Commands: [required] <optional>
Displays a list of player commands
/shop select <region>
Select an area for a shop to occupy. Used before the create and move commands.
/shop create [shop name]
Creates a shop in the area specified by the player after using the select command.
/shop info <id>
Used while standing in a shop, this command will return information about that specific shop. If a shop ID is added to the end, it will return information about another shop without the player needing to be physically in it. Use either this command or list to get shop IDs.
/shop browse <buy|sell|itemname>
Shows a list of items currently in the shop and if provided either buy or sell as an argument it will only show those for to buy or sell (from the players perspective). If itemname is provided as an argument, it will instead display all available pricing/stock information for that one item.
/shop find [item name|id]
Finds nearby shops that either buy or sell the item sorted by distance with the cost per item and stock/max.
/shop search <item name|id>
Does a text-search showing the results of trying to match your input to an item, and shows the text match criteria for the item selected
/shop list
Lists all shops that you control (own or manage), along with their unique IDs and names.
/shop move [id]
Moves the specified shop to a new location. The select command must be used prior to this command, to specify where the shop will be moved. Both list and info will return shop IDs, in addition to other information.
/shop destroy
Destroys the shop the player is currently standing inside. The owner of the shop will receive anything that was left in stock, inventory space permitting.
/shop add <item name> <amount>
Used without an item name, adds the stack of items that the player is currently holding.
/shop buy <item name> <amount>
Purchases a specified item from a shop. If the player uses "all" in place of an amount, the shop will attempt to fill the player's inventory with the specified item, money (and item stock) permitting.
/shop reload
Reloads the configuration as if the server was just starting. Will reset and retry connections to other plugins like Vault. Reconnects to the database with newly loaded config. However, this is all done by the same plugin object so this command will not recover the plugin from a fatal error.
/shop sell <item name> <amount>
/shop set
Help page - displays a list of set commands.
/shop set buy [item name] <price>
Used to set the price of items that the shop will be able to buy or purchased from customers. Omit the price to stop buying the item. Both this command and the set sell command below are set from the perspective of the shop, not the customer; in contrast the buy and sell commands are always from the perspective of the customer.
/shop set sell [item name] <price>
Sets the price of items that can be sold to the customer. Omit the price to stop selling the item.
/shop set manager +/-[player name]
Example: /shop set manager -cerealk +Mineral
Adds or removes managers from the player's shop. A manager is able to add items, set prices and set maximum amounts. He cannot move the shop, destroy the shop, nor add/remove managers.
/shop set minbalance [amount]
Sets a minimum balance for the owner's account that the shop will not violate. Helps prevent players from selling to a shop and completely bankrupting the owner.
/shop set max [item name] [max amount]
Used to set a maximum stock limit for a specified item. Note that the owner of the shop will still be able to add items above the maximum stock level, but the shop will not buy items from players if the current stock level is higher than the maximum specified amount.
/shop set notification
Toggles if the shop owner is to receive periodic transaction notifications via chat.
/shop set name [newname]
Change the name of the shop.
/shop set owner [player name]
Changes the shop owner to another player.
/shop set unlimited money
Requires a special permission node: commandshops.admin
Sets the shop to have unlimited money - useful for a server admin shop acting as a 'mint' to create money when buying items from players. When a shop has unlimited money and a player buys an item from the shop, the money vanishes similarly -- this way, money is not infinitely created by buying and selling the same items repeatedly.
/shop set unlimited stock
Requires a special permission node: commandshops.admin
Sets a shop to have an unlimited amount of all stocked items. Follows similar rules to the infinite money feature.
/shop log <params>
Example: /shop log shop=48 user=zolcos action=buy itemid=17 itemdamage=2 amount>60 price<10 total>100 datetime<2013-07-25@18:36:07 datetime>2013-07-20
Query the transaction log. All parameters are optional if you are in a shop (will query for the shop you are in if a shop ID is not provided). Outside of a shop, the shop ID is mandatory. You must have commandshops.admin to query logs for shops you don't own or manage. You can give an argument twice if you want multiple constraints (useful for using both less-than and greater-than to get a range). The values for datetime follow the standard for MySQL datetime except you use a @ instead of a space between the date and time when you use both.