BF4 Dragon Valley Easter Egg Helper
by Lexo91

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Inspired by JackFraq and Apollo_v7
I created a little helper to get all 20 lights burning.

A special thanks to PsychoDuckUK helping me fix a bug in this app.

Watch Tutorial 🎥

West East
Current Lights:
Last Lights:
Changed Lights:
Untoggleable Lights:

Go to the temple at H and turn above all currently burning lamps on.

Choose a button trigger it and turn the lights correctly above.
If the values in the "Changed Lights" box are correct click "Save".

Check the lights above and click solve to get the result

Result found!
No exact result found. Check your input.
Sometimes only 19 or 18 Lamps needs to burn, in this case use the checkboxes to get to this result.
Location Lights Result
Initial State
🎄 Tree (A)
Pagoda (B)
Furnace (C)
💧 Waterfall (D)
💎 Rock (E)
Pier (G)
Temple (H)