diceware password generator

About Diceware

Diceware is a password creation system that forms a password using dice to select words at random from a lengthy word list. A sample Diceware wordlist contains 7776 words. So, for every truly random selection from this list the number of possible passwords (we'll call this "n") will equal 7776^n.

Diceware is a great method to use for creating a secure, yet easy to memorize, master password for accounts such as your computer, password manager, and email.


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More Information

My website: An overview of Diceware in comparison to other proported password creation schemes.
The Intercept: An in-depth overview on the reasoning behind Diceware.
ArsTechnica: An explanation about the need for at least 6 word diceware passphrases.

Please also remember to use a password manager. You can download a free, open-source password manager from the following sources:

keepass.info: Windows
keepass.org: Mac OSX and Linux