Dendritic Tubulin in One Retinal Bipolar Species
Copyright(c)2013-2015 Jonathan D. Lettvin, All Rights Reserved.
  • You need a WebGL-enabled browser to see this.
  • Tubulin strand tips are at cartesian paraboloid vertices.
  • Tubulin polymers are shown coursing from dendritic spines to axon.
  • Each tubulin polymer is given a relatively unique color.
  • Not shown here is a required tgv subset activating "selector".
  • ← ↓ ↑ → change rotation speeds. <SPACE> toggles motion.
  • This shape has had a horizontal selector applied.
  • Dentritic spines act as tgvs (transient gradient vector sensors).
  • Active dendritic spines are the tiny green and red arrows.
  • green/red (radial/axial) tgvs detect increases in oppositions.
  • A sensed gradient becomes a signal coursing down a white tubulin.
  • Legacy Paraboloid2/ generates the raw data