Source code for ib_insync.wrapper

"""Wrapper to handle incoming messages."""

import asyncio
import logging
from collections import defaultdict
from contextlib import suppress
from datetime import datetime, timezone
from typing import (
    Any, Dict, List, Optional, Set, Tuple, Union, cast)

from ib_insync.contract import (
    Contract, ContractDescription, ContractDetails, DeltaNeutralContract,
from ib_insync.objects import (
    AccountValue, BarData, BarDataList, CommissionReport,
    DOMLevel, DepthMktDataDescription,
    Dividends, Execution, Fill, FundamentalRatios, HistogramData,
    HistoricalNews, HistoricalTick, HistoricalTickBidAsk, HistoricalTickLast,
    MktDepthData, NewsArticle, NewsBulletin, NewsProvider, NewsTick,
    OptionChain, OptionComputation, PnL, PnLSingle, PortfolioItem, Position,
    PriceIncrement, RealTimeBar, RealTimeBarList, TickAttribBidAsk,
    TickAttribLast, TickByTickAllLast, TickByTickBidAsk, TickByTickMidPoint,
    TickData, TradeLogEntry)
from ib_insync.order import Order, OrderState, OrderStatus, Trade
from ib_insync.ticker import Ticker
from ib_insync.util import (
    UNSET_DOUBLE, UNSET_INTEGER, dataclassAsDict, dataclassUpdate,
    globalErrorEvent, isNan, parseIBDatetime)

OrderKeyType = Union[int, Tuple[int, int]]

[docs]class RequestError(Exception): """ Exception to raise when the API reports an error that can be tied to a single request. """ def __init__(self, reqId: int, code: int, message: str): """ Args: reqId: Original request ID. code: Original error code. message: Original error message. """ super().__init__(f'API error: {code}: {message}') self.reqId = reqId self.code = code self.message = message
class Wrapper: """Wrapper implementation for use with the IB class.""" def __init__(self, ib): self.ib = ib self._logger = logging.getLogger('ib_insync.wrapper') self._timeoutHandle = None self.reset() def reset(self): self.accountValues: Dict[tuple, AccountValue] = {} # (account, tag, currency, modelCode) -> AccountValue self.acctSummary: Dict[tuple, AccountValue] = {} # (account, tag, currency) -> AccountValue self.portfolio: Dict[str, Dict[int, PortfolioItem]] = defaultdict(dict) # account -> conId -> PortfolioItem self.positions = defaultdict(dict) # account -> conId -> Position self.trades: Dict[OrderKeyType, Trade] = {} # (client, orderId) or permId -> Trade self.permId2Trade: Dict[int, Trade] = {} # permId -> Trade self.fills: Dict[str, Fill] = {} # execId -> Fill self.newsTicks: List[NewsTick] = [] self.msgId2NewsBulletin: Dict[int, NewsBulletin] = {} # msgId -> NewsBulletin self.tickers: Dict[int, Ticker] = {} # id(Contract) -> Ticker self.pendingTickers: Set[Ticker] = set() self.reqId2Ticker: Dict[int, Ticker] = {} # reqId -> Ticker self.ticker2ReqId: Dict[Union[int, str], Dict[Ticker, int]] = \ defaultdict(dict) # tickType -> Ticker -> reqId self.reqId2MarketDataType: Dict[int, int] = {} # reqId -> marketDataType self.reqId2Subscriber: Dict[int, Any] = {} # live bars or live scan data self.reqId2PnL: Dict[int, PnL] = {} # reqId -> PnL self.reqId2PnlSingle: Dict[int, PnLSingle] = {} # reqId -> PnLSingle self.pnlKey2ReqId: Dict[tuple, int] = {} # (account, modelCode) -> reqId self.pnlSingleKey2ReqId: Dict[tuple, int] = {} # (account, modelCode, conId) -> reqId # futures and results are linked by key: self._futures: Dict[Any, asyncio.Future] = {} self._results: Dict[Any, Any] = {} # UTC time of last network packet arrival: self.lastTime: datetime = None self._reqId2Contract: Dict[int, Contract] = {} self.accounts: List[str] = [] self.clientId: int = -1 self._timeout: float = 0 self.setTimeout(0) def setEventsDone(self): """Set all subscribtion-type events as done.""" events = [ticker.updateEvent for ticker in self.tickers.values()] events += [sub.updateEvent for sub in self.reqId2Subscriber.values()] for trade in self.trades.values(): events += [ trade.statusEvent, trade.modifyEvent, trade.fillEvent, trade.filledEvent, trade.commissionReportEvent, trade.cancelEvent, trade.cancelledEvent] for event in events: event.set_done() def connectionClosed(self): error = ConnectionError('Socket disconnect') for future in self._futures.values(): if not future.done(): future.set_exception(error) globalErrorEvent.emit(error) self.reset() def startReq(self, key, contract=None, container=None): """ Start a new request and return the future that is associated with with the key and container. The container is a list by default. """ future = asyncio.Future() self._futures[key] = future self._results[key] = container if container is not None else [] if contract: self._reqId2Contract[key] = contract return future def _endReq(self, key, result=None, success=True): """ Finish the future of corresponding key with the given result. If no result is given then it will be popped of the general results. """ future = self._futures.pop(key, None) self._reqId2Contract.pop(key, None) if future: if result is None: result = self._results.pop(key, []) if not future.done(): if success: future.set_result(result) else: future.set_exception(result) def startTicker( self, reqId: int, contract: Contract, tickType: Union[int, str]): """ Start a tick request that has the reqId associated with the contract. Return the ticker. """ ticker = self.tickers.get(id(contract)) if not ticker: ticker = Ticker( contract=contract, ticks=[], tickByTicks=[], domBids=[], domAsks=[], domTicks=[]) self.tickers[id(contract)] = ticker self.reqId2Ticker[reqId] = ticker self._reqId2Contract[reqId] = contract self.ticker2ReqId[tickType][ticker] = reqId return ticker def endTicker(self, ticker: Ticker, tickType: Union[int, str]): reqId = self.ticker2ReqId[tickType].pop(ticker, 0) self._reqId2Contract.pop(reqId, None) return reqId def startSubscription(self, reqId, subscriber, contract=None): """Register a live subscription.""" self._reqId2Contract[reqId] = contract self.reqId2Subscriber[reqId] = subscriber def endSubscription(self, subscriber): """Unregister a live subscription.""" self._reqId2Contract.pop(subscriber.reqId, None) self.reqId2Subscriber.pop(subscriber.reqId, None) def orderKey(self, clientId: int, orderId: int, permId: int) -> \ OrderKeyType: key: OrderKeyType if orderId <= 0: # order is placed manually from TWS key = permId else: key = (clientId, orderId) return key def setTimeout(self, timeout: float): self.lastTime = if self._timeoutHandle: self._timeoutHandle.cancel() self._timeoutHandle = None self._timeout = timeout if timeout: self._setTimer(timeout) def _setTimer(self, delay: float = 0): if not self.lastTime: return now = diff = (now - self.lastTime).total_seconds() if not delay: delay = self._timeout - diff if delay > 0: loop = asyncio.get_event_loop() self._timeoutHandle = loop.call_later(delay, self._setTimer) else: self._logger.debug('Timeout') self.setTimeout(0) self.ib.timeoutEvent.emit(diff) # wrapper methods def connectAck(self): pass def nextValidId(self, reqId: int): pass def managedAccounts(self, accountsList: str): self.accounts = [a for a in accountsList.split(',') if a] def updateAccountTime(self, timestamp: str): pass def updateAccountValue( self, tag: str, val: str, currency: str, account: str): key = (account, tag, currency, '') acctVal = AccountValue(account, tag, val, currency, '') self.accountValues[key] = acctVal self.ib.accountValueEvent.emit(acctVal) def accountDownloadEnd(self, _account: str): # sent after updateAccountValue and updatePortfolio both finished self._endReq('accountValues') def accountUpdateMulti( self, reqId: int, account: str, modelCode: str, tag: str, val: str, currency: str): key = (account, tag, currency, modelCode) acctVal = AccountValue(account, tag, val, currency, modelCode) self.accountValues[key] = acctVal self.ib.accountValueEvent.emit(acctVal) def accountUpdateMultiEnd(self, reqId: int): self._endReq(reqId) def accountSummary( self, _reqId: int, account: str, tag: str, value: str, currency: str): key = (account, tag, currency) acctVal = AccountValue(account, tag, value, currency, '') self.acctSummary[key] = acctVal self.ib.accountSummaryEvent.emit(acctVal) def accountSummaryEnd(self, reqId: int): self._endReq(reqId) def updatePortfolio( self, contract: Contract, posSize: float, marketPrice: float, marketValue: float, averageCost: float, unrealizedPNL: float, realizedPNL: float, account: str): contract = Contract.create(**dataclassAsDict(contract)) portfItem = PortfolioItem( contract, posSize, marketPrice, marketValue, averageCost, unrealizedPNL, realizedPNL, account) portfolioItems = self.portfolio[account] if posSize == 0: portfolioItems.pop(contract.conId, None) else: portfolioItems[contract.conId] = portfItem'updatePortfolio: {portfItem}') self.ib.updatePortfolioEvent.emit(portfItem) def position( self, account: str, contract: Contract, posSize: float, avgCost: float): contract = Contract.create(**dataclassAsDict(contract)) position = Position(account, contract, posSize, avgCost) positions = self.positions[account] if posSize == 0: positions.pop(contract.conId, None) else: positions[contract.conId] = position'position: {position}') results = self._results.get('positions') if results is not None: results.append(position) self.ib.positionEvent.emit(position) def positionEnd(self): self._endReq('positions') def pnl( self, reqId: int, dailyPnL: float, unrealizedPnL: float, realizedPnL: float): pnl = self.reqId2PnL.get(reqId) if not pnl: return pnl.dailyPnL = dailyPnL pnl.unrealizedPnL = unrealizedPnL pnl.realizedPnL = realizedPnL self.ib.pnlEvent.emit(pnl) def pnlSingle( self, reqId: int, pos: int, dailyPnL: float, unrealizedPnL: float, realizedPnL: float, value: float): pnlSingle = self.reqId2PnlSingle.get(reqId) if not pnlSingle: return pnlSingle.position = pos pnlSingle.dailyPnL = dailyPnL pnlSingle.unrealizedPnL = unrealizedPnL pnlSingle.realizedPnL = realizedPnL pnlSingle.value = value self.ib.pnlSingleEvent.emit(pnlSingle) def openOrder( self, orderId: int, contract: Contract, order: Order, orderState: OrderState): """ This wrapper is called to: * feed in open orders at startup; * feed in open orders or order updates from other clients and TWS if clientId=master id; * feed in manual orders and order updates from TWS if clientId=0; * handle openOrders and allOpenOrders responses. """ if order.whatIf: # response to whatIfOrder if orderState.initMarginChange != str(UNSET_DOUBLE): self._endReq(order.orderId, orderState) else: key = self.orderKey(order.clientId, order.orderId, order.permId) trade = self.trades.get(key) if trade: trade.order.permId = order.permId trade.order.totalQuantity = order.totalQuantity trade.order.lmtPrice = order.lmtPrice trade.order.auxPrice = order.auxPrice trade.order.orderType = order.orderType else: # ignore '?' values in the order order = Order(**{ k: v for k, v in dataclassAsDict(order).items() if v != '?'}) contract = Contract.create(**dataclassAsDict(contract)) orderStatus = OrderStatus( orderId=orderId, status=orderState.status) trade = Trade(contract, order, orderStatus, [], []) self.trades[key] = trade'openOrder: {trade}') self.permId2Trade.setdefault(order.permId, trade) results = self._results.get('openOrders') if results is None: self.ib.openOrderEvent.emit(trade) else: # response to reqOpenOrders or reqAllOpenOrders results.append(order) # make sure that the client issues order ids larger then any # order id encountered (even from other clients) to avoid # "Duplicate order id" error self.ib.client.updateReqId(orderId + 1) def openOrderEnd(self): self._endReq('openOrders') def completedOrder( self, contract: Contract, order: Order, orderState: OrderState): contract = Contract.create(**dataclassAsDict(contract)) orderStatus = OrderStatus( orderId=order.orderId, status=orderState.status) trade = Trade(contract, order, orderStatus, [], []) self._results['completedOrders'].append(trade) if order.permId not in self.permId2Trade: self.trades[order.permId] = trade self.permId2Trade[order.permId] = trade def completedOrdersEnd(self): self._endReq('completedOrders') def orderStatus( self, orderId: int, status: str, filled: float, remaining: float, avgFillPrice: float, permId: int, parentId: int, lastFillPrice: float, clientId: int, whyHeld: str, mktCapPrice: float = 0.0): key = self.orderKey(clientId, orderId, permId) trade = self.trades.get(key) if trade: msg: Optional[str] oldStatus = trade.orderStatus.status new = dict( status=status, filled=filled, remaining=remaining, avgFillPrice=avgFillPrice, permId=permId, parentId=parentId, lastFillPrice=lastFillPrice, clientId=clientId, whyHeld=whyHeld, mktCapPrice=mktCapPrice) curr = dataclassAsDict(trade.orderStatus) isChanged = curr != {**curr, **new} if isChanged: dataclassUpdate(trade.orderStatus, **new) msg = '' elif (status == 'Submitted' and trade.log and trade.log[-1].message == 'Modify'): # order modifications are acknowledged msg = 'Modified' else: msg = None if msg is not None: logEntry = TradeLogEntry(self.lastTime, status, msg) trade.log.append(logEntry)'orderStatus: {trade}') self.ib.orderStatusEvent.emit(trade) trade.statusEvent.emit(trade) if status != oldStatus: if status == OrderStatus.Filled: trade.filledEvent.emit(trade) elif status == OrderStatus.Cancelled: trade.cancelledEvent.emit(trade) else: self._logger.error( 'orderStatus: No order found for ' 'orderId %s and clientId %s', orderId, clientId) def execDetails( self, reqId: int, contract: Contract, execution: Execution): """ This wrapper handles both live fills and responses to reqExecutions. """'execDetails {execution}') if execution.orderId == UNSET_INTEGER: # bug in TWS: executions of manual orders have unset value execution.orderId = 0 trade = self.permId2Trade.get(execution.permId) if not trade: key = self.orderKey( execution.clientId, execution.orderId, execution.permId) trade = self.trades.get(key) if trade and contract == trade.contract: contract = trade.contract else: contract = Contract.create(**dataclassAsDict(contract)) execId = execution.execId isLive = reqId not in self._futures time = self.lastTime if isLive else execution.time fill = Fill(contract, execution, CommissionReport(), time) if execId not in self.fills: # first time we see this execution so add it self.fills[execId] = fill if trade: trade.fills.append(fill) logEntry = TradeLogEntry( time, trade.orderStatus.status, f'Fill {execution.shares}@{execution.price}') trade.log.append(logEntry) if isLive:'execDetails: {fill}') self.ib.execDetailsEvent.emit(trade, fill) trade.fillEvent(trade, fill) if not isLive: self._results[reqId].append(fill) def execDetailsEnd(self, reqId: int): self._endReq(reqId) def commissionReport(self, commissionReport: CommissionReport): if commissionReport.yield_ == UNSET_DOUBLE: commissionReport.yield_ = 0.0 if commissionReport.realizedPNL == UNSET_DOUBLE: commissionReport.realizedPNL = 0.0 fill = self.fills.get(commissionReport.execId) if fill: report = dataclassUpdate(fill.commissionReport, commissionReport)'commissionReport: {report}') trade = self.permId2Trade.get(fill.execution.permId) if trade: self.ib.commissionReportEvent.emit(trade, fill, report) trade.commissionReportEvent.emit(trade, fill, report) else: # this is not a live execution and the order was filled # before this connection started pass else: # commission report is not for this client pass def orderBound(self, reqId: int, apiClientId: int, apiOrderId: int): pass def contractDetails(self, reqId: int, contractDetails: ContractDetails): self._results[reqId].append(contractDetails) bondContractDetails = contractDetails def contractDetailsEnd(self, reqId: int): self._endReq(reqId) def symbolSamples( self, reqId: int, contractDescriptions: List[ContractDescription]): self._endReq(reqId, contractDescriptions) def marketRule( self, marketRuleId: int, priceIncrements: List[PriceIncrement]): self._endReq(f'marketRule-{marketRuleId}', priceIncrements) def marketDataType(self, reqId: int, marketDataId: int): self.reqId2MarketDataType[reqId] = marketDataId def realtimeBar( self, reqId: int, time: int, open_: float, high: float, low: float, close: float, volume: float, wap: float, count: int): dt = datetime.fromtimestamp(time, timezone.utc) bar = RealTimeBar(dt, -1, open_, high, low, close, volume, wap, count) bars = self.reqId2Subscriber.get(reqId) if bars is not None: bars.append(bar) self.ib.barUpdateEvent.emit(bars, True) bars.updateEvent.emit(bars, True) def historicalData(self, reqId: int, bar: BarData): results = self._results.get(reqId) if results is not None: = parseIBDatetime( # type: ignore results.append(bar) def historicalDataEnd(self, reqId, _start: str, _end: str): self._endReq(reqId) def historicalDataUpdate(self, reqId: int, bar: BarData): bars = self.reqId2Subscriber.get(reqId) if not bars: return = parseIBDatetime( # type: ignore lastDate = bars[-1].date if < lastDate: return hasNewBar = len(bars) == 0 or > lastDate if hasNewBar: bars.append(bar) elif bars[-1] != bar: bars[-1] = bar else: return self.ib.barUpdateEvent.emit(bars, hasNewBar) bars.updateEvent.emit(bars, hasNewBar) def headTimestamp(self, reqId: int, headTimestamp: str): try: dt = parseIBDatetime(headTimestamp) self._endReq(reqId, dt) except ValueError as exc: self._endReq(reqId, exc, False) def historicalTicks( self, reqId: int, ticks: List[HistoricalTick], done: bool): result = self._results.get(reqId) if result is not None: result += ticks if done: self._endReq(reqId) def historicalTicksBidAsk( self, reqId: int, ticks: List[HistoricalTickBidAsk], done: bool): result = self._results.get(reqId) if result is not None: result += ticks if done: self._endReq(reqId) def historicalTicksLast( self, reqId: int, ticks: List[HistoricalTickLast], done: bool): result = self._results.get(reqId) if result is not None: result += ticks if done: self._endReq(reqId) # additional wrapper method provided by Client def priceSizeTick( self, reqId: int, tickType: int, price: float, size: float): ticker = self.reqId2Ticker.get(reqId) if not ticker: self._logger.error(f'priceSizeTick: Unknown reqId: {reqId}') return # if tickType in (1, 66): if price == and size == ticker.bidSize: return if price != ticker.prevBid = = price if size != ticker.bidSize: ticker.prevBidSize = ticker.bidSize ticker.bidSize = size elif tickType in (2, 67): if price == ticker.ask and size == ticker.askSize: return if price != ticker.ask: ticker.prevAsk = ticker.ask ticker.ask = price if size != ticker.askSize: ticker.prevAskSize = ticker.askSize ticker.askSize = size elif tickType in (4, 68): if price != ticker.last: ticker.prevLast = ticker.last ticker.last = price if size != ticker.lastSize: ticker.prevLastSize = ticker.lastSize ticker.lastSize = size elif tickType in (6, 72): ticker.high = price elif tickType in (7, 73): ticker.low = price elif tickType in (9, 75): ticker.close = price elif tickType in (14, 76): = price elif tickType == 15: ticker.low13week = price elif tickType == 16: ticker.high13week = price elif tickType == 17: ticker.low26week = price elif tickType == 18: ticker.high26week = price elif tickType == 19: ticker.low52week = price elif tickType == 20: ticker.high52week = price elif tickType == 35: ticker.auctionPrice = price elif tickType == 37: ticker.markPrice = price elif tickType == 50: ticker.bidYield = price elif tickType == 51: ticker.askYield = price elif tickType == 52: ticker.lastYield = price if price or size: tick = TickData(self.lastTime, tickType, price, size) ticker.ticks.append(tick) ticker.marketDataType = self.reqId2MarketDataType.get(reqId, 0) self.pendingTickers.add(ticker) def tickSize(self, reqId: int, tickType: int, size: float): ticker = self.reqId2Ticker.get(reqId) if not ticker: self._logger.error(f'tickSize: Unknown reqId: {reqId}') return price = -1.0 # if tickType in (0, 69): if size == ticker.bidSize: return price = ticker.prevBidSize = ticker.bidSize ticker.bidSize = size elif tickType in (3, 70): if size == ticker.askSize: return price = ticker.ask ticker.prevAskSize = ticker.askSize ticker.askSize = size elif tickType in (5, 71): price = ticker.last if isNan(price): return if size != ticker.lastSize: ticker.prevLastSize = ticker.lastSize ticker.lastSize = size elif tickType in (8, 74): ticker.volume = size elif tickType == 21: ticker.avVolume = size elif tickType == 27: ticker.callOpenInterest = size elif tickType == 28: ticker.putOpenInterest = size elif tickType == 29: ticker.callVolume = size elif tickType == 30: ticker.putVolume = size elif tickType == 34: ticker.auctionVolume = size elif tickType == 36: ticker.auctionImbalance = size elif tickType == 61: ticker.regulatoryImbalance = size elif tickType == 86: ticker.futuresOpenInterest = size elif tickType == 87: ticker.avOptionVolume = size elif tickType == 89: ticker.shortableShares = size if price or size: tick = TickData(self.lastTime, tickType, price, size) ticker.ticks.append(tick) ticker.marketDataType = self.reqId2MarketDataType.get(reqId, 0) self.pendingTickers.add(ticker) def tickSnapshotEnd(self, reqId: int): self._endReq(reqId) def tickByTickAllLast( self, reqId: int, tickType: int, time: int, price: float, size: float, tickAttribLast: TickAttribLast, exchange, specialConditions): ticker = self.reqId2Ticker.get(reqId) if not ticker: self._logger.error(f'tickByTickAllLast: Unknown reqId: {reqId}') return if price != ticker.last: ticker.prevLast = ticker.last ticker.last = price if size != ticker.lastSize: ticker.prevLastSize = ticker.lastSize ticker.lastSize = size tick = TickByTickAllLast( tickType, self.lastTime, price, size, tickAttribLast, exchange, specialConditions) ticker.tickByTicks.append(tick) self.pendingTickers.add(ticker) def tickByTickBidAsk( self, reqId: int, time: int, bidPrice: float, askPrice: float, bidSize: float, askSize: float, tickAttribBidAsk: TickAttribBidAsk): ticker = self.reqId2Ticker.get(reqId) if not ticker: self._logger.error(f'tickByTickBidAsk: Unknown reqId: {reqId}') return if bidPrice != ticker.prevBid = = bidPrice if bidSize != ticker.bidSize: ticker.prevBidSize = ticker.bidSize ticker.bidSize = bidSize if askPrice != ticker.ask: ticker.prevAsk = ticker.ask ticker.ask = askPrice if askSize != ticker.askSize: ticker.prevAskSize = ticker.askSize ticker.askSize = askSize tick = TickByTickBidAsk( self.lastTime, bidPrice, askPrice, bidSize, askSize, tickAttribBidAsk) ticker.tickByTicks.append(tick) self.pendingTickers.add(ticker) def tickByTickMidPoint(self, reqId: int, time: int, midPoint: float): ticker = self.reqId2Ticker.get(reqId) if not ticker: self._logger.error(f'tickByTickMidPoint: Unknown reqId: {reqId}') return tick = TickByTickMidPoint(self.lastTime, midPoint) ticker.tickByTicks.append(tick) self.pendingTickers.add(ticker) def tickString(self, reqId: int, tickType: int, value: str): ticker = self.reqId2Ticker.get(reqId) if not ticker: return try: if tickType == 47: # d = dict(t.split('=') # type: ignore for t in value.split(';') if t) # type: ignore for k, v in d.items(): with suppress(ValueError): if v == '-99999.99': v = 'nan' d[k] = float(v) d[k] = int(v) ticker.fundamentalRatios = FundamentalRatios(**d) elif tickType in (48, 77): # RT Volume or RT Trade Volume string format: # price;size;ms since epoch;total volume;VWAP;single trade # example: # 701.28;1;1348075471534;67854;701.46918464;true priceStr, sizeStr, rtTime, volume, vwap, _ = value.split(';') if volume: if tickType == 48: ticker.rtVolume = float(volume) elif tickType == 77: ticker.rtTradeVolume = float(volume) if vwap: ticker.vwap = float(vwap) if rtTime: ticker.rtTime = datetime.fromtimestamp( int(rtTime) / 1000, timezone.utc) if priceStr == '': return price = float(priceStr) size = float(sizeStr) if price and size: if ticker.prevLast != ticker.last: ticker.prevLast = ticker.last ticker.last = price if ticker.prevLastSize != ticker.lastSize: ticker.prevLastSize = ticker.lastSize ticker.lastSize = size tick = TickData(self.lastTime, tickType, price, size) ticker.ticks.append(tick) elif tickType == 59: # Dividend tick: # # example value: '0.83,0.92,20130219,0.23' past12, next12, nextDate, nextAmount = value.split(',') ticker.dividends = Dividends( float(past12) if past12 else None, float(next12) if next12 else None, parseIBDatetime(nextDate) if nextDate else None, float(nextAmount) if nextAmount else None) self.pendingTickers.add(ticker) except ValueError: self._logger.error( f'tickString with tickType {tickType}: ' f'malformed value: {value!r}') def tickGeneric(self, reqId: int, tickType: int, value: float): ticker = self.reqId2Ticker.get(reqId) if not ticker: return try: value = float(value) except ValueError: self._logger.error(f'genericTick: malformed value: {value!r}') return if tickType == 23: ticker.histVolatility = value elif tickType == 24: ticker.impliedVolatility = value elif tickType == 31: ticker.indexFuturePremium = value elif tickType == 49: ticker.halted = value elif tickType == 54: ticker.tradeCount = value elif tickType == 55: ticker.tradeRate = value elif tickType == 56: ticker.volumeRate = value elif tickType == 58: ticker.rtHistVolatility = value tick = TickData(self.lastTime, tickType, value, 0) ticker.ticks.append(tick) self.pendingTickers.add(ticker) def tickReqParams( self, reqId: int, minTick: float, bboExchange: str, snapshotPermissions: int): pass def mktDepthExchanges( self, depthMktDataDescriptions: List[DepthMktDataDescription]): self._endReq('mktDepthExchanges', depthMktDataDescriptions) def updateMktDepth( self, reqId: int, position: int, operation: int, side: int, price: float, size: float): self.updateMktDepthL2( reqId, position, '', operation, side, price, size) def updateMktDepthL2( self, reqId: int, position: int, marketMaker: str, operation: int, side: int, price: float, size: float, isSmartDepth: bool = False): # operation: 0 = insert, 1 = update, 2 = delete # side: 0 = ask, 1 = bid ticker = self.reqId2Ticker[reqId] dom = ticker.domBids if side else ticker.domAsks if operation == 0: dom.insert(position, DOMLevel(price, size, marketMaker)) elif operation == 1: dom[position] = DOMLevel(price, size, marketMaker) elif operation == 2: if position < len(dom): level = dom.pop(position) price = level.price size = 0 tick = MktDepthData( self.lastTime, position, marketMaker, operation, side, price, size) ticker.domTicks.append(tick) self.pendingTickers.add(ticker) def tickOptionComputation( self, reqId: int, tickType: int, tickAttrib: int, impliedVol: float, delta: float, optPrice: float, pvDividend: float, gamma: float, vega: float, theta: float, undPrice: float): comp = OptionComputation( tickAttrib, impliedVol, delta, optPrice, pvDividend, gamma, vega, theta, undPrice) ticker = self.reqId2Ticker.get(reqId) if ticker: # reply from reqMktData # if tickType in (10, 80): ticker.bidGreeks = comp elif tickType in (11, 81): ticker.askGreeks = comp elif tickType in (12, 82): ticker.lastGreeks = comp elif tickType in (13, 83): ticker.modelGreeks = comp self.pendingTickers.add(ticker) elif reqId in self._futures: # reply from calculateImpliedVolatility or calculateOptionPrice self._endReq(reqId, comp) else: self._logger.error( f'tickOptionComputation: Unknown reqId: {reqId}') def deltaNeutralValidation(self, reqId: int, dnc: DeltaNeutralContract): pass def fundamentalData(self, reqId: int, data: str): self._endReq(reqId, data) def scannerParameters(self, xml: str): self._endReq('scannerParams', xml) def scannerData( self, reqId: int, rank: int, contractDetails: ContractDetails, distance: str, benchmark: str, projection: str, legsStr: str): data = ScanData( rank, contractDetails, distance, benchmark, projection, legsStr) dataList = self.reqId2Subscriber.get(reqId) if dataList is None: dataList = self._results.get(reqId) if dataList is not None: if rank == 0: dataList.clear() dataList.append(data) def scannerDataEnd(self, reqId: int): dataList = self._results.get(reqId) if dataList is not None: self._endReq(reqId) else: dataList = self.reqId2Subscriber.get(reqId) if dataList is not None: self.ib.scannerDataEvent.emit(dataList) dataList.updateEvent.emit(dataList) def histogramData(self, reqId: int, items: List[HistogramData]): result = [HistogramData(item.price, item.count) for item in items] self._endReq(reqId, result) def securityDefinitionOptionParameter( self, reqId: int, exchange: str, underlyingConId: int, tradingClass: str, multiplier: str, expirations: List[str], strikes: List[float]): chain = OptionChain( exchange, underlyingConId, tradingClass, multiplier, expirations, strikes) self._results[reqId].append(chain) def securityDefinitionOptionParameterEnd(self, reqId: int): self._endReq(reqId) def newsProviders(self, newsProviders: List[NewsProvider]): newsProviders = [ NewsProvider(code=p.code, for p in newsProviders] self._endReq('newsProviders', newsProviders) def tickNews( self, _reqId: int, timeStamp: int, providerCode: str, articleId: str, headline: str, extraData: str): news = NewsTick( timeStamp, providerCode, articleId, headline, extraData) self.newsTicks.append(news) self.ib.tickNewsEvent.emit(news) def newsArticle(self, reqId: int, articleType: int, articleText: str): article = NewsArticle(articleType, articleText) self._endReq(reqId, article) def historicalNews( self, reqId: int, time: str, providerCode: str, articleId: str, headline: str): dt = parseIBDatetime(time) dt = cast(datetime, dt) article = HistoricalNews(dt, providerCode, articleId, headline) self._results[reqId].append(article) def historicalNewsEnd(self, reqId, _hasMore: bool): self._endReq(reqId) def updateNewsBulletin( self, msgId: int, msgType: int, message: str, origExchange: str): bulletin = NewsBulletin(msgId, msgType, message, origExchange) self.msgId2NewsBulletin[msgId] = bulletin self.ib.newsBulletinEvent.emit(bulletin) def receiveFA(self, _faDataType: int, faXmlData: str): self._endReq('requestFA', faXmlData) def currentTime(self, time: int): dt = datetime.fromtimestamp(time, timezone.utc) self._endReq('currentTime', dt) def tickEFP( self, reqId: int, tickType: int, basisPoints: float, formattedBasisPoints: str, totalDividends: float, holdDays: int, futureLastTradeDate: str, dividendImpact: float, dividendsToLastTradeDate: float): pass def error(self, reqId: int, errorCode: int, errorString: str): # warningCodes = {165, 202, 399, 404, 434, 492, 10167} isWarning = errorCode in warningCodes or 2100 <= errorCode < 2200 msg = ( f'{"Warning" if isWarning else "Error"} ' f'{errorCode}, reqId {reqId}: {errorString}') contract = self._reqId2Contract.get(reqId) if contract: msg += f', contract: {contract}' if isWarning: else: self._logger.error(msg) if reqId in self._futures: # the request failed if self.ib.RaiseRequestErrors: error = RequestError(reqId, errorCode, errorString) self._endReq(reqId, error, success=False) else: self._endReq(reqId) elif (self.clientId, reqId) in self.trades: # something is wrong with the order, cancel it trade = self.trades[(self.clientId, reqId)] if not trade.isDone(): status = trade.orderStatus.status = OrderStatus.Cancelled logEntry = TradeLogEntry( self.lastTime, status, msg, errorCode) trade.log.append(logEntry) self._logger.warning(f'Canceled order: {trade}') self.ib.orderStatusEvent.emit(trade) trade.statusEvent.emit(trade) trade.cancelledEvent.emit(trade) if errorCode == 165: # for scan data subscription there are no longer matching results dataList = self.reqId2Subscriber.get(reqId) if dataList: dataList.clear() dataList.updateEvent.emit(dataList) elif errorCode == 317: # Market depth data has been RESET ticker = self.reqId2Ticker.get(reqId) if ticker: # clear all DOM levels ticker.domTicks += [MktDepthData( self.lastTime, 0, '', 2, 0, level.price, 0) for level in ticker.domAsks] ticker.domTicks += [MktDepthData( self.lastTime, 0, '', 2, 1, level.price, 0) for level in ticker.domBids] ticker.domAsks.clear() ticker.domBids.clear() self.pendingTickers.add(ticker) elif errorCode == 10225: # Bust event occurred, current subscription is deactivated. # Please resubscribe real-time bars immediately bars = self.reqId2Subscriber.get(reqId) if isinstance(bars, RealTimeBarList): self.ib.client.cancelRealTimeBars(reqId) self.ib.client.reqRealTimeBars( reqId, bars.contract, bars.barSize, bars.whatToShow, bars.useRTH, bars.realTimeBarsOptions) elif isinstance(bars, BarDataList): self.ib.client.cancelHistoricalData(reqId) self.ib.client.reqHistoricalData( reqId, bars.contract, bars.endDateTime, bars.durationStr, bars.barSizeSetting, bars.whatToShow, bars.useRTH, bars.formatDate, bars.keepUpToDate, bars.chartOptions) self.ib.errorEvent.emit(reqId, errorCode, errorString, contract) def tcpDataArrived(self): self.lastTime = for ticker in self.pendingTickers: ticker.ticks = [] ticker.tickByTicks = [] ticker.domTicks = [] self.pendingTickers = set() def tcpDataProcessed(self): self.ib.updateEvent.emit() if self.pendingTickers: for ticker in self.pendingTickers: ticker.time = self.lastTime ticker.updateEvent.emit(ticker) self.ib.pendingTickersEvent.emit(self.pendingTickers)