The ChameleonMini can act in different ways, the behavior is defined by configurations. But also, the ChameleonMini has slots, which are a layer above the configurations. With the slots, it is possible to switch between different configurations and respective content, e.g., a card dump together with the configuration as Mifare Classic 1k card.


A slot is defined by settings: SettingsEntryType.

Slot Changing Procedure

When the current slot is changed, the following procedure is applied:

  1. Break potentially pending timeout commands.
  2. Store the memory of the setting to the Flash.
  3. Set the slot number of the currently active slot to the number of the new slot.
  4. Set the slot pointer of the currently active slot to the pointer of the new slot.
  5. Since the slot also contains the configuration, apply the configuration changing procedure with the new configuration for the new slot.
  6. Log the slot change.
  7. Recall the new content of the slot from the permanent Flash.
  8. Signalize the slot change with an LED, if an LED is configured to SETTING_CHANGE.