ImageRepository Manager

Repository Manager is a Java application to help manage a large number of repositories. The main value of the application is in easily seeing what repositories may need attention.


There is summary at the top. The lower part has a list of repositories on the left, and information about the selected repository on the right. There are icons next to the repository name indicating what may need to be done for that repository.

List of Repositories

Use Manage Repositories from Tools | Repositories | Manage Repositories to set the list of repositories to manage. You can choose:

The directory to specify is the one that contains the .git repository, not the .git directory itself. In the case of parent directories, it is a directory that contains directories with .git repositories.


Commit Image Not clean. Needs to be committed, or there are untracked files.

Push Image Needs to be pushed to the tracking branch at least and possibly to another remote branch.

Non-Tracking Push Image Needs to be pushed to a remote branch but not the tracking branch..

Pull Image Needs to be pulled from the tracking branch at least and possibly from another remote branch.

Non-TrackingPull Image Needs to be pulled from a remote branch but not the tracking branch..

No Tracking Image Is not tracking.

No Remote Branches Image Has no remote branches.

Commit Image Not found, perhaps bare.

File Menu

Refresh gets the current repository information.

Export allows you to export a CSV file with information about the current state of each repository.

Exit quits the application.

Tools Menu

Git Extensions brings up Git Extensions for the selected repository. You must have Git Extensions installed. You can use Git Extensions to do things like Commit, Push, Pull, etc. (These operations are unlikely to be incorporated in Repository Manager.) You can set the path to the Git Extensions executable in Tools | Preferences.

Show Summary Details gives a short summary of the overall status.

Repositories | Manage Repositories brings up a dialog to set the repository list. There are several options as to where to set the list and from where to restore it. The dialog stays up until cancelled.

Repositories | Store Repositories stores the current list in permanent storage. On startup, Repository Manager uses the settings from permanent storage. The permanent storage is Java's implementation-dependent backing store.

Preferences bring up a dialog to set application preferences.

Help Menu

There are options for an overview dialog and an about dialog.