Network Information

This application gets information about the cell tower you are currently using and tracks the tower location on a Google Map along with your location. Mapping the tower location only works for CDMA devices.

When you first start the application or attach to a new tower, the map updates to position the tower in the center. It does not change the zoom level. Initially, the zoom may be set to view the whole world. You can zoom in by using two fingers to squeeze or you can tap to bring up the zoom controls and then use the plus and minus buttons. You can drag to pan the map. Your device will stay on as long as the map screen is showing unless you manually turn the device off.

If you tap the tower, it will pop up basic information about the tower. You can get more tower information from the Details menu item.

Your location is displayed as part of the Google Maps interface. This application does nothing more than make it available. The location will be more accurate if you enable WiFi and GPS.

Menu Items


Refreshes the tower information and re-centers the map on the tower.


Brings up a screen with more information about the tower.

Semd SMS

Brings up the default SMS messaging application to send a short summary of the current location. Use the back arrow to return to the map.


Displays this page.