Log functionality

The ChameleonMini provides a configurable log functionality. This page describes how to use it.

Log Entry Format

The log entries use a TLV (Type Length Value)-like format:

Name Size Description
Entry type 1 byte See LogEntryEnum
Data length 1 byte This is the length of the appended data.
Timestamp 2 bytes This is the current systick value.
Data Data length bytes It is also possible that no data is appended, then the Data length field is zero.

Entry Types

See LogEntryEnum.

Log Modes

Currently there exist three log modes:

If there is not enough log memory, the log mode is automatically set to OFF.
Since the MEMORY log mode writes to SRAM, the log memory is cleared by power off or restarting the Chameleon.

Related Commands, Button event and LED functions

There are various commands to configure the log functionality. See Page Command Line. Equivalently to the LOGSTORE command, the buttons are configurable to STORE_LOG, which does the same. Also, there exists a LOGMEM_FULL function for the LEDs, which lights up the LED if the SRAM log memory is full. See also the Pages Buttons and LED functionality. The 'chamlog' Python script in the project (Software folder) automatizes the process of downloading the binary log data, e.g., sending the following command under Windows with a ChameleonMini connected on port COM6 results in downloading the binary log file, clearing the log memory, and setting the log mode to MEMORY: chamlog -p COM6 -c -m MEMORY -v. Repeatedly executing this command always outputs the recently logged commands in user-readable form. Make sure that no other program, e.g., terminal software, is blocking the serial port.