages wp-dropdown dropdown languages languag l10n-php wp
wp_get_pomo_file_data get wp-get pomo file data l10n-php wp
wp_get_installed_translations get wp-get installed translations instal translat l10n-php wp
get_available_languages get available languages avail languag l10n-php
translate_user_role translate user role translat l10n-php
is_textdomain_loaded is textdomain loaded load l10n-php
get_translations_for_domain get translations domain translat l10n-php for
load_child_theme_textdomain load child theme textdomain l10n-php
load_theme_textdomain load theme textdomain l10n-php
load_muplugin_textdomain load muplugin textdomain l10n-php
load_plugin_textdomain load plugin textdomain l10n-php
load_default_textdomain load default textdomain l10n-php
unload_textdomain unload textdomain l10n-php
load_textdomain load textdomain l10n-php
translate_nooped_plural translate nooped plural translat noop l10n-php
_nx_noop nx noop l10n-php
_n_noop n noop l10n-php
_nx nx l10n-php
_n n l10n-php
esc_html_x esc html x l10n-php
esc_attr_x esc attr x l10n-php
_ex ex l10n-php
_x x l10n-php
esc_html_e esc html e l10n-php
esc_attr_e esc attr e l10n-php
_e e l10n-php
esc_html__ esc html l10n-php
esc_attr__ esc attr l10n-php
translate_with_gettext_context translate gettext context translat l10n-php with
before_last_bar before last bar befor l10n-php
translate translate translat l10n-php
get_locale get locale local l10n-php
_wp_add_global_attributes wp-add add global attributes attribut kses-php wp
safecss_filter_attr safecss filter attr kses-php
kses_init kses init kse kses-php
kses_remove_filters kses remove filters kse remov filter kses-php
kses_init_filters kses init filters kse filter kses-php
wp_filter_nohtml_kses wp-filter filter nohtml kses kse kses-php wp
wp_kses_post wp-kses kses kse post kses-php wp
wp_filter_post_kses wp-filter filter post kses kse kses-php wp
wp_kses_data wp-kses kses kse data kses-php wp
wp_filter_kses wp-filter filter kses kse kses-php wp
_wp_kses_decode_entities_chr_hexdec wp-kses kses kse decode entities chr hexdec decod entiti kses-php wp
_wp_kses_decode_entities_chr wp-kses kses kse decode entities chr decod entiti kses-php wp
wp_kses_decode_entities wp-kses kses kse decode entities decod entiti kses-php wp
valid_unicode valid unicode unicod kses-php
wp_kses_normalize_entities3 wp-kses kses kse normalize entities3 normal kses-php wp
wp_kses_normalize_entities2 wp-kses kses kse normalize entities2 normal kses-php wp
wp_kses_named_entities wp-kses kses kse named entities name entiti kses-php wp
wp_kses_normalize_entities wp-kses kses kse normalize entities normal entiti kses-php wp
wp_kses_bad_protocol_once2 wp-kses kses kse bad protocol once2 kses-php wp
wp_kses_bad_protocol_once wp-kses kses kse bad protocol once onc kses-php wp
wp_kses_html_error wp-kses kses kse html error kses-php wp
wp_kses_js_entities wp-kses kses kse js entities entiti kses-php wp
wp_kses_array_lc wp-kses kses kse array lc arrai kses-php wp
wp_kses_stripslashes wp-kses kses kse stripslashes stripslash kses-php wp
wp_kses_no_null wp-kses kses kse no null kses-php wp
wp_kses_bad_protocol wp-kses kses kse bad protocol kses-php wp
wp_kses_check_attr_val wp-kses kses kse check attr val kses-php wp
wp_kses_hair wp-kses kses kse hair kses-php wp
wp_kses_attr wp-kses kses kse attr kses-php wp
wp_kses_split2 wp-kses kses kse split2 kses-php wp
_wp_kses_split_callback wp-kses kses kse split callback kses-php wp
wp_kses_split wp-kses kses kse split kses-php wp
wp_kses_version wp-kses kses kse version kses-php wp
wp_kses_hook wp-kses kses kse hook kses-php wp
wp_kses_allowed_html wp-kses kses kse allowed html allow kses-php wp
wp_kses wp-kses kses kse kses-php wp
ms_allowed_http_request_hosts ms allowed http request hosts allow host http-php
allowed_http_request_hosts allowed http request hosts allow host http-php
wp_http_validate_url wp-http http validate url valid http-php wp
send_origin_headers send origin headers header http-php
is_allowed_http_origin is allowed http origin allow http-php
get_allowed_http_origins get allowed http origins allow origin http-php
get_http_origin get http origin http-php
wp_http_supports wp-http http supports support http-php wp
wp_remote_retrieve_body wp-remote remote remot retrieve body retriev bodi http-php wp
wp_remote_retrieve_response_message wp-remote remote remot retrieve response message retriev respons messag http-php wp
wp_remote_retrieve_response_code wp-remote remote remot retrieve response code retriev respons http-php wp
wp_remote_retrieve_header wp-remote remote remot retrieve header retriev http-php wp
wp_remote_retrieve_headers wp-remote remote remot retrieve headers retriev header http-php wp
wp_remote_head wp-remote remote remot head http-php wp
wp_remote_post wp-remote remote remot post http-php wp
wp_remote_get wp-remote remote remot http-php wp get
wp_remote_request wp-remote remote remot request http-php wp
wp_safe_remote_head wp-safe safe remote head remot http-php wp
wp_safe_remote_post wp-safe safe remote post remot http-php wp
wp_safe_remote_get wp-safe safe remote remot http-php wp get
wp_safe_remote_request wp-safe safe remote request remot http-php wp
_wp_http_get_object wp-http http object http-php wp get
wp_heartbeat_settings wp-heartbeat heartbeat settings set general-template-php wp
__checked_selected_helper checked selected helper check select general-template-php
disabled disabled disabl general-template-php
selected selected select general-template-php
checked checked check general-template-php
get_the_generator get generator gener general-template-php the
the_generator generator gener general-template-php the
wp_generator wp-generator generator gener general-template-php wp
add_thickbox add thickbox general-template-php
wp_admin_css wp-admin admin css general-template-php wp
wp_admin_css_uri wp-admin admin css uri general-template-php wp
register_admin_color_schemes register admin color schemes regist scheme general-template-php
wp_admin_css_color wp-admin admin css color general-template-php wp
paginate_links paginate links pagin link general-template-php
language_attributes language attributes languag attribut general-template-php
the_search_query search query queri general-template-php the
get_search_query get search query queri general-template-php
wp_editor wp-editor editor general-template-php wp
wp_default_editor wp-default default editor general-template-php wp
user_can_richedit user can richedit general-template-php
wp_no_robots wp-no no robots robot general-template-php wp
noindex noindex general-template-php
wlwmanifest_link wlwmanifest link general-template-php
rsd_link rsd link general-template-php
feed_links_extra feed links extra link general-template-php
feed_links feed links link general-template-php
wp_footer wp-footer footer general-template-php wp
wp_head wp-head head general-template-php wp
the_weekday_date weekday date weekdai general-template-php the
the_weekday weekday weekdai general-template-php the
get_post_modified_time get post modified time modifi general-template-php
get_the_modified_time get modified time modifi general-template-php the
the_modified_time modified time modifi general-template-php the
get_post_time get post time general-template-php
get_the_time get time general-template-php the
the_time time general-template-php the
get_the_modified_date get modified date modifi general-template-php the
the_modified_date modified date modifi general-template-php the
get_the_date get date general-template-php the
the_date date general-template-php the
the_date_xml date xml general-template-php the
allowed_tags allowed tags allow tag general-template-php
delete_get_calendar_cache delete calendar cache delet cach general-template-php get
get_calendar get calendar general-template-php
calendar_week_mod calendar week mod general-template-php
wp_get_archives get wp-get archives archiv general-template-php wp
get_archives_link get archives link archiv general-template-php
single_month_title single month title singl titl general-template-php
single_term_title single term title singl titl general-template-php
single_tag_title single tag title singl titl general-template-php
single_cat_title single cat title singl titl general-template-php
post_type_archive_title post type archive title archiv titl general-template-php
single_post_title single post title singl titl general-template-php
wp_title wp-title title titl general-template-php wp
get_bloginfo get bloginfo general-template-php
bloginfo bloginfo general-template-php
wp_meta wp-meta meta general-template-php wp
wp_register wp-register register regist general-template-php wp
wp_lostpassword_url wp-lostpassword lostpassword url general-template-php wp
wp_login_form wp-login login form general-template-php wp
wp_registration_url wp-registration registration registr url general-template-php wp
wp_login_url wp-login login url general-template-php wp
wp_logout_url wp-logout logout url general-template-php wp
wp_loginout wp-loginout loginout general-template-php wp
get_search_form get search form general-template-php
get_template_part get template part templat general-template-php
get_sidebar get sidebar general-template-php
get_footer get footer general-template-php
get_header get header general-template-php
wp_style_add_data wp-style style add data functions-wp-styles-php wp
wp_style_is wp-style style functions-wp-styles-php wp is
wp_dequeue_style wp-dequeue dequeue dequeu style functions-wp-styles-php wp
wp_enqueue_style wp-enqueue enqueue enqueu style functions-wp-styles-php wp
wp_deregister_style wp-deregister deregister deregist style functions-wp-styles-php wp
wp_register_style wp-register register regist style functions-wp-styles-php wp
wp_add_inline_style wp-add add inline style inlin functions-wp-styles-php wp
wp_print_styles wp-print print styles style functions-wp-styles-php wp
wp_script_is wp-script script functions-wp-scripts-php wp is
wp_dequeue_script wp-dequeue dequeue dequeu script functions-wp-scripts-php wp
wp_enqueue_script wp-enqueue enqueue enqueu script functions-wp-scripts-php wp
wp_deregister_script wp-deregister deregister deregist script functions-wp-scripts-php wp
wp_localize_script wp-localize localize local script functions-wp-scripts-php wp
wp_register_script wp-register register regist script functions-wp-scripts-php wp
wp_print_scripts wp-print print scripts script functions-wp-scripts-php wp
wp_validate_boolean wp-validate validate valid boolean functions-php wp
reset_mbstring_encoding reset mbstring encoding encod functions-php
mbstring_binary_safe_encoding mbstring binary safe encoding binari encod functions-php
_canonical_charset canonical charset canon functions-php
get_tag_regex get tag regex functions-php
wp_auth_check wp-auth auth check functions-php wp
wp_auth_check_html wp-auth auth check html functions-php wp
wp_auth_check_load wp-auth auth check load functions-php wp
wp_checkdate wp-checkdate checkdate checkdat functions-php wp
wp_is_stream is wp-is stream functions-php wp
_device_can_upload device can upload devic functions-php
_get_non_cached_ids get non cached ids cach id functions-php
wp_debug_backtrace_summary wp-debug debug backtrace summary backtrac summari functions-php wp
wp_allowed_protocols wp-allowed allowed allow protocols protocol functions-php wp
send_frame_options_header send frame options header option functions-php
wp_find_hierarchy_loop_tortoise_hare wp-find find hierarchy loop tortoise hare hierarchi tortois functions-php wp
wp_find_hierarchy_loop wp-find find hierarchy loop hierarchi functions-php wp
send_nosniff_header send nosniff header functions-php
__return_empty_string return empty string empti functions-php
__return_null return null functions-php
__return_empty_array return empty array empti arrai functions-php
__return_zero return zero functions-php
__return_false return false fals functions-php
__return_true return true functions-php
get_file_data get file data functions-php
wp_scheduled_delete wp-scheduled scheduled schedul delete delet functions-php wp
_cleanup_header_comment cleanup header comment functions-php
wp_timezone_choice wp-timezone timezone timezon choice choic functions-php wp
_wp_timezone_choice_usort_callback wp-timezone timezone timezon choice usort callback choic functions-php wp
wp_timezone_override_offset wp-timezone timezone timezon override offset overrid functions-php wp
global_terms_enabled global terms enabled term enabl functions-php
is_main_network is main network functions-php
is_main_site is main site functions-php
wp_suspend_cache_invalidation wp-suspend suspend cache invalidation cach invalid functions-php wp
wp_suspend_cache_addition wp-suspend suspend cache addition cach addit functions-php wp
wp_guess_url wp-guess guess url functions-php wp
force_ssl_admin force ssl admin forc functions-php
force_ssl_login force ssl login forc functions-php
is_ssl is ssl functions-php
validate_file validate file valid functions-php
iis7_supports_permalinks iis7 supports permalinks support permalink functions-php
apache_mod_loaded apache mod loaded apach load functions-php
is_lighttpd_before_150 is lighttpd before 150 befor functions-php
_doing_it_wrong doing wrong do functions-php it
_deprecated_argument deprecated argument deprec functions-php
_deprecated_file deprecated file deprec functions-php
_deprecated_function deprecated function deprec functions-php
absint absint functions-php
dead_db dead db functions-php
wp_ob_end_flush_all wp-ob ob end flush all functions-php wp
wp_widgets_add_menu wp-widgets widgets widget add menu functions-php wp
wp_maybe_load_widgets wp-maybe maybe mayb load widgets widget functions-php wp
wp_list_pluck wp-list list pluck functions-php wp
wp_list_filter wp-list list filter functions-php wp
wp_filter_object_list wp-filter filter object list functions-php wp
wp_array_slice_assoc wp-array array arrai slice assoc functions-php wp
wp_parse_id_list wp-parse parse pars id list functions-php wp
wp_parse_args wp-parse parse pars args arg functions-php wp
smilies_init smilies init smili functions-php
_mce_set_direction mce set direction direct functions-php
_config_wp_siteurl config siteurl functions-php wp
_config_wp_home config home functions-php wp
wp_send_json_error wp-send send json error functions-php wp
wp_send_json_success wp-send send json success functions-php wp
wp_send_json wp-send send json functions-php wp
_scalar_wp_die_handler scalar die handler functions-php wp
_ajax_wp_die_handler ajax die handler functions-php wp
_xmlrpc_wp_die_handler xmlrpc die handler functions-php wp
_default_wp_die_handler default die handler functions-php wp
wp_die wp-die die functions-php wp
wp_nonce_ays wp-nonce nonce nonc ays ai functions-php wp
get_allowed_mime_types get allowed mime types allow type functions-php
wp_get_mime_types get wp-get mime types type functions-php wp
wp_check_filetype_and_ext wp-check check filetype and ext filetyp functions-php wp
wp_check_filetype wp-check check filetype filetyp functions-php wp
wp_ext2type wp-ext2type ext2type ext2typ functions-php wp
wp_upload_bits wp-upload upload bits bit functions-php wp
wp_unique_filename wp-unique unique uniqu filename filenam functions-php wp
wp_upload_dir wp-upload upload dir functions-php wp
win_is_writable win writable writabl functions-php is
wp_is_writable is wp-is writable writabl functions-php wp
get_temp_dir get temp dir functions-php
wp_normalize_path wp-normalize normalize normal path functions-php wp
path_join path join functions-php
path_is_absolute path absolute absolut functions-php is
wp_mkdir_p wp-mkdir mkdir p functions-php wp
wp_get_original_referer get wp-get original referer origin refer functions-php wp
wp_get_referer get wp-get referer refer functions-php wp
wp_original_referer_field wp-original original origin referer field refer functions-php wp
wp_referer_field wp-referer referer refer field functions-php wp
wp_nonce_field wp-nonce nonce nonc field functions-php wp
wp_nonce_url wp-nonce nonce nonc url functions-php wp
is_blog_installed is blog installed instal functions-php
do_robots do robots robot functions-php
do_feed_atom do feed atom functions-php
do_feed_rss2 do feed rss2 functions-php
do_feed_rss do feed rss functions-php
do_feed_rdf do feed rdf functions-php
do_feed do feed functions-php
bool_from_yn bool yn functions-php from
get_num_queries get num queries queri functions-php
cache_javascript_headers cache javascript headers cach header functions-php
nocache_headers nocache headers nocach header functions-php
wp_get_nocache_headers get wp-get nocache headers nocach header functions-php wp
status_header status header statu functions-php
get_status_header_desc get status header desc statu functions-php
wp wp functions-php
wp_remote_fopen wp-remote remote remot fopen functions-php wp
add_magic_quotes add magic quotes quot functions-php
remove_query_arg remove query arg remov queri functions-php
add_query_arg add query arg queri functions-php
_http_build_query http build query queri functions-php
build_query build query queri functions-php
is_new_day is new day dai functions-php
wp_get_http_headers get wp-get http headers header functions-php wp
wp_get_http get wp-get http functions-php wp
do_enclose do enclose enclos functions-php
wp_extract_urls wp-extract extract urls url functions-php wp
xmlrpc_removepostdata xmlrpc removepostdata functions-php
xmlrpc_getpostcategory xmlrpc getpostcategory getpostcategori functions-php
xmlrpc_getposttitle xmlrpc getposttitle getposttitl functions-php
maybe_serialize maybe serialize mayb serial functions-php
is_serialized_string is serialized string serial functions-php
is_serialized is serialized serial functions-php
maybe_unserialize maybe unserialize mayb unseri functions-php
get_weekstartend get weekstartend functions-php
size_format size format functions-php
number_format_i18n number format i18n functions-php
date_i18n date i18n functions-php
current_time current time functions-php
mysql2date mysql2date mysql2dat functions-php
wp_spaces_regexp wp-spaces spaces space regexp formatting-php wp
get_url_in_content get url content formatting-php in
wp_unslash wp-unslash unslash formatting-php wp
wp_slash wp-slash slash formatting-php wp
sanitize_trackback_urls sanitize trackback urls sanit url formatting-php
sanitize_mime_type sanitize mime type sanit formatting-php
capital_P_dangit capital p dangit capit formatting-php
wp_basename wp-basename basename basenam formatting-php wp
sanitize_text_field sanitize text field sanit formatting-php
wp_strip_all_tags wp-strip strip all tags tag formatting-php wp
normalize_whitespace normalize whitespace normal whitespac formatting-php
_links_add_target links add target link formatting-php
links_add_target links add target link formatting-php
_links_add_base links add base link formatting-php
links_add_base_url links add base url link formatting-php
wp_html_excerpt wp-html html excerpt formatting-php wp
wp_sprintf_l wp-sprintf sprintf l formatting-php wp
wp_sprintf wp-sprintf sprintf formatting-php wp
wp_pre_kses_less_than_callback wp-pre pre kses less than callback kse formatting-php wp
wp_pre_kses_less_than wp-pre pre kses less than kse formatting-php wp
wp_parse_str wp-parse parse pars str formatting-php wp
sanitize_option sanitize option sanit formatting-php
wp_make_link_relative wp-make make link relative rel formatting-php wp
tag_escape tag escape escap formatting-php
esc_textarea esc textarea formatting-php
esc_attr esc attr formatting-php
esc_html esc html formatting-php
esc_js esc js formatting-php
htmlentities2 htmlentities2 formatting-php
esc_url_raw esc url raw formatting-php
esc_url esc url formatting-php
esc_sql esc sql formatting-php
_deep_replace deep replace replac formatting-php
wp_htmledit_pre wp-htmledit htmledit pre formatting-php wp
wp_richedit_pre wp-richedit richedit pre formatting-php wp
ent2ncr ent2ncr formatting-php
wp_trim_words wp-trim trim words word formatting-php wp
wp_trim_excerpt wp-trim trim excerpt formatting-php wp
human_time_diff human time diff formatting-php
sanitize_email sanitize email sanit formatting-php
popuplinks popuplinks popuplink formatting-php
iso8601_to_datetime iso8601 datetime datetim formatting-php to
iso8601_timezone_to_offset iso8601 timezone offset timezon formatting-php to
get_date_from_gmt get date gmt formatting-php from
get_gmt_from_date get gmt date formatting-php from
_wp_iso_convert wp-iso iso convert formatting-php wp
wp_iso_descrambler wp-iso iso descrambler descrambl formatting-php wp
is_email is email formatting-php
convert_smilies convert smilies smili formatting-php
translate_smiley translate smiley translat smilei formatting-php
wp_rel_nofollow_callback wp-rel rel nofollow callback formatting-php wp
wp_rel_nofollow wp-rel rel nofollow formatting-php wp
_split_str_by_whitespace split str whitespace whitespac formatting-php by
make_clickable make clickable clickabl formatting-php
_make_email_clickable_cb make email clickable cb clickabl formatting-php
_make_web_ftp_clickable_cb make web ftp clickable cb clickabl formatting-php
_make_url_clickable_cb make url clickable cb clickabl formatting-php
antispambot antispambot formatting-php
rawurlencode_deep rawurlencode deep rawurlencod formatting-php
urlencode_deep urlencode deep urlencod formatting-php
stripslashes_deep stripslashes deep stripslash formatting-php
addslashes_gpc addslashes gpc addslash formatting-php
untrailingslashit untrailingslashit formatting-php
trailingslashit trailingslashit formatting-php
backslashit backslashit formatting-php
zeroise zeroise zerois formatting-php
format_to_edit format edit formatting-php to
balanceTags balancetags balancetag formatting-php
convert_chars convert chars char formatting-php
sanitize_html_class sanitize html class sanit formatting-php
sanitize_sql_orderby sanitize sql orderby sanit orderbi formatting-php
sanitize_title_with_dashes sanitize title dashes sanit titl dash formatting-php with
sanitize_title_for_query sanitize title query sanit titl queri formatting-php for
sanitize_title sanitize title sanit titl formatting-php
sanitize_key sanitize key sanit kei formatting-php
sanitize_user sanitize user sanit formatting-php
sanitize_file_name sanitize file name sanit formatting-php
remove_accents remove accents remov accent formatting-php
utf8_uri_encode utf8 uri encode encod formatting-php
wp_check_invalid_utf8 wp-check check invalid utf8 formatting-php wp
wp_specialchars_decode wp-specialchars specialchars specialchar decode decod formatting-php wp
_wp_specialchars wp-specialchars specialchars specialchar formatting-php wp
seems_utf8 seems utf8 seem formatting-php
shortcode_unautop shortcode unautop shortcod formatting-php
_autop_newline_preservation_helper autop newline preservation helper newlin preserv formatting-php
wpautop wpautop formatting-php
_wptexturize_pushpop_element wptexturize pushpop element wptextur formatting-php
wptexturize wptexturize wptextur formatting-php
fetch_feed fetch feed feed-php
feed_content_type feed content type feed-php
self_link self link feed-php
prep_atom_text_construct prep atom text construct feed-php
atom_enclosure atom enclosure enclosur feed-php
rss_enclosure rss enclosure enclosur feed-php
html_type_rss html type rss feed-php
the_category_rss category rss categori feed-php the
get_the_category_rss get category rss categori feed-php the
comment_text_rss comment text rss feed-php
comment_author_rss comment author rss feed-php
get_comment_author_rss get comment author rss feed-php
comment_link comment link feed-php
get_comment_guid get comment guid feed-php
comment_guid comment guid feed-php
comments_link_feed comments link feed comment feed-php
the_permalink_rss permalink rss feed-php the
the_excerpt_rss excerpt rss feed-php the
the_content_feed content feed feed-php the
get_the_content_feed get content feed feed-php the
the_title_rss title rss titl feed-php the
get_the_title_rss get title rss titl feed-php the
wp_title_rss wp-title title titl rss feed-php wp
get_wp_title_rss get title rss titl feed-php wp
get_default_feed get default feed feed-php
bloginfo_rss bloginfo rss feed-php
get_bloginfo_rss get bloginfo rss feed-php
url_is_accessable_via_ssl url accessable via ssl access deprecated-php is
like_escape like escape escap deprecated-php
format_to_post format post deprecated-php to
default_topic_count_text default topic count text deprecated-php
rich_edit_exists rich edit exists exist deprecated-php
_search_terms_tidy search terms tidy term tidi deprecated-php
wp_convert_bytes_to_hr wp-convert convert bytes hr byte deprecated-php wp to
gd_edit_image_support gd edit image support imag deprecated-php
_save_post_hook save post hook deprecated-php
user_pass_ok user pass ok deprecated-php
wp_get_single_post get wp-get single post singl deprecated-php wp
image_resize image resize imag resiz deprecated-php
wp_load_image wp-load load image imag deprecated-php wp
_get_post_ancestors get post ancestors ancestor deprecated-php
sticky_class sticky class sticki deprecated-php
wp_explain_nonce wp-explain explain nonce nonc deprecated-php wp
clean_page_cache clean page cache cach deprecated-php
update_page_cache update page cache updat cach deprecated-php
get_theme_data get theme data deprecated-php
remove_custom_background remove custom background remov deprecated-php
add_custom_background add custom background deprecated-php
remove_custom_image_header remove custom image header remov imag deprecated-php
add_custom_image_header add custom image header imag deprecated-php
clean_pre clean pre deprecated-php
get_current_theme get current theme deprecated-php
get_theme get theme deprecated-php
get_themes get themes theme deprecated-php
debug_fclose debug fclose deprecated-php
debug_fwrite debug fwrite deprecated-php
debug_fopen debug fopen deprecated-php
is_blog_user is blog user deprecated-php
wp_admin_bar_dashboard_view_site_menu wp-admin admin bar dashboard view site menu deprecated-php wp
parent_post_rel_link parent post rel link deprecated-php
get_parent_post_rel_link get parent post rel link deprecated-php
index_rel_link index rel link deprecated-php
get_index_rel_link get index rel link deprecated-php
start_post_rel_link start post rel link deprecated-php
get_boundary_post_rel_link get boundary post rel link boundari deprecated-php
sanitize_user_object sanitize user object sanit deprecated-php
get_user_metavalues get user metavalues metavalu deprecated-php
the_editor editor deprecated-php the
wp_timezone_supported wp-timezone timezone timezon supported support deprecated-php wp
update_category_cache update category cache updat categori cach deprecated-php
is_plugin_page is plugin page deprecated-php
is_term is term deprecated-php
is_taxonomy is taxonomy taxonomi deprecated-php
funky_javascript_fix funky javascript fix funki deprecated-php
funky_javascript_callback funky javascript callback funki deprecated-php
get_usernumposts get usernumposts usernumpost deprecated-php
get_profile get profile profil deprecated-php
automatic_feed_links automatic feed links automat link deprecated-php
get_users_of_blog get users blog user deprecated-php of
update_usermeta update usermeta updat deprecated-php
get_usermeta get usermeta deprecated-php
delete_usermeta delete usermeta delet deprecated-php
unregister_widget_control unregister widget control unregist deprecated-php
register_widget_control register widget control regist deprecated-php
unregister_sidebar_widget unregister sidebar widget unregist deprecated-php
register_sidebar_widget register sidebar widget regist deprecated-php
attribute_escape attribute escape attribut escap deprecated-php
wp_specialchars wp-specialchars specialchars specialchar deprecated-php wp
js_escape js escape escap deprecated-php
clean_url clean url deprecated-php
sanitize_url sanitize url sanit deprecated-php
get_link get link deprecated-php
get_attachment_innerHTML get attachment innerhtml attach deprecated-php
get_attachment_icon get attachment icon attach deprecated-php
get_attachment_icon_src get attachment icon src attach deprecated-php
get_the_attachment_link get attachment link attach deprecated-php the
get_alloptions get alloptions allopt deprecated-php
__ngettext_noop ngettext noop deprecated-php
__ngettext ngettext deprecated-php
_nc nc deprecated-php
translate_with_context translate context translat deprecated-php with
_c c deprecated-php
make_url_footnote make url footnote footnot deprecated-php
the_content_rss content rss deprecated-php the
the_author_ID author id deprecated-php the
get_the_author_ID get author id deprecated-php the
the_author_url author url deprecated-php the
get_the_author_url get author url deprecated-php the
get_author_name get author name deprecated-php
the_author_aim author aim deprecated-php the
get_the_author_aim get author aim deprecated-php the
the_author_msn author msn deprecated-php the
get_the_author_msn get author msn deprecated-php the
the_author_yim author yim deprecated-php the
get_the_author_yim get author yim deprecated-php the
the_author_icq author icq deprecated-php the
get_the_author_icq get author icq deprecated-php the
the_author_email author email deprecated-php the
get_the_author_email get author email deprecated-php the
the_author_nickname author nickname nicknam deprecated-php the
get_the_author_nickname get author nickname nicknam deprecated-php the
the_author_lastname author lastname lastnam deprecated-php the
get_the_author_lastname get author lastname lastnam deprecated-php the
the_author_firstname author firstname firstnam deprecated-php the
get_the_author_firstname get author firstname firstnam deprecated-php the
the_author_login author login deprecated-php the
get_the_author_login get author login deprecated-php the
the_author_description author description descript deprecated-php the
get_the_author_description get author description descript deprecated-php the
get_all_category_ids get all category ids categori id deprecated-php
get_category_children get category children categori deprecated-php
get_catname get catname catnam deprecated-php
get_commentdata get commentdata deprecated-php
gzip_compression gzip compression compress deprecated-php
create_user create user creat deprecated-php
comments_rss comments rss comment deprecated-php
get_author_rss_link get author rss link deprecated-php
get_category_rss_link get category rss link categori deprecated-php
comments_rss_link comments rss link comment deprecated-php
get_linkcatname get linkcatname linkcatnam deprecated-php
get_linkrating get linkrating linkrat deprecated-php
links_popup_script links popup script link deprecated-php
get_links_list get links list link deprecated-php
get_links get links link deprecated-php
wp_get_links get wp-get links link deprecated-php wp
permalink_single_rss permalink single rss singl deprecated-php
permalink_link permalink link deprecated-php
get_settings get settings set deprecated-php
link_pages link pages page deprecated-php
get_author_link get author link deprecated-php
get_archives get archives archiv deprecated-php
wp_set_post_cats wp-set set post cats cat deprecated-php wp
wp_get_post_cats get wp-get post cats cat deprecated-php wp
list_authors list authors author deprecated-php
dropdown_cats dropdown cats cat deprecated-php
wp_list_cats wp-list list cats cat deprecated-php wp
list_cats list cats cat deprecated-php
get_autotoggle get autotoggle autotoggl deprecated-php
get_links_withrating get links withrating link withrat deprecated-php
get_linksbyname_withrating get linksbyname withrating linksbynam withrat deprecated-php
get_linkobjects get linkobjects linkobject deprecated-php
get_linkobjectsbyname get linkobjectsbyname linkobjectsbynam deprecated-php
wp_get_linksbyname get wp-get linksbyname linksbynam deprecated-php wp
get_linksbyname get linksbyname linksbynam deprecated-php
user_can_edit_user user can edit deprecated-php
user_can_delete_post_comments user can delete post comments delet comment deprecated-php
user_can_edit_post_comments user can edit post comments comment deprecated-php
user_can_edit_post_date user can edit post date deprecated-php
user_can_set_post_date user can set post date deprecated-php
user_can_delete_post user can delete post delet deprecated-php
user_can_edit_post user can edit post deprecated-php
user_can_create_draft user can create draft creat deprecated-php
user_can_create_post user can create post creat deprecated-php
next_post next post deprecated-php
previous_post previous post previou deprecated-php
the_category_head category head categori deprecated-php the
the_category_ID category id categori deprecated-php the
start_wp start deprecated-php wp
get_postdata get postdata deprecated-php
wp_widgets_init wp-widgets widgets widget init default-widgets-php wp
wp_widget_rss_process wp-widget widget rss process default-widgets-php wp
wp_widget_rss_form wp-widget widget rss form default-widgets-php wp
wp_widget_rss_output wp-widget widget rss output default-widgets-php wp
wp_templating_constants wp-templating templating templat constants constant default-constants-php wp
wp_functionality_constants wp-functionality functionality function constants constant default-constants-php wp
wp_ssl_constants wp-ssl ssl constants constant default-constants-php wp
wp_cookie_constants wp-cookie cookie cooki constants constant default-constants-php wp
wp_plugin_directory_constants wp-plugin plugin directory constants directori constant default-constants-php wp
wp_initial_constants wp-initial initial initi constants constant default-constants-php wp
_upgrade_cron_array upgrade cron array upgrad arrai cron-php
_set_cron_array set cron array arrai cron-php
_get_cron_array get cron array arrai cron-php
wp_get_schedule get wp-get schedule schedul cron-php wp
wp_get_schedules get wp-get schedules schedul cron-php wp
wp_cron wp-cron cron cron-php wp
spawn_cron spawn cron cron-php
wp_next_scheduled wp-next next scheduled schedul cron-php wp
wp_clear_scheduled_hook wp-clear clear scheduled hook schedul cron-php wp
wp_unschedule_event wp-unschedule unschedule unschedul event cron-php wp
wp_reschedule_event wp-reschedule reschedule reschedul event cron-php wp
wp_schedule_event wp-schedule schedule schedul event cron-php wp
wp_schedule_single_event wp-schedule schedule schedul single event singl cron-php wp
hash_equals hash equals equal compat-php
_json_decode_object_helper json decode object helper decod compat-php
json_decode json decode decod compat-php
json_encode json encode encod compat-php
_hash_hmac hash hmac compat-php
hash_hmac hash hmac compat-php
_mb_substr mb substr compat-php
mb_substr mb substr compat-php
_close_comments_for_old_post close comments old post comment comment-php for
_close_comments_for_old_posts close comments old posts comment post comment-php for
update_comment_cache update comment cache updat cach comment-php
clean_comment_cache clean comment cache cach comment-php
xmlrpc_pingback_error xmlrpc pingback error comment-php
pingback_ping_source_uri pingback ping source uri sourc comment-php
weblog_ping weblog ping comment-php
trackback trackback comment-php
privacy_ping_filter privacy ping filter privaci comment-php
pingback pingback comment-php
generic_ping generic ping gener comment-php
do_trackbacks do trackbacks trackback comment-php
do_all_pings do all pings ping comment-php
discover_pingback_server_uri discover pingback server uri discov comment-php
wp_update_comment_count_now wp-update update updat comment count now comment-php wp
wp_update_comment_count wp-update update updat comment count comment-php wp
wp_defer_comment_counting wp-defer defer comment counting count comment-php wp
wp_update_comment wp-update update updat comment comment-php wp
wp_set_comment_status wp-set set comment status statu comment-php wp
wp_new_comment wp-new new comment comment-php wp
wp_throttle_comment_flood wp-throttle throttle throttl comment flood comment-php wp
wp_filter_comment wp-filter filter comment comment-php wp
wp_insert_comment wp-insert insert comment comment-php wp
wp_get_current_commenter get wp-get current commenter comment comment-php wp
wp_transition_comment_status wp-transition transition transit comment status statu comment-php wp
wp_get_comment_status get wp-get comment status statu comment-php wp
wp_unspam_comment wp-unspam unspam comment comment-php wp
wp_spam_comment wp-spam spam comment comment-php wp
wp_untrash_comment wp-untrash untrash comment comment-php wp
wp_trash_comment wp-trash trash comment comment-php wp
wp_delete_comment wp-delete delete delet comment comment-php wp
wp_count_comments wp-count count comments comment comment-php wp
wp_blacklist_check wp-blacklist blacklist check comment-php wp
get_page_of_comment get page comment comment-php of
get_comment_pages_count get comment pages count page comment-php
separate_comments separate comments separ comment comment-php
check_comment_flood_db check comment flood db comment-php
wp_allow_comment wp-allow allow comment comment-php wp
sanitize_comment_cookies sanitize comment cookies sanit cooki comment-php
wp_set_comment_cookies wp-set set comment cookies cooki comment-php wp
update_comment_meta update comment meta updat comment-php
get_comment_meta get comment meta comment-php
delete_comment_meta delete comment meta delet comment-php
add_comment_meta add comment meta comment-php
get_comment_count get comment count comment-php
get_lastcommentmodified get lastcommentmodified lastcommentmodifi comment-php
get_comment_statuses get comment statuses status comment-php
get_comments get comments comment comment-php
get_comment get comment comment-php
get_approved_comments get approved comments approv comment comment-php
check_comment check comment comment-php
comment_form comment form comment-template-php
wp_list_comments wp-list list comments comment comment-template-php wp
comment_form_title comment form title titl comment-template-php
comment_id_fields comment id fields field comment-template-php
get_comment_id_fields get comment id fields field comment-template-php
cancel_comment_reply_link cancel comment reply link repli comment-template-php
get_cancel_comment_reply_link get cancel comment reply link repli comment-template-php
post_reply_link post reply link repli comment-template-php
get_post_reply_link get post reply link repli comment-template-php
comment_reply_link comment reply link repli comment-template-php
get_comment_reply_link get comment reply link repli comment-template-php
comments_popup_link comments popup link comment comment-template-php
comments_popup_script comments popup script comment comment-template-php
comments_template comments template comment templat comment-template-php
wp_comment_form_unfiltered_html_nonce wp-comment comment form unfiltered html nonce unfilt nonc comment-template-php wp
pings_open pings open ping comment-template-php
comments_open comments open comment comment-template-php
trackback_rdf trackback rdf comment-template-php
trackback_url trackback url comment-template-php
get_trackback_url get trackback url comment-template-php
comment_type comment type comment-template-php
get_comment_type get comment type comment-template-php
comment_time comment time comment-template-php
get_comment_time get comment time comment-template-php
comment_text comment text comment-template-php
get_comment_text get comment text comment-template-php
get_comments_number_text get comments number text comment comment-template-php
comments_number comments number comment comment-template-php
get_comments_number get comments number comment comment-template-php
comments_link comments link comment comment-template-php
get_comments_link get comments link comment comment-template-php
get_comment_link get comment link comment-template-php
comment_ID comment id comment-template-php
get_comment_ID get comment id comment-template-php
comment_excerpt comment excerpt comment-template-php
get_comment_excerpt get comment excerpt comment-template-php
comment_date comment date comment-template-php
get_comment_date get comment date comment-template-php
get_comment_class get comment class comment-template-php
comment_class comment class comment-template-php
comment_author_url_link comment author url link comment-template-php
get_comment_author_url_link get comment author url link comment-template-php
comment_author_url comment author url comment-template-php
get_comment_author_url get comment author url comment-template-php
comment_author_IP comment author ip comment-template-php
get_comment_author_IP get comment author ip comment-template-php
comment_author_link comment author link comment-template-php
get_comment_author_link get comment author link comment-template-php
get_comment_author_email_link get comment author email link comment-template-php
comment_author_email_link comment author email link comment-template-php
comment_author_email comment author email comment-template-php
get_comment_author_email get comment author email comment-template-php
comment_author comment author comment-template-php
get_comment_author get comment author comment-template-php
is_wp_error is error class-wp-error-php wp
maybe_hash_hex_color maybe hash hex color mayb class-wp-customize-manager-php
sanitize_hex_color_no_hash sanitize hex color no hash sanit class-wp-customize-manager-php
sanitize_hex_color sanitize hex color sanit class-wp-customize-manager-php
wp_simplepie_autoload wp-simplepie simplepie simplepi autoload class-simplepie-php wp
stripos stripos stripo class-pop3-php
_wp_oembed_get_object wp-oembed oembed oemb object class-oembed-php wp get
_make_cat_compat make cat compat category-php
clean_category_cache clean category cache categori cach category-php
get_tag get tag category-php
get_tags get tags tag category-php
sanitize_category_field sanitize category field sanit categori category-php
sanitize_category sanitize category sanit categori category-php
cat_is_ancestor_of cat ancestor category-php is of
get_cat_name get cat name category-php
get_cat_ID get cat id category-php
get_category_by_slug get category slug categori category-php by
get_category_by_path get category path categori category-php by
get_category get category categori category-php
get_categories get categories categori category-php
has_term has term ha category-template-php
has_tag has tag ha category-template-php
has_category has category ha categori category-template-php
the_terms terms term category-template-php the
get_the_term_list get term list category-template-php the
get_the_terms get terms term category-template-php the
term_description term description descript category-template-php
tag_description tag description descript category-template-php
the_tags tags tag category-template-php the
get_the_tag_list get tag list category-template-php the
get_the_tags get tags tag category-template-php the
get_tag_link get tag link category-template-php
walk_category_dropdown_tree walk category dropdown tree categori category-template-php
walk_category_tree walk category tree categori category-template-php
_wp_object_count_sort_cb wp-object object count sort cb category-template-php wp
_wp_object_name_sort_cb wp-object object name sort cb category-template-php wp
wp_generate_tag_cloud wp-generate generate gener tag cloud category-template-php wp
default_topic_count_scale default topic count scale category-template-php
wp_tag_cloud wp-tag tag cloud category-template-php wp
wp_list_categories wp-list list categories categori category-template-php wp
wp_dropdown_categories wp-dropdown dropdown categories categori category-template-php wp
category_description category description categori descript category-template-php
the_category category categori category-template-php the
in_category category categori category-template-php in
get_the_category_list get category list categori category-template-php the
get_the_category_by_ID get category id categori category-template-php the by
_usort_terms_by_ID usort terms id term category-template-php by
_usort_terms_by_name usort terms name term category-template-php by
get_the_category get category categori category-template-php the
get_category_parents get category parents categori parent category-template-php
get_category_link get category link categori category-template-php
is_super_admin is super admin capabilities-php
get_super_admins get super admins admin capabilities-php
remove_role remove role remov capabilities-php
add_role add role capabilities-php
get_role get role capabilities-php
user_can user can capabilities-php
author_can author can capabilities-php
current_user_can_for_blog current user can blog capabilities-php for
current_user_can current user can capabilities-php
map_meta_cap map meta cap capabilities-php
wp_redirect_admin_locations wp-redirect redirect admin locations locat canonical-php wp
redirect_guess_404_permalink redirect guess 404 permalink canonical-php
_remove_qs_args_if_not_in_url remove qs args if not url remov arg canonical-php in
redirect_canonical redirect canonical canon canonical-php
lowercase_octets lowercase octets lowercas octet canonical-php
wp_cache_reset wp-cache cache cach reset cache-php wp
wp_cache_add_non_persistent_groups wp-cache cache cach add non persistent groups persist group cache-php wp
wp_cache_add_global_groups wp-cache cache cach add global groups group cache-php wp
wp_cache_switch_to_blog wp-cache cache cach switch blog cache-php wp to
wp_cache_set wp-cache cache cach set cache-php wp
wp_cache_replace wp-cache cache cach replace replac cache-php wp
wp_cache_init wp-cache cache cach init cache-php wp
wp_cache_incr wp-cache cache cach incr cache-php wp
wp_cache_get wp-cache cache cach cache-php wp get
wp_cache_flush wp-cache cache cach flush cache-php wp
wp_cache_delete wp-cache cache cach delete delet cache-php wp
wp_cache_decr wp-cache cache cach decr cache-php wp
wp_cache_close wp-cache cache cach close cache-php wp
wp_cache_add wp-cache cache cach add cache-php wp
clean_bookmark_cache clean bookmark cache cach bookmark-php
sanitize_bookmark_field sanitize bookmark field sanit bookmark-php
sanitize_bookmark sanitize bookmark sanit bookmark-php
get_bookmarks get bookmarks bookmark bookmark-php
get_bookmark_field get bookmark field bookmark-php
get_bookmark get bookmark bookmark-php
wp_list_bookmarks wp-list list bookmarks bookmark bookmark-template-php wp
_walk_bookmarks walk bookmarks bookmark bookmark-template-php
__clear_multi_author_cache clear multi author cache cach author-template-php
is_multi_author is multi author author-template-php
wp_list_authors wp-list list authors author author-template-php wp
get_author_posts_url get author posts url post author-template-php
the_author_posts_link author posts link post author-template-php the
the_author_posts author posts post author-template-php the
get_the_author_posts get author posts post author-template-php the
the_author_link author link author-template-php the
get_the_author_link get author link author-template-php the
the_author_meta author meta author-template-php the
get_the_author_meta get author meta author-template-php the
the_modified_author modified author modifi author-template-php the
get_the_modified_author get modified author modifi author-template-php the
the_author author author-template-php the
get_the_author get author author-template-php the
_get_admin_bar_pref get admin bar pref admin-bar-php
is_admin_bar_showing is admin bar showing show admin-bar-php
show_admin_bar show admin bar admin-bar-php
_admin_bar_bump_cb admin bar bump cb admin-bar-php
wp_admin_bar_header wp-admin admin bar header admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_add_secondary_groups wp-admin admin bar add secondary groups secondari group admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_search_menu wp-admin admin bar search menu admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_updates_menu wp-admin admin bar updates menu updat admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_appearance_menu wp-admin admin bar appearance menu appear admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_comments_menu wp-admin admin bar comments menu comment admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_new_content_menu wp-admin admin bar new content menu admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_edit_menu wp-admin admin bar edit menu admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_shortlink_menu wp-admin admin bar shortlink menu admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_my_sites_menu wp-admin admin bar my sites menu site admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_site_menu wp-admin admin bar site menu admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_my_account_menu wp-admin admin bar my account menu admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_my_account_item wp-admin admin bar my account item admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_sidebar_toggle wp-admin admin bar sidebar toggle toggl admin-bar-php wp
wp_admin_bar_wp_menu wp-admin admin bar menu admin-bar-php wp wp
wp_admin_bar_render wp-admin admin bar render admin-bar-php wp
_wp_admin_bar_init wp-admin admin bar init admin-bar-php wp
retrieve_widgets retrieve widgets retriev widget widgets-php
_wp_sidebars_changed wp-sidebars sidebars sidebar changed chang widgets-php wp
_get_widget_id_base get widget id base widgets-php
the_widget widget widgets-php the
wp_convert_widget_settings wp-convert convert widget settings set widgets-php wp
wp_get_widget_defaults get wp-get widget defaults default widgets-php wp
wp_set_sidebars_widgets wp-set set sidebars widgets sidebar widget widgets-php wp
wp_get_sidebars_widgets get wp-get sidebars widgets sidebar widget widgets-php wp
is_active_sidebar is active sidebar activ widgets-php
is_dynamic_sidebar is dynamic sidebar dynam widgets-php
is_active_widget is active widget activ widgets-php
dynamic_sidebar dynamic sidebar dynam widgets-php
wp_unregister_widget_control wp-unregister unregister unregist widget control widgets-php wp
_register_widget_form_callback register widget form callback regist widgets-php
_register_widget_update_callback register widget update callback regist updat widgets-php
wp_register_widget_control wp-register register regist widget control widgets-php wp
wp_unregister_sidebar_widget wp-unregister unregister unregist sidebar widget widgets-php wp
wp_sidebar_description wp-sidebar sidebar description descript widgets-php wp
wp_widget_description wp-widget widget description descript widgets-php wp
wp_register_sidebar_widget wp-register register regist sidebar widget widgets-php wp
unregister_sidebar unregister sidebar unregist widgets-php
register_sidebar register sidebar regist widgets-php
register_sidebars register sidebars regist sidebar widgets-php
unregister_widget unregister widget unregist widgets-php
register_widget register widget regist widgets-php
wp_is_mobile is wp-is mobile mobil vars-php wp
wp_destroy_all_sessions wp-destroy destroy destroi all sessions session user-php wp
wp_destroy_other_sessions wp-destroy destroy destroi other sessions session user-php wp
wp_destroy_current_session wp-destroy destroy destroi current session user-php wp
wp_get_all_sessions get wp-get all sessions session user-php wp
wp_get_session_token get wp-get session token user-php wp
register_new_user register new user regist user-php
reset_password reset password user-php
check_password_reset_key check password reset key kei user-php
_wp_get_user_contactmethods get wp-get user contactmethods contactmethod user-php wp
wp_get_user_contact_methods get wp-get user contact methods method user-php wp
_get_additional_user_keys get additional user keys addit kei user-php
wp_create_user wp-create create creat user user-php wp
wp_update_user wp-update update updat user user-php wp
wp_insert_user wp-insert insert user user-php wp
validate_username validate username valid usernam user-php
email_exists email exists exist user-php
username_exists username exists usernam exist user-php
clean_user_cache clean user cache cach user-php
update_user_caches update user caches updat cach user-php
sanitize_user_field sanitize user field sanit user-php
wp_dropdown_users wp-dropdown dropdown users user user-php wp
setup_userdata setup userdata user-php
count_users count users user user-php
update_user_meta update user meta updat user-php
get_user_meta get user meta user-php
delete_user_meta delete user meta delet user-php
add_user_meta add user meta user-php
is_user_member_of_blog is user member blog user-php of
get_blogs_of_user get blogs user blog user-php of
get_users get users user user-php
delete_user_option delete user option delet user-php
update_user_option update user option updat user-php
get_user_option get user option user-php
get_current_user_id get current user id user-php
count_many_users_posts count many users posts mani user post user-php
count_user_posts count user posts post user-php
wp_validate_logged_in_cookie wp-validate validate valid logged cookie log cooki user-php wp in
wp_authenticate_spam_check wp-authenticate authenticate authent spam check user-php wp
wp_authenticate_cookie wp-authenticate authenticate authent cookie cooki user-php wp
wp_authenticate_username_password wp-authenticate authenticate authent username password usernam user-php wp
wp_signon wp-signon signon user-php wp
wp_schedule_update_checks wp-schedule schedule schedul update checks updat check update-php wp
_maybe_update_themes maybe update themes mayb updat theme update-php
_maybe_update_plugins maybe update plugins mayb updat plugin update-php
_maybe_update_core maybe update core mayb updat update-php
wp_get_update_data get wp-get update data updat update-php wp
wp_get_translation_updates get wp-get translation updates translat updat update-php wp
wp_maybe_auto_update wp-maybe maybe mayb auto update updat update-php wp
wp_update_themes wp-update update updat themes theme update-php wp
wp_update_plugins wp-update update updat plugins plugin update-php wp
wp_version_check wp-version version check update-php wp
is_customize_preview is customize preview custom theme-php
wp_customize_support_script wp-customize customize custom support script theme-php wp
wp_customize_url wp-customize customize custom url theme-php wp
_wp_customize_loader_settings wp-customize customize custom loader settings set theme-php wp
_wp_customize_include wp-customize customize custom include includ theme-php wp
check_theme_switched check theme switched switch theme-php
_delete_attachment_theme_mod delete attachment theme mod delet attach theme-php
require_if_theme_supports require if theme supports requir support theme-php
current_theme_supports current theme supports support theme-php
_remove_theme_support remove theme support remov theme-php
remove_theme_support remove theme support remov theme-php
get_theme_support get theme support theme-php
_custom_header_background_just_in_time custom header background just time theme-php in
add_theme_support add theme support theme-php
get_editor_stylesheets get editor stylesheets stylesheet theme-php
remove_editor_styles remove editor styles remov style theme-php
add_editor_style add editor style theme-php
_custom_background_cb custom background cb theme-php
background_color background color theme-php
get_background_color get background color theme-php
background_image background image imag theme-php
get_background_image get background image imag theme-php
unregister_default_headers unregister default headers unregist header theme-php
register_default_headers register default headers regist header theme-php
get_custom_header get custom header theme-php
get_uploaded_header_images get uploaded header images upload imag theme-php
header_image header image imag theme-php
is_random_header_image is random header image imag theme-php
get_random_header_image get random header image imag theme-php
_get_random_header_data get random header data theme-php
get_header_image get header image imag theme-php
display_header_text display header text displai theme-php
header_textcolor header textcolor theme-php
get_header_textcolor get header textcolor theme-php
remove_theme_mods remove theme mods remov mod theme-php
remove_theme_mod remove theme mod remov theme-php
set_theme_mod set theme mod theme-php
get_theme_mod get theme mod theme-php
get_theme_mods get theme mods mod theme-php
validate_current_theme validate current theme valid theme-php
switch_theme switch theme theme-php
preview_theme_ob_filter_callback preview theme ob filter callback theme-php
preview_theme_ob_filter preview theme ob filter theme-php
_preview_theme_stylesheet_filter preview theme stylesheet filter theme-php
_preview_theme_template_filter preview theme template filter templat theme-php
preview_theme preview theme theme-php
locale_stylesheet locale stylesheet local theme-php
get_raw_theme_root get raw theme root theme-php
get_theme_root_uri get theme root uri theme-php
get_theme_root get theme root theme-php
search_theme_directories search theme directories directori theme-php
register_theme_directory register theme directory regist directori theme-php
get_theme_roots get theme roots root theme-php
get_template_directory_uri get template directory uri templat directori theme-php
get_template_directory get template directory templat directori theme-php
get_template get template templat theme-php
get_locale_stylesheet_uri get locale stylesheet uri local theme-php
get_stylesheet_uri get stylesheet uri theme-php
get_stylesheet_directory_uri get stylesheet directory uri directori theme-php
get_stylesheet_directory get stylesheet directory directori theme-php
get_stylesheet get stylesheet theme-php
is_child_theme is child theme theme-php
wp_clean_themes_cache wp-clean clean themes cache theme cach theme-php wp
wp_get_theme get wp-get theme theme-php wp
wp_get_themes get wp-get themes theme theme-php wp
_get_cron_lock get cron lock wp-cron-php
twentytwelve_admin_header_image twentytwelve admin header image twentytwelv imag custom-header-php
twentytwelve_admin_header_style twentytwelve admin header style twentytwelv custom-header-php
twentytwelve_header_style twentytwelve header style twentytwelv custom-header-php
twentytwelve_custom_header_fonts twentytwelve custom header fonts twentytwelv font custom-header-php
twentytwelve_custom_header_setup twentytwelve custom header setup twentytwelv custom-header-php
twentytwelve_customize_preview_js twentytwelve customize preview js twentytwelv custom functions-php
twentytwelve_customize_register twentytwelve customize register twentytwelv custom regist functions-php
twentytwelve_content_width twentytwelve content width twentytwelv functions-php
twentytwelve_body_class twentytwelve body class twentytwelv bodi functions-php
twentytwelve_entry_meta twentytwelve entry meta twentytwelv entri functions-php
twentytwelve_comment twentytwelve comment twentytwelv functions-php
twentytwelve_content_nav twentytwelve content nav twentytwelv functions-php
twentytwelve_widgets_init twentytwelve widgets init twentytwelv widget functions-php
twentytwelve_page_menu_args twentytwelve page menu args twentytwelv arg functions-php
twentytwelve_wp_title twentytwelve title twentytwelv titl functions-php wp
twentytwelve_mce_css twentytwelve mce css twentytwelv functions-php
twentytwelve_scripts_styles twentytwelve scripts styles twentytwelv script style functions-php
twentytwelve_get_font_url twentytwelve font url twentytwelv functions-php get
twentytwelve_setup twentytwelve setup twentytwelv functions-php
twentythirteen_admin_header_image twentythirteen admin header image imag custom-header-php
twentythirteen_admin_header_style twentythirteen admin header style custom-header-php
twentythirteen_header_style twentythirteen header style custom-header-php
twentythirteen_custom_header_fonts twentythirteen custom header fonts font custom-header-php
twentythirteen_custom_header_setup twentythirteen custom header setup custom-header-php
twentythirteen_preview twentythirteen preview back-compat-php
twentythirteen_customize twentythirteen customize custom back-compat-php
twentythirteen_upgrade_notice twentythirteen upgrade notice upgrad notic back-compat-php
twentythirteen_switch_theme twentythirteen switch theme back-compat-php
twentythirteen_customize_preview_js twentythirteen customize preview js custom functions-php
twentythirteen_customize_register twentythirteen customize register custom regist functions-php
twentythirteen_content_width twentythirteen content width functions-php
twentythirteen_body_class twentythirteen body class bodi functions-php
twentythirteen_get_link_url twentythirteen link url functions-php get
twentythirteen_the_attached_image twentythirteen attached image attach imag functions-php the
twentythirteen_entry_date twentythirteen entry date entri functions-php
twentythirteen_entry_meta twentythirteen entry meta entri functions-php
twentythirteen_post_nav twentythirteen post nav functions-php
twentythirteen_paging_nav twentythirteen paging nav page functions-php
twentythirteen_widgets_init twentythirteen widgets init widget functions-php
twentythirteen_wp_title twentythirteen title titl functions-php wp
twentythirteen_scripts_styles twentythirteen scripts styles script style functions-php
twentythirteen_fonts_url twentythirteen fonts url font functions-php
twentythirteen_setup twentythirteen setup functions-php
twentyfourteen_post_thumbnail twentyfourteen post thumbnail template-tags-php
twentyfourteen_category_transient_flusher twentyfourteen category transient flusher categori template-tags-php
twentyfourteen_categorized_blog twentyfourteen categorized blog categor template-tags-php
twentyfourteen_posted_on twentyfourteen posted post template-tags-php on
twentyfourteen_post_nav twentyfourteen post nav template-tags-php
twentyfourteen_paging_nav twentyfourteen paging nav page template-tags-php
twentyfourteen_contextual_help twentyfourteen contextual help contextu customizer-php
twentyfourteen_customize_preview_js twentyfourteen customize preview js custom customizer-php
twentyfourteen_sanitize_layout twentyfourteen sanitize layout sanit customizer-php
twentyfourteen_customize_register twentyfourteen customize register custom regist customizer-php
twentyfourteen_admin_header_image twentyfourteen admin header image imag custom-header-php
twentyfourteen_admin_header_style twentyfourteen admin header style custom-header-php
twentyfourteen_header_style twentyfourteen header style custom-header-php
twentyfourteen_custom_header_setup twentyfourteen custom header setup custom-header-php
twentyfourteen_preview twentyfourteen preview back-compat-php
twentyfourteen_customize twentyfourteen customize custom back-compat-php
twentyfourteen_upgrade_notice twentyfourteen upgrade notice upgrad notic back-compat-php
twentyfourteen_switch_theme twentyfourteen switch theme back-compat-php
twentyfourteen_wp_title twentyfourteen title titl functions-php wp
twentyfourteen_post_classes twentyfourteen post classes class functions-php
twentyfourteen_body_classes twentyfourteen body classes bodi class functions-php
twentyfourteen_list_authors twentyfourteen list authors author functions-php
twentyfourteen_the_attached_image twentyfourteen attached image attach imag functions-php the
twentyfourteen_admin_fonts twentyfourteen admin fonts font functions-php
twentyfourteen_scripts twentyfourteen scripts script functions-php
twentyfourteen_font_url twentyfourteen font url functions-php
twentyfourteen_widgets_init twentyfourteen widgets init widget functions-php
twentyfourteen_has_featured_posts twentyfourteen has featured posts ha featur post functions-php
twentyfourteen_get_featured_posts twentyfourteen featured posts featur post functions-php get
twentyfourteen_content_width twentyfourteen content width functions-php
twentyfourteen_setup twentyfourteen setup functions-php
dolly_css dolly css dolli hello-php
hello_dolly hello dolly dolli hello-php
hello_dolly_get_lyric hello dolly lyric dolli hello-php get
akismet_kill_proxy_check akismet kill proxy check proxi wrapper-php
redirect_old_akismet_urls redirect old akismet urls url wrapper-php
akismet_caught akismet caught wrapper-php
akismet_manage_page akismet manage page manag wrapper-php
akismet_spam_totals akismet spam totals total wrapper-php
akismet_spam_comments akismet spam comments comment wrapper-php
akismet_fix_scheduled_recheck akismet fix scheduled recheck schedul wrapper-php
akismet_add_comment_nonce akismet add comment nonce nonc wrapper-php
akismet_cron_recheck akismet cron recheck wrapper-php
akismet_get_ip_address akismet ip address wrapper-php get
akismet_auto_check_comment akismet auto check comment wrapper-php
akismet_auto_check_update_meta akismet auto check update meta updat wrapper-php
akismet_cmp_time akismet cmp time wrapper-php
akismet_get_comment_history akismet comment history histori wrapper-php get
akismet_update_comment_history akismet update comment history updat histori wrapper-php
akismet_get_user_comments_approved akismet user comments approved comment approv wrapper-php get
akismet_result_hold akismet result hold wrapper-php
akismet_result_spam akismet result spam wrapper-php
akismet_get_user_roles akismet user roles role wrapper-php get
akismet_verify_key akismet verify key verifi kei wrapper-php
akismet_update_alert akismet update alert updat wrapper-php
akismet_check_key_status akismet check key status kei statu wrapper-php
akismet_get_key akismet key kei wrapper-php get
akismet_init akismet init wrapper-php
akismet_load_menu akismet load menu wrapper-php
akismet_admin_menu akismet admin menu wrapper-php
akismet_server_connectivity_ok akismet server connectivity ok connect wrapper-php
akismet_get_server_connectivity akismet server connectivity connect wrapper-php get
akismet_check_server_connectivity akismet check server connectivity connect wrapper-php
akismet_add_comment_author_url akismet add comment author url wrapper-php
akismet_remove_comment_author_url akismet remove comment author url remov wrapper-php
akismet_recheck_queue akismet recheck queue wrapper-php
akismet_spam_count akismet spam count wrapper-php
akismet_transition_comment_status akismet transition comment status transit statu wrapper-php
akismet_submit_spam_comment akismet submit spam comment wrapper-php
akismet_submit_nonspam_comment akismet submit nonspam comment wrapper-php
akismet_check_for_spam_button akismet check spam button wrapper-php for
akismet_text_add_link_class akismet text add link class wrapper-php
akismet_text_add_link_callback akismet text add link callback wrapper-php
akismet_comment_column_row akismet comment column row wrapper-php
akismet_comments_columns akismet comments columns comment column wrapper-php
akismet_comment_status_meta_box akismet comment status meta box statu wrapper-php
akismet_comment_row_action akismet comment row action wrapper-php
akismet_admin_warnings akismet admin warnings warn wrapper-php
akismet_stats akismet stats stat wrapper-php
akismet_stats_display akismet stats display stat displai wrapper-php
akismet_conf akismet conf wrapper-php
akismet_plugin_action_links akismet plugin action links link wrapper-php
akismet_nonce_field akismet nonce field nonc wrapper-php
akismet_load_js_and_css akismet load js and css wrapper-php
akismet_version_warning akismet version warning warn wrapper-php
akismet_admin_init akismet admin init wrapper-php
akismet_rightnow akismet rightnow wrapper-php
akismet_check_db_comment akismet check db comment wrapper-php
akismet_delete_old_metadata akismet delete old metadata delet wrapper-php
akismet_delete_old akismet delete old delet wrapper-php
akismet_microtime akismet microtime microtim wrapper-php
akismet_http_post akismet http post wrapper-php
akismet_test_mode akismet test mode wrapper-php
akismet_register_widgets akismet register widgets regist widget class-akismet-widget-php
wp_widgets_access_body_class wp-widgets widgets widget access body class bodi widgets-php wp
delete_users_add_js delete users add js delet user users-php
admin_created_user_subject admin created user subject creat user-new-php
admin_created_user_email admin created user email creat user-new-php
use_ssl_preference use ssl preference us prefer user-edit-php
do_undismiss_core_update do undismiss core update updat update-core-php
do_dismiss_core_update do dismiss core update updat update-core-php
do_core_upgrade do core upgrade upgrad update-core-php
list_translation_updates list translation updates translat updat update-core-php
list_theme_updates list theme updates updat update-core-php
list_plugin_updates list plugin updates updat update-core-php
core_upgrade_preamble core upgrade preamble upgrad preambl update-core-php
dismissed_updates dismissed updates dismiss updat update-core-php
list_core_update list core update updat update-core-php
press_this_media_buttons press media buttons button press-this-php this
get_images_from_uri get images uri imag press-this-php from
press_it press press-this-php it
redirect_post redirect post post-php
plugin_sandbox_scrape plugin sandbox scrape plugins-php
options_reading_blog_charset options reading blog charset option read options-reading-php
options_reading_add_js options reading add js option read options-reading-php
options_permalink_add_js options permalink add js option options-permalink-php
options_general_add_js options general add js option gener options-general-php
network_step2 network step2 network-php
network_step1 network step1 network-php
get_clean_basedomain get clean basedomain network-php
allow_subdirectory_install allow subdirectory install subdirectori instal network-php
allow_subdomain_install allow subdomain install instal network-php
network_domain_check network domain check network-php
confirm_delete_users confirm delete users delet user users-php
wp_nav_menu_max_depth wp-nav nav menu max depth nav-menus-php wp
_add_themes_utility_last add themes utility last theme util menu-php
_wp_menu_output wp-menu menu output menu-header-php wp
get_file get file wp-tinymce-php
endElement endelement endel link-parse-opml-php
startElement startelement startel link-parse-opml-php
display_setup_form display setup form displai install-php
display_header display header displai install-php
check_column check column install-helper-php
maybe_drop_column maybe drop column mayb install-helper-php
wp_widget_control wp-widget widget control widgets-php wp
next_widget_id_number next widget id number widgets-php
wp_list_widget_controls_dynamic_sidebar wp-list list widget controls dynamic sidebar control dynam widgets-php wp
wp_list_widget_controls wp-list list widget controls control widgets-php wp
_sort_name_callback sort name callback widgets-php
wp_list_widgets wp-list list widgets widget widgets-php wp
default_password_nag default password nag user-php
default_password_nag_edit_user default password nag edit user user-php
default_password_nag_handler default password nag handler user-php
wp_revoke_user wp-revoke revoke revok user user-php wp
wp_delete_user wp-delete delete delet user user-php wp
get_users_drafts get users drafts user draft user-php
get_user_to_edit get user edit user-php to
get_editable_roles get editable roles edit role user-php
edit_user edit user user-php
add_user add user user-php
install_global_terms install global terms instal term upgrade-php
pre_schema_upgrade pre schema upgrade upgrad upgrade-php
maybe_disable_link_manager maybe disable link manager mayb disabl manag upgrade-php
maybe_disable_automattic_widgets maybe disable automattic widgets mayb disabl automatt widget upgrade-php
wp_check_mysql_version wp-check check mysql version upgrade-php wp
translate_level_to_role translate level role translat upgrade-php to
make_site_theme make site theme upgrade-php
make_site_theme_from_default make site theme default upgrade-php from
make_site_theme_from_oldschool make site theme oldschool upgrade-php from
make_db_current_silent make db current silent upgrade-php
make_db_current make db current upgrade-php
dbDelta dbdelta upgrade-php
deslash deslash upgrade-php
__get_option get option upgrade-php
get_alloptions_110 get alloptions 110 allopt upgrade-php
maybe_add_column maybe add column mayb install-helper-php
add_clean_index add clean index upgrade-php
drop_index drop index upgrade-php
maybe_create_table maybe create table mayb creat tabl install-helper-php
upgrade_network upgrade network upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_400 upgrade 400 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_380 upgrade 380 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_372 upgrade 372 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_370 upgrade 370 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_350 upgrade 350 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_340 upgrade 340 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_330 upgrade 330 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_300 upgrade 300 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_290 upgrade 290 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_280 upgrade 280 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_270 upgrade 270 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_260 upgrade 260 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_252 upgrade 252 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_250 upgrade 250 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_old_slugs upgrade old slugs upgrad slug upgrade-php
upgrade_230_old_tables upgrade 230 old tables upgrad tabl upgrade-php
upgrade_230_options_table upgrade 230 options table upgrad option tabl upgrade-php
upgrade_230 upgrade 230 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_210 upgrade 210 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_160 upgrade 160 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_130 upgrade 130 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_110 upgrade 110 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_101 upgrade 101 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_100 upgrade 100 upgrad upgrade-php
upgrade_all upgrade all upgrad upgrade-php
wp_upgrade wp-upgrade upgrade upgrad upgrade-php wp
wp_new_blog_notification wp-new new blog notification notif upgrade-php wp
wp_install_defaults wp-install install instal defaults default upgrade-php wp
wp_install wp-install install instal upgrade-php wp
maintenance_nag maintenance nag mainten update-php
wp_theme_update_row wp-theme theme update row updat update-php wp
wp_theme_update_rows wp-theme theme update rows updat row update-php wp
get_theme_updates get theme updates updat update-php
wp_plugin_update_row wp-plugin plugin update row updat update-php wp
wp_plugin_update_rows wp-plugin plugin update rows updat row update-php wp
get_plugin_updates get plugin updates updat update-php
update_right_now_message update right now message updat messag update-php
update_nag update nag updat update-php
core_update_footer core update footer updat update-php
find_core_update find core update updat update-php
undismiss_core_update undismiss core update updat update-php
dismiss_core_update dismiss core update updat update-php
get_core_checksums get core checksums checksum update-php
find_core_auto_update find core auto update updat update-php
get_core_updates get core updates updat update-php
get_preferred_from_update_core get preferred update core prefer updat update-php from
_redirect_to_about_wordpress redirect about wordpress update-core-php to
update_core update core updat update-core-php
wp_can_install_language_pack wp-can can install language pack instal languag translation-install-php wp
wp_download_language_pack wp-download download language pack languag translation-install-php wp
wp_install_language_form wp-install install instal language form languag translation-install-php wp
wp_get_available_translations get wp-get available translations avail translat translation-install-php wp
translations_api translations api translat translation-install-php
wp_prepare_themes_for_js wp-prepare prepare prepar themes js theme theme-php wp for
themes_api themes api theme theme-php
get_theme_feature_list get theme feature list featur theme-php
get_theme_update_available get theme update available updat avail theme-php
theme_update_available theme update available updat avail theme-php
_get_template_edit_filename get template edit filename templat filenam theme-php
get_page_templates get page templates templat theme-php
delete_theme delete theme delet theme-php
install_theme_information install theme information instal inform theme-install-php
display_themes display themes displai theme theme-install-php
display_theme display theme displai theme-install-php
install_themes_upload install themes upload instal theme theme-install-php
install_themes_dashboard install themes dashboard instal theme theme-install-php
install_theme_search_form install theme search form instal theme-install-php
install_themes_feature_list install themes feature list instal theme featur theme-install-php
wp_star_rating wp-star star rating rate template-php wp
_local_storage_notice local storage notice storag notic template-php
convert_to_screen convert screen template-php to
_wp_admin_html_begin wp-admin admin html begin template-php wp
get_submit_button get submit button template-php
submit_button submit button template-php
compression_test compression test compress template-php
_media_states media states state template-php
_post_states post states state template-php
iframe_footer iframe footer ifram template-php
iframe_header iframe header ifram template-php
_admin_search_query admin search query queri template-php
_draft_or_post_title draft post title titl template-php or
the_post_password post password template-php the
find_posts_div find posts div post template-php
settings_errors settings errors set error template-php
get_settings_errors get settings errors set error template-php
add_settings_error add settings error set template-php
do_settings_fields do settings fields set field template-php
do_settings_sections do settings sections set section template-php
add_settings_field add settings field set template-php
add_settings_section add settings section set template-php
do_accordion_sections do accordion sections section template-php
remove_meta_box remove meta box remov template-php
do_meta_boxes do meta boxes box template-php
add_meta_box add meta box template-php
wp_import_upload_form wp-import import upload form template-php wp
wp_dropdown_roles wp-dropdown dropdown roles role template-php wp
parent_dropdown parent dropdown template-php
page_template_dropdown page template dropdown templat template-php
touch_time touch time template-php
meta_form meta form template-php
_list_meta_row list meta row template-php
list_meta list meta template-php
wp_comment_trashnotice wp-comment comment trashnotice trashnotic template-php wp
wp_comment_reply wp-comment comment reply repli template-php wp
get_inline_data get inline data inlin template-php
wp_link_category_checklist wp-link link category checklist categori template-php wp
wp_popular_terms_checklist wp-popular popular terms checklist term template-php wp
wp_terms_checklist wp-terms terms term checklist template-php wp
wp_category_checklist wp-category category categori checklist template-php wp
wp_create_term wp-create create creat term taxonomy-php wp
get_terms_to_edit get terms edit term taxonomy-php to
get_tags_to_edit get tags edit tag taxonomy-php to
wp_create_tag wp-create create creat tag taxonomy-php wp
tag_exists tag exists exist taxonomy-php
wp_update_category wp-update update updat category categori taxonomy-php wp
wp_insert_category wp-insert insert category categori taxonomy-php wp
wp_create_categories wp-create create creat categories categori taxonomy-php wp
wp_create_category wp-create create creat category categori taxonomy-php wp
get_category_to_edit get category edit categori taxonomy-php to
category_exists category exists categori exist taxonomy-php
set_current_screen set current screen screen-php
get_current_screen get current screen screen-php
add_screen_option add screen option screen-php
get_hidden_meta_boxes get hidden meta boxes box screen-php
meta_box_prefs meta box prefs pref screen-php
get_hidden_columns get hidden columns column screen-php
get_column_headers get column headers header screen-php
populate_network populate network popul schema-php
install_network install network instal schema-php
populate_roles_300 populate roles 300 popul role schema-php
populate_roles_280 populate roles 280 popul role schema-php
populate_roles_270 populate roles 270 popul role schema-php
populate_roles_260 populate roles 260 popul role schema-php
populate_roles_250 populate roles 250 popul role schema-php
populate_roles_230 populate roles 230 popul role schema-php
populate_roles_210 populate roles 210 popul role schema-php
populate_roles_160 populate roles 160 popul role schema-php
populate_roles populate roles popul role schema-php
populate_options populate options popul option schema-php
wp_get_db_schema get wp-get db schema schema-php wp
wp_prepare_revisions_for_js wp-prepare prepare prepar revisions js revis revision-php wp for
wp_get_revision_ui_diff get wp-get revision ui diff revis revision-php wp
wp_autosave wp-autosave autosave autosav post-php wp
post_preview post preview post-php
wp_create_post_autosave wp-create create creat post autosave autosav post-php wp
_admin_notice_post_locked admin notice post locked notic lock post-php
wp_set_post_lock wp-set set post lock post-php wp
wp_check_post_lock wp-check check post lock post-php wp
_wp_post_thumbnail_html wp-post post thumbnail html post-php wp
get_sample_permalink_html get sample permalink html sampl post-php
get_sample_permalink get sample permalink sampl post-php
postbox_classes postbox classes class post-php
wp_edit_attachments_query wp-edit edit attachments query attach queri post-php wp
get_available_post_mime_types get available post mime types avail type post-php
wp_edit_posts_query wp-edit edit posts query post queri post-php wp
get_available_post_statuses get available post statuses avail status post-php
_fix_attachment_links fix attachment links attach link post-php
update_meta update meta updat post-php
has_meta has meta ha post-php
get_post_meta_by_id get post meta id post-php by
get_meta_keys get meta keys kei post-php
delete_meta delete meta delet post-php
add_meta add meta post-php
write_post write post post-php
wp_write_post wp-write write post post-php wp
post_exists post exists exist post-php
get_default_post_to_edit get default post edit post-php to
bulk_edit_posts bulk edit posts post post-php
edit_post edit post post-php
_wp_translate_postdata wp-translate translate translat postdata post-php wp
wp_clean_plugins_cache wp-clean clean plugins cache plugin cach plugin-php wp
settings_fields settings fields set field plugin-php
remove_option_whitelist remove option whitelist remov plugin-php
add_option_whitelist add option whitelist plugin-php
option_update_filter option update filter updat plugin-php
unregister_setting unregister setting unregist set plugin-php
register_setting register setting regist set plugin-php
user_can_access_admin_page user can access admin page plugin-php
get_plugin_page_hookname get plugin page hookname hooknam plugin-php
get_plugin_page_hook get plugin page hook plugin-php
get_admin_page_title get admin page title titl plugin-php
get_admin_page_parent get admin page parent plugin-php
menu_page_url menu page url plugin-php
remove_submenu_page remove submenu page remov plugin-php
remove_menu_page remove menu page remov plugin-php
add_comments_page add comments page comment plugin-php
add_pages_page add pages page plugin-php
add_links_page add links page link plugin-php
add_media_page add media page plugin-php
add_posts_page add posts page post plugin-php
add_dashboard_page add dashboard page plugin-php
add_users_page add users page user plugin-php
add_plugins_page add plugins page plugin plugin-php
add_theme_page add theme page plugin-php
add_options_page add options page option plugin-php
add_management_page add management page manag plugin-php
add_submenu_page add submenu page plugin-php
add_utility_page add utility page util plugin-php
add_object_page add object page plugin-php
add_menu_page add menu page plugin-php
uninstall_plugin uninstall plugin uninstal plugin-php
is_uninstallable_plugin is uninstallable plugin uninstal plugin-php
validate_plugin validate plugin valid plugin-php
validate_active_plugins validate active plugins valid activ plugin plugin-php
delete_plugins delete plugins delet plugin plugin-php
activate_plugins activate plugins activ plugin plugin-php
deactivate_plugins deactivate plugins deactiv plugin plugin-php
activate_plugin activate plugin activ plugin-php
is_network_only_plugin is network only plugin onli plugin-php
is_plugin_active_for_network is plugin active network activ plugin-php for
is_plugin_inactive is plugin inactive inact plugin-php
is_plugin_active is plugin active activ plugin-php
_get_dropins get dropins dropin plugin-php
get_dropins get dropins dropin plugin-php
_sort_uname_callback sort uname callback unam plugin-php
get_mu_plugins get mu plugins plugin plugin-php
get_plugins get plugins plugin plugin-php
get_plugin_files get plugin files file plugin-php
_get_plugin_data_markup_translate get plugin data markup translate translat plugin-php
get_plugin_data get plugin data plugin-php
install_plugin_information install plugin information instal inform plugin-install-php
install_plugin_install_status install plugin status instal statu plugin-install-php
display_plugins_table display plugins table displai plugin tabl plugin-install-php
install_plugins_favorites_form install plugins favorites form instal plugin favorit plugin-install-php
install_plugins_upload install plugins upload instal plugin plugin-install-php
install_search_form install search form instal plugin-install-php
install_dashboard install dashboard instal plugin-install-php
install_popular_tags install popular tags instal tag plugin-install-php
plugins_api plugins api plugin plugin-install-php
wp_nav_menu_update_menu_items wp-nav nav menu update items updat item nav-menu-php wp
_wp_delete_orphaned_draft_menu_items wp-delete delete delet orphaned draft menu items orphan item nav-menu-php wp
wp_nav_menu_manage_columns wp-nav nav menu manage columns manag column nav-menu-php wp
wp_get_nav_menu_to_edit get wp-get nav menu edit nav-menu-php wp to
_wp_nav_menu_meta_box_object wp-nav nav menu meta box object nav-menu-php wp
wp_save_nav_menu_items wp-save save nav menu items item nav-menu-php wp
wp_nav_menu_item_taxonomy_meta_box wp-nav nav menu item taxonomy meta box taxonomi nav-menu-php wp
wp_nav_menu_item_post_type_meta_box wp-nav nav menu item post type meta box nav-menu-php wp
wp_nav_menu_item_link_meta_box wp-nav nav menu item link meta box nav-menu-php wp
wp_nav_menu_disabled_check wp-nav nav menu disabled check disabl nav-menu-php wp
wp_nav_menu_taxonomy_meta_boxes wp-nav nav menu taxonomy meta boxes taxonomi box nav-menu-php wp
wp_nav_menu_post_type_meta_boxes wp-nav nav menu post type meta boxes box nav-menu-php wp
wp_initial_nav_menu_meta_boxes wp-initial initial initi nav menu meta boxes box nav-menu-php wp
wp_nav_menu_setup wp-nav nav menu setup nav-menu-php wp
_wp_ajax_menu_quick_search wp-ajax ajax menu quick search nav-menu-php wp
_thickbox_path_admin_subfolder thickbox path admin subfolder subfold ms-php
can_edit_network can edit network ms-php
revoke_super_admin revoke super admin revok ms-php
grant_super_admin grant super admin ms-php
choose_primary_blog choose primary blog choos primari ms-php
avoid_blog_page_permalink_collision avoid blog page permalink collision collis ms-php
site_admin_notice site admin notice notic ms-php
mu_dropdown_languages mu dropdown languages languag ms-php
check_import_new_users check import new users user ms-php
_access_denied_splash access denied splash deni ms-php
sync_category_tag_slugs sync category tag slugs categori slug ms-php
format_code_lang format code lang ms-php
refresh_user_details refresh user details detail ms-php
update_user_status update user status updat statu ms-php
upload_space_setting upload space setting set ms-php
fix_import_form_size fix import form size ms-php
display_space_usage display space usage displai usag ms-php
upload_is_user_over_quota upload user over quota ms-php is
new_user_email_admin_notice new user email admin notice notic ms-php
send_confirmation_on_profile_email send confirmation profile email confirm profil ms-php on
update_option_new_admin_email update option new admin email updat ms-php
wpmu_delete_user wpmu delete user delet ms-php
wpmu_delete_blog wpmu delete blog delet ms-php
check_upload_size check upload size ms-php
ms_deprecated_blogs_file ms deprecated blogs file deprec blog ms-deprecated-php
wpmu_get_blog_allowedthemes wpmu blog allowedthemes allowedthem ms-deprecated-php get
get_site_allowed_themes get site allowed themes allow theme ms-deprecated-php
is_wpmu_sitewide_plugin is wpmu sitewide plugin sitewid ms-deprecated-php
deactivate_sitewide_plugin deactivate sitewide plugin deactiv sitewid ms-deprecated-php
activate_sitewide_plugin activate sitewide plugin activ sitewid ms-deprecated-php
mu_options mu options option ms-deprecated-php
wpmu_checkAvailableSpace wpmu checkavailablespace checkavailablespac ms-deprecated-php
wpmu_menu wpmu menu ms-deprecated-php
post_form_autocomplete_off post form autocomplete off autocomplet misc-php
heartbeat_autosave heartbeat autosave autosav misc-php
wp_heartbeat_set_suspension wp-heartbeat heartbeat set suspension suspens misc-php wp
wp_refresh_post_nonces wp-refresh refresh post nonces nonc misc-php wp
wp_refresh_post_lock wp-refresh refresh post lock misc-php wp
wp_check_locked_posts wp-check check locked posts lock post misc-php wp
_ipad_meta ipad meta misc-php
wp_color_scheme_settings wp-color color scheme settings set misc-php wp
admin_color_scheme_picker admin color scheme picker misc-php
saveDomDocument savedomdocument savedomdocu misc-php
iis7_add_rewrite_rule iis7 add rewrite rule rewrit misc-php
iis7_delete_rewrite_rule iis7 delete rewrite rule delet rewrit misc-php
iis7_rewrite_rule_exists iis7 rewrite rule exists rewrit exist misc-php
set_screen_options set screen options option misc-php
wp_doc_link_parse wp-doc doc link parse pars misc-php wp
show_message show message messag misc-php
wp_reset_vars wp-reset reset vars var misc-php wp
url_shorten url shorten misc-php
update_home_siteurl update home siteurl updat misc-php
update_recently_edited update recently edited updat recent edit misc-php
iis7_save_url_rewrite_rules iis7 save url rewrite rules rewrit rule misc-php
save_mod_rewrite_rules save mod rewrite rules rewrit rule misc-php
insert_with_markers insert markers marker misc-php with
extract_from_markers extract markers marker misc-php from
got_url_rewrite got url rewrite rewrit misc-php
got_mod_rewrite got mod rewrite rewrit misc-php
attachment_id3_data_meta_box attachment id3 data meta box attach meta-boxes-php
post_thumbnail_meta_box post thumbnail meta box meta-boxes-php
link_advanced_meta_box link advanced meta box advanc meta-boxes-php
link_xfn_meta_box link xfn meta box meta-boxes-php
xfn_check xfn check meta-boxes-php
link_target_meta_box link target meta box meta-boxes-php
link_categories_meta_box link categories meta box categori meta-boxes-php
link_submit_meta_box link submit meta box meta-boxes-php
page_attributes_meta_box page attributes meta box attribut meta-boxes-php
post_revisions_meta_box post revisions meta box revis meta-boxes-php
post_author_meta_box post author meta box meta-boxes-php
post_slug_meta_box post slug meta box meta-boxes-php
post_comment_meta_box post comment meta box meta-boxes-php
post_comment_meta_box_thead post comment meta box thead meta-boxes-php
post_comment_status_meta_box post comment status meta box statu meta-boxes-php
post_custom_meta_box post custom meta box meta-boxes-php
post_trackback_meta_box post trackback meta box meta-boxes-php
post_excerpt_meta_box post excerpt meta box meta-boxes-php
post_categories_meta_box post categories meta box categori meta-boxes-php
post_tags_meta_box post tags meta box tag meta-boxes-php
post_format_meta_box post format meta box meta-boxes-php
attachment_submit_meta_box attachment submit meta box attach meta-boxes-php
post_submit_meta_box post submit meta box meta-boxes-php
sort_menu sort menu menu-php
add_menu_classes add menu classes class menu-php
add_cssclass add cssclass menu-php
wp_read_audio_metadata wp-read read audio metadata media-php wp
wp_read_video_metadata wp-read read video metadata media-php wp
wp_add_id3_tag_data wp-add add id3 tag data media-php wp
attachment_submitbox_metadata attachment submitbox metadata attach media-php
edit_form_image_editor edit form image editor imag media-php
multisite_over_quota_message multisite over quota message multisit messag media-php
media_upload_max_image_resize media upload max image resize imag resiz media-php
media_upload_text_after media upload text after media-php
media_upload_html_bypass media upload html bypass media-php
media_upload_flash_bypass media upload flash bypass media-php
wp_media_insert_url_form wp-media media insert url form media-php wp
media_upload_library_form media upload library form librari media-php
media_upload_gallery_form media upload gallery form galleri media-php
media_upload_type_url_form media upload type url form media-php
media_upload_type_form media upload type form media-php
media_upload_form media upload form media-php
media_upload_header media upload header media-php
get_compat_media_markup get compat media markup media-php
get_media_item get media item media-php
get_media_items get media items item media-php
get_attachment_fields_to_edit get attachment fields edit attach field media-php to
image_media_send_to_editor image media send editor imag media-php to
image_attachment_fields_to_save image attachment fields save imag attach field media-php to
media_post_single_attachment_fields_to_edit media post single attachment fields edit singl attach field media-php to
media_single_attachment_fields_to_edit media single attachment fields edit singl attach field media-php to
image_attachment_fields_to_edit image attachment fields edit imag attach field media-php to
wp_caption_input_textarea wp-caption caption input textarea media-php wp
image_link_input_fields image link input fields imag field media-php
image_size_input_fields image size input fields imag field media-php
image_align_input_fields image