DateTime Picker Demo

Use datetime calendar to choose a date and/or time from a popup calendar. This can be used as a replacement for the bootstrap-ui datepicker-popup control

Pick a date

{{ }}

Pick a time

{{ }}

Pick a date and time

{{ }}

Pick two dates to calculate difference

Pick a date range, using two dates. Use minDate and maxDate to make sure your end date cannot be before your start date and vice-versa

{{ ctrl.dayRange }} (days)

Global Configured DateTime Picker

Date picker only passes in the model and isOpen parameters, the rest are determined by the constant uiDatetimePickerConfig

{{ }}

Use bootstrap dropup class

Use dropup to make the dropdown menu go upwards instead of down. NOTE: Cannot currently use append-to-body="true" with dropup class

{{ }}

View Mode

Use a particular view mode only for the datepicker.

{{ }}

Default Time

Set a default time when choosing a date

{{ }}

Min / Max times

Pick a minimum time in 1 picker and a maximum time in another picker. The opposite picker will disable so you cannot overlay the ranges

Customize Button bar

Call function when closed

{{ ctrl.closedArgs }}

Save As ISO

{{ }}