Sample Slider | Built by Kate McFaul

    Slider Features

    Easily Add Pictures

    Add as many images as you like to the html and the jQuery will accommodate them! No need to change any jQuery. Image will be placed in the right position, and a navigation dot will be added for it.

    Continuous Sliding

    Slider keeps sliding through the images. When it gets to the end, it starts over again. This is a duh, but no harm in stating what should be obvious.

    Forced Sliding

    Click one of the arrows on either side and the slider will immediately move in that direction. Wraps from the last picture to the first just like it should.

    Navigation Dots

    Each dot under the slider represents a picture in the series. As the pictures slide, the dots show which picture is being displayed.

    Click on a dot and the slider slides to that picture. If the dot you clicked is before the currently displayed picture, the slider will slide right. If the dot you clicked is after, the slider will slide left. This gives a seamless experience for the user, even when you're skipping over pictures. No sudden jumping here!

    Preview Next Image

    Hover over an arrow and the next or previous image will be displayed as a preview. As the images slide, the preview updates.