SMS or MMS Message

This screen displays a message along with its ID, address, and time stamp at the top, followed by the body and an image for MMS messages that contain one. Only the first image is shown if there is more than one. After these is additional information from the database. The part below the top can be scrolled if necessary. You can navigate to other messages, delete this one, or fix its time stamp using menu options or the up and down arrows at the top.

Menu Items


Navigates to the previous message (down in the list).


Navigates to the next message (up in the list).


Deletes the message and displays the next one. Owing to changes in new versions of Android and/or OEM-specific changes this may or may not work.

Report Spam

Report spam to 7726 (S-P-A-M). This number is supported by several carriers, among them AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint, and there is no charge. It is not enough to just forward the message to 7726. They will then ask for the number. Consequently, two messages are sent. The first contains the body of the current message. The second contains the number of the sender of that message.

It will use your current message sending app, or prompt for which one to use if there is more than one. After using your messaging app to send the first message, use the back button to get to sending the second one. Then use the back button to finish and return to the message display.

You can cancel by using the back button before choosing which app or by using the back button without sending the message in your messaging app. (It may save it as a draft in the latter case.) You will have to do this for both messages, even if you cancel the first one.

This may be a little involved, but it is easier than doing it manually, especially for getting the number and sending it. It is not hard once you try it a few times. It can be a time saver in particular if you have many spam messages to report.

Fix Time

Brings up a dialog to set the desired change for the time stamp in hours and minutes. The initial value for the change is your time zone offset, which is often the correct value. However, you may not want to use that. Whatever time you enter will be remembered for the next time, whether you cancel or not. If you click OK, the changes will be made or simulated, depending on the current setting for Dry Run. Owing to changes in new versions of Android and/or OEM-specific changes this may or may not work.

Set Dry Run

Allows you to set whether fixing the time will be a dry run or a real change to the database. In the case of a dry run, a popup will inform you of the change that would have been made, but no changes are actually made.

Save Text to SD Card

Saves this message to a file named SavedSMSMessageText.txt or SavedMMSMessageText.txt in the Misc directory on the SD card. Successive messages are appended to what is there. Does nothing if there is no SD card.

Clear Text on SD Card

Clears the contents of SavedSMSMessageText.txt or SavedMMSMessageText.txt on the SD card. Creates a new, cleared file if none existed. Does nothing if there is no SD card.


Displays this page.