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Copy the contents of this box to your clipboard. You can then import this data into another instance of the Army Constructor, or save it to a plain text file as a backup.

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How This Works

This application is 100% in-browser - there is no storage of data on the server. This means that you can use it offline, on almost every browser (including mobile devices).

When you click the "Save" button, the army list is saved in your browser's local database. This means that you can save this web page to your local hard disk, open it in your browser, and access all your armies even when offline.

Important Note: the storage system this page uses restricts access to data based on domain name. This means that if you create an army list from a web page on a remote server and then take a copy of the page to use offline, your army list won't be available. The Import and Export functions above can be used to copy your army lists between copies on different servers or on your local hard drive.