Community Building with Mentoring:

What makes people crazy happy to work on an open source project?


Cathy Theys

Cheppers, Breakthrough Technologies, Gittip


Who is a possible new participant?

How can the community help people become participants?

  • every new person
  • inclusive
  • experienced contributors do promoting


Repeat information

Repeat opportunities

announce opportunities to participate

How do we get a participant to return?

  • welcome
  • match tasks
  • ensure success

What do mentors do?

one on one helping, listening, photo by Amazee Labs

Answer questions they don’t know the answer to

In public

Where do mentors come from?

Engage new contributors and experienced contributors

Support mentors

mentor mentoring a mentor, photo by Amazee Labs

Empower mentors

mentors meeting around table, photo by Josef Dabernig


prague extended sprint. photo by YesCT

Mentors at Sprints

one on one, photo by Amazee Labs

Where do mentors come from?

Sprint Preparation

mentors smiling during task prep, photo by YesCT

Recognition of new Participants

first time core commit credit commit, photo by YesCT

Mentor recognition

dries recognizing mentors in prague keynote, photo by Scor
icecream, photo by YesCT
chocolate, photo by YesCT

Long-term recognition

d.o review party, photo by josefjer


It's the people, people


  • tinyurl.com/mentoringYesCT
  • drupal.org/core-mentoring
  • drupalmentoring.org/mentor-instructions
  • drupal.org/new-contributors


  • Sneak in announcing an oppurtunity to contribute
  • Expose your reasoning
  • Sprint!

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