Bitcoin MultiSig

Multi signature addresses generated in your browser!

This page is written in javascript and is open source.


New Multi Sig Address from the comfort of your browser

Public keys can be generated in your browser or exported from your bitcoin client.

Enter the uncompressed public keys of all the participants, to create a multi signature address. Maximum of 20 allowed.

Enter the amount of signatures required to release the coins


You can optionally include a mediators pubkey to help with mediation.

New Keys inside your browser using javascript

Creating a multi signature address requires multiple uncompressed public keys, these can be extracted from the bitcoin client or generated using the form below. Any keys used, should be stored safely as they will be needed later to redeem the bitcoins from the multi signature address.

New Transaction release the bitcoins from a multi sig address

The form below is used to craft a transaction that should be given to the other users to sign.


Enter the details of inputs you wish to spend.

Enter the address and amount you wish to make a payment to.

Make sure you include an adequate fee, otherwise your transaction maybe rejected. 0.0005 btc or more is recommended.

Verify Script before signing a transaction

Enter the raw transaction or redeem script to verify that it is for the correct amount and is being sent to the correct address.

Sign Transaction once a transaction has been verified

Complete the form below to sign a transaction in your browser, or follow these instructions to use your desktop client.

Broadcast Transaction into the bitcoin network

Once everyone has signed the transaction it can be entered into the form below and broadcasted into the bitcoin network via, or you can follow these instructions to use your desktop client.


Bitcoin Multi Signature Address Generation within your browser using javascript.

Version 0.2 by OutCast3k. Using jQuery, a modified version bitcoinjs and bootstrap 3.0.x.

Compatible with bitcoin-qt

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How it works

This page uses javascript to generate a multi signature address, the buyer sends the funds to the address. Once the agreement between all parties has completed a transaction can be created using the redeem script which is then signed by the participants. You can then broadcast the signed transaction into the network, releasing the funds to the choosen address.