Heart Notes

This is a simple application to take and manage notes related to heart issues. It has a database with the following fields:

One of its advantages, is that you do not have to enter things like the time, since they are entered automatically.

The main screen consists of a list of the notes in the database. Clicking an item in the list allows you to edit it in the edit screen, which has entries for all of the fields plus Delete, Cancel, and Save buttons. There is a means to insert the weather, as well.

Main Screen Menu Items


Start a new note. Brings up a screen where you can view all the parameters, set the settable data, and compose the note.


You can filter the notes by None, Count is not Zero, and Count equals Total. Setting the count to be the same as total can be treated as denoting a more serious arrhythmia than missing beats.

Save as Text

Save the database as a text file. The file will be created in the directory with the database (which can be specified, see below). The name is of the form Heart Notes-yyyy-MM-dd-HHmmss.txt, and the values correspond to the time it is saved. The file is intended to be formatted so it can be viewed and printed without editing. The lines are of the form:

2/60 	Jun 03, 2012 23:00:00 -0500 	After working out.


Moves to the beginning of the list.


Moves to the end of the list.


Recreates the list from the database.


Restores the database from one of the saved text files. Since the editing information is not saved, it will be set to the date the database was restored.

Set Data Directory

You can set the directory where the database is located and where text files are saved. This must be a directory that is writtable by the app, so it probably should not be on the external SD card. You can use this to switch to different directories with different data, if you like.


Displays this page.

Edit Screen Menu Items

Insert Weather

Allows you to insert the weather, if it can be found. It uses Weather Underground.