Application Information

This application shows information about the applications stored on your device and optionally about the Android build, memory, and application permissions. Its primary purpose is to let you save this information to the SD card. For the downloaded applications in particular, it lets you keep track of what you installed in case the phone is broken or a hard reset is performed.

Menu Items


Refreshes the information.

Save To SD Card

Saves the information to the SD card. The file is named ApplicationInfo.yyyy-MM-dd-HHmmss.txt and appears in the root directory of the SD card. (yyyy is the year; MM is the month; dd is the day; HH is the hour; mm is the minute; and ss is the second, so the files should sort ordered by the time they were created.)


Copies the information to the clipboard, so you can paste it into another application, such as email.


Allows you to change the settings:


Displays this page.