Message Peeping Tom Privacy Policy

HOLIESTAR ("HOLIESTAR", "we", "our" or "us")´╝îMessage Peeping Tom("this APP") ,This Privacy Policy explains how we will access or store information and how you can contact us about this.

1.About Message Peeping Tom from HOLIESTAR

This APP has its function of messages that allow you to read messages from different kinds of communication APP without letting others know the messages are read. This APP will access messages from your communication APPs, in other words, you must turn on the Accessibility(Android Version before 4.2) or Notification Access(Android Version after 4.3), to make [ Message Peeping Tom ] works perfectly

2.When and what will we collect?

When you have new messages in your communication APPs, This APP will retrieve message, These messages will only be stored in your device, your messages WILL NOT be sent to Internet.

3.Why should we use your messages?

This is the main feature of this APP, when your communication APPs receive messages, this APP will collect and process your messages in order to help you read those messages from letting others know you have read them.

4.Do we use Cookies?

This APP DO NOT use Cookies, therefore we WILL NOT Store or modify Cookies in your device.

5.Do We leak or reveal any information to other people or agents?

We do not sell or use any personal information as a trade to transfer your messages and other information.

6.Your consent

By using this APP, you agree to our application's privacy policy.

7.About any change to this Privacy Policy

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy in order to improve our service. Please check regularly to ensure that you are aware of any new or revised term. If there is any change made, a notice will be displayed when you next launch this APP. If you continue using this APP after having been, you will be deemed as having accepted such changes.