Output for proof of concept to get related words from WordPress post title and filename

Word stems are created with the php version of the Porter Stemming Algorithm

This table is created with this gist


= related word
= related word stem
= related file word

WP_Customize_Background_Image_Setting has the most (related) words. 9 words.

Title Related Words Skipped Words
WP_Tax_Query wp-tax tax query queri taxonomy-php wp
SimplePie_XML_Declaration_Parser simplepie xml declaration parser simplepi declar parser-php
SimplePie_Source simplepie source simplepi sourc source-php
SimplePie_Sanitize simplepie sanitize simplepi sanit sanitize-php
SimplePie_Restriction simplepie restriction simplepi restrict restriction-php
SimplePie_Registry simplepie registry simplepi registri registry-php
SimplePie_Rating simplepie rating simplepi rate rating-php
SimplePie_Parser simplepie parser simplepi parser-php
SimplePie_Parse_Date simplepie parse date simplepi pars date-php
SimplePie_Net_IPv6 simplepie net ipv6 simplepi ipv6-php
SimplePie_Misc simplepie misc simplepi misc-php
SimplePie_Locator simplepie locator simplepi locat locator-php
SimplePie_Item simplepie item simplepi item-php
SimplePie_IRI simplepie iri simplepi iri-php
SimplePie_HTTP_Parser simplepie http parser simplepi parser-php
SimplePie_gzdecode simplepie gzdecode simplepi gzdecod gzdecode-php
SimplePie_File simplepie file simplepi file-php
SimplePie_Exception simplepie exception simplepi except exception-php
SimplePie_Enclosure simplepie enclosure simplepi enclosur enclosure-php
SimplePie_Decode_HTML_Entities simplepie decode html entities simplepi decod entiti entities-php
SimplePie_Credit simplepie credit simplepi credit-php
SimplePie_Core simplepie core simplepi core-php
SimplePie_Copyright simplepie copyright simplepi copyright-php
SimplePie_Content_Type_Sniffer simplepie content type sniffer simplepi sniffer-php
SimplePie_Category simplepie category simplepi categori category-php
SimplePie_Caption simplepie caption simplepi caption-php
SimplePie_Cache simplepie cache simplepi cach cache-php
SimplePie_Cache_MySQL simplepie cache mysql simplepi cach mysql-php
SimplePie_Cache_Memcache simplepie cache memcache simplepi cach memcach memcache-php
SimplePie_Cache_File simplepie cache file simplepi cach file-php
SimplePie_Cache_DB simplepie cache db simplepi cach db-php
SimplePie_Author simplepie author simplepi author-php
WP_User_Meta_Session_Tokens wp-user user meta session tokens token session-php wp
WP_Session_Tokens wp-session session tokens token session-php wp
RSSCache rsscache rsscach rss-php
MagpieRSS magpierss rss-php
WP_Rewrite wp-rewrite rewrite rewrit rewrite-php wp
WP_Query wp-query query queri query-php wp
WP_Post wp-post post post-php wp
Walker_PageDropdown walker pagedropdown post-template-php
Walker_Page walker page post-template-php
NOOP_Translations noop translations translat translations-php
Gettext_Translations gettext translations translat translations-php
Translations translations translat translations-php
POMO_CachedIntFileReader pomo cachedintfilereader cachedintfileread streams-php
POMO_CachedFileReader pomo cachedfilereader cachedfileread streams-php
POMO_StringReader pomo stringreader stringread streams-php
POMO_FileReader pomo filereader fileread streams-php
POMO_Reader pomo reader streams-php
PO po po-php
MO mo mo-php
Translation_Entry translation entry translat entri entry-php
wp_atom_server wp-atom atom server pluggable-deprecated-php wp
Walker_Nav_Menu walker nav menu nav-menu-template-php
WP_Meta_Query wp-meta meta query queri meta-php wp
WP_Locale wp-locale locale local locale-php wp
getid3_lyrics3 getid3 lyrics3 module-tag-lyrics3-php
getid3_id3v2 getid3 id3v2 module-tag-id3v2-php
getid3_id3v1 getid3 id3v1 module-tag-id3v1-php
getid3_apetag getid3 apetag module-tag-apetag-php
getid3_ogg getid3 ogg module-audio-ogg-php
getid3_mp3 getid3 mp3 module-audio-mp3-php
getid3_flac getid3 flac module-audio-flac-php
getid3_dts getid3 dts dt module-audio-dts-php
getid3_ac3 getid3 ac3 module-audio-ac3-php
getid3_riff getid3 riff module-audio-video-riff-php
getid3_quicktime getid3 quicktime quicktim module-audio-video-quicktime-php
getid3_matroska getid3 matroska module-audio-video-matroska-php
AVCSequenceParameterSetReader avcsequenceparametersetreader avcsequenceparametersetread module-audio-video-flv-php
AMFReader amfreader amfread module-audio-video-flv-php
AMFStream amfstream module-audio-video-flv-php
getid3_flv getid3 flv module-audio-video-flv-php
getid3_asf getid3 asf module-audio-video-asf-php
getid3_exception getid3 exception except getid3-php
getid3_handler getid3 handler getid3-php
getID3 getid3 getid3-php
getid3_lib getid3 lib getid3-lib-php
WP_Nav_Menu_Widget wp-nav nav menu widget default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_Tag_Cloud wp-widget widget tag cloud default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_RSS wp-widget widget rss default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_Recent_Comments wp-widget widget recent comments comment default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_Recent_Posts wp-widget widget recent posts post default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_Categories wp-widget widget categories categori default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_Text wp-widget widget text default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_Calendar wp-widget widget calendar default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_Meta wp-widget widget meta default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_Archives wp-widget widget archives archiv default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_Search wp-widget widget search default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_Links wp-widget widget links link default-widgets-php wp
WP_Widget_Pages wp-widget widget pages page default-widgets-php wp
WP_Date_Query wp-date date query queri date-php wp
WP_Comment_Query wp-comment comment query queri comment-php wp
Walker_Comment walker comment comment-template-php
WP_Styles wp-styles styles style class-wp-styles-php wp
WP_Scripts wp-scripts scripts script class-wp-scripts-php wp
_WP_Dependency wp-dependency dependency depend class-wp-dependencies-php wp
WP_Dependencies wp-dependencies dependencies depend class-wp-dependencies-php wp
WP_MatchesMapRegex wp-matchesmapregex matchesmapregex class-wp-php wp
WP wp class-wp-php
wp_xmlrpc_server wp-xmlrpc xmlrpc server class-wp-xmlrpc-server-php wp
Walker walker class-wp-walker-php
WP_Theme wp-theme theme class-wp-theme-php wp
WP_Image_Editor wp-image image imag editor class-wp-image-editor-php wp
WP_Image_Editor_Imagick wp-image image imag editor imagick class-wp-image-editor-imagick-php wp
WP_Image_Editor_GD wp-image image imag editor gd class-wp-image-editor-gd-php wp
WP_HTTP_IXR_Client wp-http http ixr client class-wp-http-ixr-client-php wp
WP_Error wp-error error class-wp-error-php wp
WP_Embed wp-embed embed emb class-wp-embed-php wp
_WP_Editors wp-editors editors editor class-wp-editor-php wp
WP_Customize_Widgets wp-customize customize custom widgets widget class-wp-customize-widgets-php wp
WP_Customize_Background_Image_Setting wp-customize customize custom background image setting imag set class-wp-customize-setting-php wp
WP_Customize_Header_Image_Setting wp-customize customize custom header image setting imag set class-wp-customize-setting-php wp
WP_Customize_Filter_Setting wp-customize customize custom filter setting set class-wp-customize-setting-php wp
WP_Customize_Setting wp-customize customize custom setting set class-wp-customize-setting-php wp
WP_Customize_Section wp-customize customize custom section class-wp-customize-section-php wp
WP_Customize_Panel wp-customize customize custom panel class-wp-customize-panel-php wp
WP_Customize_Manager wp-customize customize custom manager manag class-wp-customize-manager-php wp
WP_Widget_Form_Customize_Control wp-widget widget form customize control custom class-wp-customize-control-php wp
WP_Widget_Area_Customize_Control wp-widget widget area customize control custom class-wp-customize-control-php wp
WP_Customize_Header_Image_Control wp-customize customize custom header image control imag class-wp-customize-control-php wp
WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control wp-customize customize custom background image control imag class-wp-customize-control-php wp
WP_Customize_Image_Control wp-customize customize custom image control imag class-wp-customize-control-php wp
WP_Customize_Upload_Control wp-customize customize custom upload control class-wp-customize-control-php wp
WP_Customize_Color_Control wp-customize customize custom color control class-wp-customize-control-php wp
WP_Customize_Control wp-customize customize custom control class-wp-customize-control-php wp
WP_Ajax_Response wp-ajax ajax response respons class-wp-ajax-response-php wp
WP_Admin_Bar wp-admin admin bar class-wp-admin-bar-php wp
Snoopy snoopy snoopi class-snoopy-php
SMTP smtp class-smtp-php
SimplePie simplepie simplepi class-simplepie-php
POP3 pop3 class-pop3-php
phpmailerException phpmailerexception phpmailerexcept class-phpmailer-php
PHPMailer phpmailer class-phpmailer-php
PasswordHash passwordhash class-phpass-php
WP_oEmbed wp-oembed oembed oemb class-oembed-php wp
Services_JSON_Error services json error servic class-json-php
Services_JSON services json servic class-json-php
IXR_ClientMulticall ixr clientmulticall clientmultical class-ixr-php
IXR_IntrospectionServer ixr introspectionserver introspectionserv class-ixr-php
IXR_Base64 ixr base64 class-ixr-php
IXR_Date ixr date class-ixr-php
IXR_Error ixr error class-ixr-php
IXR_Client ixr client class-ixr-php
IXR_Request ixr request class-ixr-php
IXR_Server ixr server class-ixr-php
IXR_Message ixr message messag class-ixr-php
IXR_Value ixr value valu class-ixr-php
WP_Http_Encoding wp-http http encoding encod class-http-php wp
WP_Http_Cookie wp-http http cookie cooki class-http-php wp
WP_HTTP_Proxy wp-http http proxy proxi class-http-php wp
WP_Http_Curl wp-http http curl class-http-php wp
WP_HTTP_Fsockopen wp-http http fsockopen class-http-php wp
WP_Http_Streams wp-http http streams stream class-http-php wp
WP_Http wp-http http class-http-php wp
WP_SimplePie_Sanitize_KSES wp-simplepie simplepie simplepi sanitize kses sanit kse class-feed-php wp
WP_SimplePie_File wp-simplepie simplepie simplepi file class-feed-php wp
WP_Feed_Cache_Transient wp-feed feed cache transient cach class-feed-php wp
WP_Feed_Cache wp-feed feed cache cach class-feed-php wp
Walker_CategoryDropdown walker categorydropdown category-template-php
Walker_Category walker category categori category-template-php
WP_User wp-user user capabilities-php wp
WP_Role wp-role role capabilities-php wp
WP_Roles wp-roles roles role capabilities-php wp
WP_Object_Cache wp-object object cache cach cache-php wp
AtomParser atomparser atompars atomlib-php
AtomEntry atomentry atomentri atomlib-php
AtomFeed atomfeed atomfe atomlib-php
WP_Text_Diff_Renderer_inline wp-text text diff renderer inline render inlin wp-diff-php wp
WP_Text_Diff_Renderer_Table wp-text text diff renderer table render tabl wp-diff-php wp
wpdb wpdb wp-db-php
WP_Widget_Factory wp-widget widget factory factori widgets-php wp
WP_Widget wp-widget widget widgets-php wp
WP_User_Query wp-user user query queri user-php wp
Text_Diff_Op_change text diff op change chang diff-php
Text_Diff_Op_add text diff op add diff-php
Text_Diff_Op_delete text diff op delete delet diff-php
Text_Diff_Op_copy text diff op copy copi diff-php
Text_Diff_Op text diff op diff-php
Text_MappedDiff text mappeddiff diff-php
Text_Diff text diff diff-php
Text_Diff_Renderer text diff renderer render renderer-php
Text_Diff_Renderer_inline text diff renderer inline render inlin inline-php
Text_Diff_Engine_xdiff text diff engine xdiff engin xdiff-php
Text_Diff_Engine_string text diff engine string engin string-php
Text_Diff_Engine_shell text diff engine shell engin shell-php
Text_Diff_Engine_native text diff engine native engin nativ native-php
Twenty_Fourteen_Ephemera_Widget twenty fourteen ephemera widget twenti widgets-php
Featured_Content featured content featur featured-content-php
Akismet akismet class-akismet-php
Akismet_Widget akismet widget class-akismet-widget-php
Akismet_Admin akismet admin class-akismet-admin-php
WP_Internal_Pointers wp-internal internal intern pointers pointer template-php wp
Walker_Category_Checklist walker category checklist categori template-php
WP_Screen wp-screen screen screen-php wp
Walker_Nav_Menu_Checklist walker nav menu checklist nav-menu-php
Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit walker nav menu edit nav-menu-php
_WP_List_Table_Compat wp-list list table compat tabl list-table-php wp
WP_User_Search wp-user user search deprecated-php wp
WP_Users_List_Table wp-users users user list table tabl class-wp-users-list-table-php wp
WP_Automatic_Updater wp-automatic automatic automat updater updat class-wp-upgrader-php wp
File_Upload_Upgrader file upload upgrader upgrad class-wp-upgrader-php
Core_Upgrader core upgrader upgrad class-wp-upgrader-php
Language_Pack_Upgrader language pack upgrader languag upgrad class-wp-upgrader-php
Theme_Upgrader theme upgrader upgrad class-wp-upgrader-php
Plugin_Upgrader plugin upgrader upgrad class-wp-upgrader-php
WP_Upgrader wp-upgrader upgrader upgrad class-wp-upgrader-php wp
Automatic_Upgrader_Skin automatic upgrader skin automat upgrad class-wp-upgrader-skins-php
Language_Pack_Upgrader_Skin language pack upgrader skin languag upgrad class-wp-upgrader-skins-php
Theme_Upgrader_Skin theme upgrader skin upgrad class-wp-upgrader-skins-php
Theme_Installer_Skin theme installer skin instal class-wp-upgrader-skins-php
Plugin_Installer_Skin plugin installer skin instal class-wp-upgrader-skins-php
Bulk_Theme_Upgrader_Skin bulk theme upgrader skin upgrad class-wp-upgrader-skins-php
Bulk_Plugin_Upgrader_Skin bulk plugin upgrader skin upgrad class-wp-upgrader-skins-php
Bulk_Upgrader_Skin bulk upgrader skin upgrad class-wp-upgrader-skins-php
Plugin_Upgrader_Skin plugin upgrader skin upgrad class-wp-upgrader-skins-php
WP_Upgrader_Skin wp-upgrader upgrader upgrad skin class-wp-upgrader-skins-php wp
WP_Themes_List_Table wp-themes themes theme list table tabl class-wp-themes-list-table-php wp
WP_Theme_Install_List_Table wp-theme theme install list table instal tabl class-wp-theme-install-list-table-php wp
WP_Terms_List_Table wp-terms terms term list table tabl class-wp-terms-list-table-php wp
WP_Posts_List_Table wp-posts posts post list table tabl class-wp-posts-list-table-php wp
WP_Plugins_List_Table wp-plugins plugins plugin list table tabl class-wp-plugins-list-table-php wp
WP_Plugin_Install_List_Table wp-plugin plugin install list table instal tabl class-wp-plugin-install-list-table-php wp
WP_MS_Users_List_Table wp-ms ms users list table user tabl class-wp-ms-users-list-table-php wp
WP_MS_Themes_List_Table wp-ms ms themes list table theme tabl class-wp-ms-themes-list-table-php wp
WP_MS_Sites_List_Table wp-ms ms sites list table site tabl class-wp-ms-sites-list-table-php wp
WP_Media_List_Table wp-media media list table tabl class-wp-media-list-table-php wp
WP_List_Table wp-list list table tabl class-wp-list-table-php wp
WP_Links_List_Table wp-links links link list table tabl class-wp-links-list-table-php wp
WP_Importer wp-importer importer import class-wp-importer-php wp
WP_Filesystem_SSH2 wp-filesystem filesystem ssh2 class-wp-filesystem-ssh2-php wp
WP_Filesystem_ftpsockets wp-filesystem filesystem ftpsockets ftpsocket class-wp-filesystem-ftpsockets-php wp
WP_Filesystem_FTPext wp-filesystem filesystem ftpext class-wp-filesystem-ftpext-php wp
WP_Filesystem_Direct wp-filesystem filesystem direct class-wp-filesystem-direct-php wp
WP_Filesystem_Base wp-filesystem filesystem base class-wp-filesystem-base-php wp
WP_Post_Comments_List_Table wp-post post comments list table comment tabl class-wp-comments-list-table-php wp
WP_Comments_List_Table wp-comments comments comment list table tabl class-wp-comments-list-table-php wp
PclZip pclzip class-pclzip-php
ftp_base ftp base class-ftp-php
ftp ftp class-ftp-sockets-php
Custom_Image_Header custom image header imag custom-header-php
Custom_Background custom background custom-background-php