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Hello! I'm Abhishek

I’m a student living and studying in Indian Institute of Technology, Patna. I like IOT(Internet of Things), android app development, Web Development and Mathematics(specially Probability). I love working on my Arduino UNO.
This site is made by me entirely on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have taken some design inspiration from a wordpress template and it is not ready for mobile viewing.
For blogging, I took the help of external website because tools available outside are really great and I will not be able to recreate them.
The favicon at the top of this page's tab, looks like a pokemon, is actually one of the avatars from KhanAcademy Website. I wanted to show gratitude to them and to Pamela Fox, so I took it from them. Great way to thank, right!




Android App Development



Internet of Things


2015 - Present

Bachelor's Degree


Higher Secondary School Certificate

From Play - 2013

High School Certificate

IIT Patna

I am doing my bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering and also living here in the boy'd Hostel.

Delhi Public School, Indore

I did my 11th and 12th grade studies at Delhi Public School, Indore. I only studied their and did not take part in any extra circular activity.

Christian English College, Chhatarpur

From my very first class in this life till 10th grade, I studied in my hometown of Chhatarpur.


October - November, 2016

December 2016

December 2016

Healthy Heart(Android App)

Healthy Heart is an android app Vaibhav(My friend) and I made to help people find information related to their health and schedule important things related to their medicine. If you are interested, please do check out my GitHub profile.

This Website

I made this website in four days, just because I was bored in the winter holidays and wanted to learn something. So this happened.

Some small projects on Arduino

I love working on my arduino and constantly looking for interesting projects. I also love IOT.


Abhishek Agrawal

Student | Computer Science and Engineering | B.Tech. | IIT Patna

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Phone :

+91 9424785892

Address :

A035, Boys Hostel, IIT Patna
Bihta, Patna, Bihar

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Indian Institute Of Technology, Patna