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Virtual root project

About the concept

Inside a gradle root project you have got at least

So how can we work with root project content? We have got following possibilities:
  1. Import the root project as an eclipse project and have all resource duplicated in "Search", "Open Type", have wrong links to parts not natured/parsed etc.(inconvenient + slow + problems)
  2. Do not import the root project as an eclipse project but open content in external editors instead (inconvenient)
  3. Last but not least you can create a temporary project, create linked files and linked folders to the parts you want to have (very much of work)

I preferred the temporary project approach but I didn't like the manual work to create links etc... So what about having this been done automatically?

This is exact what the so called "Virtual root project" does: By clicking a button inside the EGradle toolbar you are able to (re-)create a "Virtual root project" of your current set gradle root project. The virtual root project will contain all folders and files of gradle root project folder being not already imported as an eclipse project into current workspace.


An example

There is a root project folder given called "test-rootproject". It's content looks like shown in next image:

Inside a simple build file we apply the gradle eclipse plugin to all sub projects:

The both projects were already imported into eclipse workspace:

After clicking the red marked toolbar button the virtual root project shows up. It contains NOT the both already imported projects but only the missing stuff:

If you delete e.g. "testproject1" (without content delete!) and press the toolbar button again, the "testproject1" sub folder will be shown again inside the virtual root project.


Adding new files or folders

When you add a new file or folder to the base folder of the virtual root project - as shown in next image - the folder/file will NOT be created to the virtual project but inside the original gradle root project folder (this ensures you do not accidently add/commit something from virtual root project)

The virtual root project contains only a link to origin file/folder. Inside the linked folders new created files/folders will be simply created in link target and shown as normal files.e


Removing files or folders

When you delete one of the linked files/folders in virtual root project, eclipse will warn you that only the link will be deleted but origin still exists:

EGradle is aware of your delete attempt and will support you to delete the file in real root folder too. A dialog ask you about the deletion:

Just press Yes button and the file is deleted


How to update/refresh project

Normal refresh

Like a normal project, you can use F5 to refresh the project.

Full recreate

A simple click to the button does recreate it again from scratch. At doing this current already opened/imported gradle projects are recognized again.
The button is only enabled when the current gradle root project is a multi project.

(If there occurs an errror on virtual root project creation - e.g. "cannot create link to ..." please simply press the button again. The problem is well known but currently not fixed)

If your team provider does not automatically connect the project to your SCM you have to connect it again.


How to remove the virtual root project

Select the project and press DEL as you would do on any other project. You can also check the 'delete content' check box.


Changing the root project in preferences

If the virtual root project is inside workspace it will be automatically re-created


Version control

Currently only GIT is supported out of the box.


When you call "Team - share Project..." on the virtual root project you are able to connect it with your GIT repository like any other eclipse project
The GIT team provider decorations and the GIT staging is done as usual. Normally the virtual root project should be automatically connected to your GIT repository when it is created.


Simply exclude folder ".egradle" from your source versioning


On virtual root project you got popup actions. Contains same as on toolbar and some additionals.



The files .gitignore and .project are NOT from root folder but from virtual root project itself! If you want to change /commit the original two root folder files you must do the changes outside eclipse.

Note: .gitignore is not visible at all in virtual root project