It has never been easier to learn R. There is an increasing abundance of materials available for students and professional analysts. As R becomes more and more popular, the wealth of resources is only likely to increase.

Table of contents


Video lectures series

Interactive tools


Books (of the introductory kind)

If you are a British student in a social science degree my top of the list recommendations are Field, Miles and Field and Winston Chang.

Two other books one may want to consider (for different reasons) are:

Finally, they are not books stricto sensu but Quick R and the R Cookbook are possibly the pages you will visit the most as you try to figure out how to do things with R.

Video lecture series

There are two in particular worth keeping an eye on. They can be used as part of a blended learning experience. Camtasia is great, but why produce something that is already out there?

Interactive tools

By this I mean IT based applications that teach you R.


Pretty much all data analysis MOOCS use R. So it is a wonderful set of resources for skilling you up using R.