Kite pendulum 2D simulator (source code)
0s 0m/s 0dN
Power transmitted to winch 0W
Power transmitted to base 0W
Power taken from air 0W
Power from weight 0W

Angle of key 20° Dynamic? Elevation 0°
Reel speed 0m/s Line length 10m Rigid?
Fluid velocity 4m/s Ground? zref=10m, Z0 0.055m Variation 50% Period 10s
Kite mass 2kg Gravity?
Kite surface 6m2 Aspect Ratio 3
Base horizontal speed 0m/s Horizontal base position 0m
Base heave amplitude 3m Base heave period 8s

Polar selection (Xfoil format, can be downloaded from

Warning: data are extrapolated.
See also this Nasa simulator (java applet)